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16th December 2005, 4:02 PM
A while back I set out to write an RPG parody story entitled "The Legend of Pokemon Fantasy", which basically was meant to poke fun at RPGs by having Ash and co. go through one.

My friend ~RaikouRider243~ suggested we turn the story into a playable game. Despite our best efforts all through the summer, both story and game fell apart.

Now, the story returns, with a new name and a new storyline--Pokemon Quest.

Here's the prologue, for your reading pleasure:



Many years ago, the Pokemon world wasn't the same as you know it today...it was a wild land; with forests, mountains, deserts, and other unexplored lands. But the centerpiece of the land, as it were, was the Aiiro Kingdom, located in the east of the realm. It was a very prosperous kingdom, guided under the kind and just rule of King Lance.

Like any good ruler, Lance had a wide array of trusted advisors, but none was like Shukun, an adventurer from Pallet Village; a small town not far from Indigo City. Shukun had explored all around the world, and had even ventured into the lands of mystical creatures. After Shukun returned from his latest adventure to the land of the arcane a year ago, Lance requested that Shukun enter his service, so that he could learn more about the mystical creatures that lived in these realms. Shukun accepted, on condition that he be allowed to spend some time with his wife, Delia, and his son, Ash; for part of the year. Lance understood how important family was to Shukun, and granted his request.

Now, a great dragon called Kurayami has arisen in the realm of the arcane; and his dark magic could even be felt in the human realm--Pokemon began going wild, and monsters began appearing in the human world. Worried that Kurayami could breach the gate between the two worlds and destroy them both, Lance alerted some of his best knights to try and slay Kurayami, but none returned.

Our story focuses on Shukun's son, Ash; and how his innate skills in both weaponry and magic helped save two worlds and bring peace back to them both.

The adventure begins now...

Yami Ryu
18th December 2005, 2:02 AM
Eh, you had a good idea for a pokemon fic ... but my interest in the fic was killed when you mentioned the name Ash. I had thought this would be an original story with original characters. But eh. The plot is good so you might get people interested in it even if it has characters not your own.