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15th December 2005, 2:30 AM
I am starting a fan fic. I've only typed up the prologue so far though. Feel free to comment. Here is the beginning of The Magic of Seven, enjoy-

The Magic of Seven


Magic. Many are unaware of its existence. But even those who deny it have magic. Magic is all around us. Magic gives us life, inspiration, intelligence, compassion, wisdom, ambition. All we do is involved with Magic.

But as you might already know, some beings have been taught to harness Magic and bend it to their will. There are several kinds of Magic; Mind, Spirit, Love, and Elemental are the four different forms Magic can take. Whatever form your Magic takes is determined by your soul. Your strengths, weaknesses, personality, all of this will determine what form the magic in you will take.

There is a magical being that accompanies everyone in the world. It has several different names, but in this story we call them Spirit Guides. They guide us in all we do; however it is difficult to contact them. Occasionally they will take a physical shape, mostly in the form of an animal. Few have been known to make contact with theirs, though many have seen them without realizing it.

As some of you may know, Mortals (non-magic users) have done much to destroy Magical Beings; Hangings, Burnings, etc. Many Mortals perceive Magic as Evil. So in turn to protect the Magical Community, the magical created a world parallel to Earth. The High Mages, three exceptionally powerful mages, created this world to ensure peace for both. But peace was something those Mages didn't have. They predicted the forth coming of an unknown evil called only the "Dark One". It would take the form of an exceptionally powerful Mind Mage. Using its powerful mind to control the weak in an attempt to purge the Earth of Mortals, and take rule over both worlds.

But all would not be lost. Have you ever heard of the Sacred Animals? They are seven animal spirits that posses powerful Magic. Legend states that they created the Spirit Guides. Turning to this, the High Mages (The Law Keeper, the Hope Keeper, and the Legend Keeper) asked the Sacred Animals for help. (Falcon, Wolf, Leopard, Dolphin, Fox, Bull, and Tiger) The Legend Keeper told them of the things he had Foreseen. Upon hearing this, the Sacred Animals agreed to assist the High Mages. They decided to combine their spirits with that of seven Mortals worthy of wielding their power. When the human who possessed the Falcon's spirit turned fifteen, the Legend Keeper was to travel to the Mortal realm and reveal to him the power he possessed. The other six would then follow.

Each of these seven humans seemed to possess personality traits matching that of the animals they were bonded with. However, none of them are aware of the power that sleeps within them. Once that power is revealed, the seven will be able to make a transformation to the morph of that animal, and later, take the shape of the animal entirely. The Dark One is watching however. At the moment, he is in a deep slumber, but will awaken on the eve of the Falcon's birthday, in human terms, June 6. He will begin his descent on that day, when the Falcon's power is revealed.

16th December 2005, 8:49 PM
((Because Chapter 1 is so short, I'm posting it with Chapter 2.))

Chapter 1
A Warm Afternoon; The Beginning of a Journey

It was a warm sunny afternoon in early June. A young boy was lying in the soft grass of his front lawn. He was gazing up at the clear blue sky, watching a few patchy clouds float overhead. His bright green eyes were sparkling with contentment. His skin was slightly tanned. He had short, tawny hair with streaks of gold in it. His outfit was very casual; blue jeans and a brown shirt with white sneakers.

He had just gotten out of school for the summer the week before last; his Freshman year had been more than perfect. He had made A’s and B’s through the course of the year, totally charming his teachers with his desire to learn. He had made excellent friends, though in spite of this, no friends he had made this year could compare to the one now soaring through the sky.

The boy gave a loud whistle, and the bird flying high in the air heard and responded, folding her wings inward and diving gracefully downward. The boy sat up quickly to allow the bird to land on his arm. She did so, however not leaving a scratch on his outstretched arm. The bird was a hawk named Scarlet. Her main body was a brown tinged red, her chest feathers were bronze, her tail feathers that rolled off from her back were crimson, and the sharp talons that gingerly clutched onto the boys arm were black. She gazed at him with sweet, intelligent golden eyes, and cawed softly in his ear.

He had gotten Scarlet as a fledgling when he started middle school. They bonded instantly; soon becoming inseparable. The boy absentmindedly stroked Scarlet’s chest feathers, lost in his thoughts. Tomorrow’s my fifteenth Birthday! I still can’t believe how fast this year went by, he thought to himself.

Well, tomorrow isn’t just his birthday; it’s the day his life will change forever. He is Tomias Heatherfield, and the Spirit of the Falcon possesses him.

Chapter 2
Awakening of the Shadows
A dark creature stirred in its shadowed sleep. It was human-like, but only just. Its skin was pale, white, and rather waxy-looking. Its eyes were void of pupils and crimson red, and its nose was snake-like slits in its face, nut perhaps its least human features was its spear-tipped tail that hid inside its ragged black cloak and its clawed hands, and its small demonic black wings.

The creature’s eyes snapped open. Tonight is the night… it thought. “I will soon begin my descent,” it said in a deep, sinister voice. It looked around its dark domain; a dusty circular room lined with shelves at the far end. It searched one of the dust-covered shelves and found a black, gleaming orb. It touched the orb with a clawed finger, and chanted a spell.

The orb became clear for a moment, and then indistinct images began to swirl around inside it.

“Show me the Falcon,” the dark creature demanded. The swirling of the images began to slow, and Tomias appeared inside it. The creature set the orb on the small table in the center of the room, and began to watch with interest.

“So he is unaware of the power that sleeps within him. No matter, it won’t stay that way. In order for my plan to be set in motion, I must make sure that the Legendkeeper reveals that slumbering power. Following him is the only way to make it through to the Mortal Realm. Then I will purge that realm of Mortals and rule both worlds!” it then began to cackle evilly.

Meanwhile, in the Mortal Realm…

Tomias was in his front yard playing with Scarlet, unaware that he was being watched by a dark being from another dimension. Dusk was approaching; it was nearly sunset.

Tomias whistled for Scarlet to come in with him. Scarlet dived quickly towards the ground, pulled up, and took her usual perch on Tomias’ shoulder. Tomias walked inside the house, and greeted his mother.

“You’re just in time Tomias, dinner’s nearly ready,” his mother said.

Tomias chuckled as he stroked Scarlet’s head. She cooed, a nipped him affectionately on the ear. “You’ve said it for years, my timing’s impeccable. What’re we having, anyway?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing real special. We’re saving that for tomorrow,” his mother joked. Tomias had dinner with his mother and went to his bedroom/ He got on the internet for a bit before turning in, chatting with his friends from school. They all wished him a happy birthday, and promised to stop by the next day. Tomias got into his bed, and Scarlet settled onto her perch.

Tomias eventually drifted off to sleep. He had a strange dream though:

He was flying beside a beautiful falcon. It had soft, cream colored feathers, a sharp, bronze beak, and similarly colored feet with ivory talons. He looked at the beautiful bird and smiled, it stared back with shimmering golden eyes. They seemed somewhat familiar to him; as though he had seen them somewhere before. Tomias looked away for a second, and when he looked back, the falcon was gone. Tomias then saw a dark hooded figure looming towards him. It had a spear-tipped tail partially hidden in its tattered cloak, its demonic wings small but just big enough to allow the creature flight. All Tomias could see of the figure’s face were its crimson eyes. The figure floated closer, its clawed hand high, ready to strike.

And that was when Tomias woke up.

Why did that falcon seem so familiar to me? What was that thing? Why did it look as though it were going to attack me?So many questions swarmed about him.