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17th December 2005, 5:29 AM
Pokemorphs and Pokehybrids, one of the most sinister, feared cliches of the fandom. XP What do you think of them? Utterly off-limits and a taboo and a blight to the entire fandom, or acceptable asl ong as they're done in a realistic fashion?

Myself, I can't say for sure, as I have no experience whatsover in those areas. However, for a long while, I've had a created character that interests me greatly, despite her being a Pokemorph.

Most Pokemorphs are portrayed as abused and born as a result of laboratory science, but I've attempted to be original, and made it so that this Pokemorph, by the name of Ashling, was simply born as a result of a taboo love between a Blaziken and a human woman. Ironically enough, I depise Blaziken. XP It may sound disgusting to some people, and I know it may defy a lot of biological basics, but Ashling is just a character that's stuck in my head. Basically she's a Blaziken with a human upper torso and face, but the rest of her is pure Blaziken, including arms and horns.

I think it may skim on cliche, but I was wondering, is there a general "list" of DOs and DON'Ts with Pokemorphs? I'd imagine in the created world of Ashlnig's story, she would never learn to speak English, only her Pokemon language, and be raised to always obey the "superior" humans. Humans and Pokemon alike would look down on her, and her owner would enter her in illegal cockfight-style underground tournaments., and she raises no objections because she has been raised to always obey, no matter what...she absolutely adores and looks up to humans because she knows no other way. She'd deal with learning how to think for herself and how to react when faced with liberal people who seem to demand on treating her like an equal, much to her own alarm and distress. Her ultimate goal is simply to fight to earn glory and honor for her owner, and she wears a collar, much like a dog, to identify her should she get lost.

However, I wish to maintain some semblance of dignity, and don't wish to be pelted with raw eggs for daring to attempt Pokemorphs. I honestly want to hear everyone's say on the subject concerning Pokemorphs and Pokehybrids.

17th December 2005, 5:40 AM
to be kinda honest, I find the idea of Pokemorphs a tad... unsettling...

first of, it's only a step away from furries (which I dislike because that whole culture is so damn screwy) and it screams cliche as already meantioned.

another thing is that that sort of thing doesn't exist AT ALL in the official versions, no pokemorphs exist at all in the anime, games or anything of the franchise...

I think it would have been perfectly fine if it was a human speaking pokemon rather then a pokemorph

the only exception would probably be were-pokemon... or maybe Ghost types.

17th December 2005, 5:43 AM
Well, my Wereyenas were practically Pokemorphs, as they reverted between human and Mightyena, so it seems a full-time Pokemorph is barely a step away. ^^; I have no problem with furries, though. How are they screwy? I mean, pretty much the entire Egyptian god pantheon are furries. XD You have Osiris, you have Anubis, you have Bast, and so on and on...furries have been around a long time. :P

17th December 2005, 5:48 AM
I have no problem with furries, though. How are they screwy?

well, screwy is a bit of an understatment... it's hardcore members are BATSHIT INSANE


give this a read-through to learn more...

17th December 2005, 5:55 AM
Pokemorph and hybrid stories are incredibly difficult to write well because there is so little canonical, biological, and logical basis for them. I think I could enjoy a good morph or hybrid story--assuming I could ever find one that I like.

Isn't the story idea that you're talking about a hybrid one, not a pokémorph? As I understand it, hyrbrids are those having characteristics of both pokémon and human; morphs are able to change from pokémon to human, often retaining some pokémon characteristics whil in human form (but, interestingly enough, not vice versa).

Most morphs or hybrids have angsty pasts that are an irritant--they often will go on about how society is unfair to them, be in captivity and rage against their masters, or generally mope about how unpretty they are. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those written as absolutely in love with their own hybrid nature, well-liked by all, and omg so cool.

Stay away from the extremes and you should be fine. I know little in this area, but that's generally good advice.

17th December 2005, 6:10 AM
Really? Wow, I really know nothing about pokemorphs/hybrid terminology, then. XD I thought Pokemorphs WERE hybrids. XP

Still, it's turning out to be a interesting challenge, and I'd like to attempt doing it. If the hybrid was complacent, unmindful of her own identity, and only wished to fight to earn acceptance as a dutiful battler for her master, she'd be sastified. The reason it interests me, her being a hybrid, is because you've got an almost-human psychology coupled with animal tendencies, which would be a good "excercise" for me, as I need to brush up on psychology. I suppose I'd try it as a one-shot at first, see how it works out.

I haven't ever read anything about hybrids, so I admit I know next to nothing about them, which is why I'd be grateful for input.

17th December 2005, 6:15 AM
*shrug* If you're interested in looking into other hybrid stories, there is a C2 community (http://www.fanfiction.net/c2/22481/3/0/1/) for them on FF.net. As with all C2's, some are good, many are crap, but in general, it may give you a look at the way some other people have handled the problem, and perhaps what you like or don't like about their approaches.

17th December 2005, 6:23 AM
Hybrid stories don't bother me as much, unless they exist as hybrids artifically.

I was planning to have a hybrid as a main character in an upcoming fanfic of mine.

17th December 2005, 6:33 AM
Actually, I think that the reason Pokemorphs/hybrids are taboo is because:

1-The second you match animal and human, all hell is let loose (face it: a big reason why Fighting Pokemon are hated in general is because of human-like they look... and Pokemorphs/hybrids take the step further. Instant hate guaranted).

2-Pokemorphs/hybrids are AWFULLY used in 99% of the stories they star (Team Rocket experiment #30928434012... or even worse... *a shiver goes down my spine as I point at... ugh... Pokegirl*

Awfully used, taboo subject.

That's why Pokemorphs/hybrids utherly fail.

Personally, I only used Pokemorphs once, hybrids twice... but the rare times I used them, I made sure that the characters would be memorable.

Ex Lightheart is probably one of the best "hero" character I created while Siryx and Silvera both stands as extremely convaincing villains.

As for making stories revolving totally around hybrids... when I had first thought about making a fic about them... but gave up, for lack of inspiration... but maybe not after all. Scrap's idea gave me inspiration...

But well, anyway...

Well, that's all. Thank you for your time.

17th December 2005, 6:35 AM
By artifically, I assume you mean generated by an experiment? Yeah, seeing as it makes less sense than natural birth. XP My reasonig is, if a Swalot can mate with a Magcargo (just check the egg groups..XD) then surely Blaziken could do it with a human, as they seem pretty similiar in biological structure. <<;; A bit weak, but it's all I can think of at the moment. XP I imagine hybrids would be like Africian-Americans were in the early 19th century-- looked down upon as a "lesser" lifeform by both humans and Pokemon, so it seems to be a better direction than both scenarios Negrek described.

17th December 2005, 6:41 AM

About your idea... well, your character wants recognition as a SLAVE (because, face it, it's slavery)?... well, here are some points to consider:

-Your character will NEVER get recognition. The trainer will get everything: the trophies, the fame, everything. He will be considered a brillant strategist and trainer. Your character? PAH! Just a common hybrid. Who cares about her? It's the trainer, not the hybrid, that determine the issue of the battle.

-Can your character bear with being trained into the ground, being treated as a tool (especially if Pokeballs works on her), people talking of her as "it"?

-Repeat after me: "No free will". She can do ONLY what her trainer tells her. Her trainer tells her to jump into the way of a Hyper Beam? She must do it or be punished. Do an attack that does nothing although she KNOW she can end the battle now? She must do it or be punished. You get the point, I guess.

Now... your character has a human psychology? How will she be able to desire being a slave with the problems above if she thinks like a human? I'll let you deal with this... although, in my opinion, the only answers are either "insanity" or "she's in love with her owner".

17th December 2005, 6:59 AM
You bring up good points. That's sort of what I'd like to explore...what would happen if the rational, thinking part of her mind conflicts with the slave mentality? It's sort of a cross between Uncle Tom's Cabin and a lot of other books. I honestly don't know if it'd really turn out any good, but there are cases where a person would do anything to gain acceptance, even though it's an empty dream. It's this mentality where you keep hoping, if you do this you'll be accepted, if not, then that....it's never enough...you keep wanting more...and then you lose yourself in that struggle. To paraphrase a quote from Sin:

“Risks are taken for the certain value that it has to offer. They are not acted upon with irrational emotions.”

“I don’t care. There’s something that I must do and I’ll do anything to achieve it.”

“Don’t say 'anything' so easily. I do not know what it is that you’re trying to accomplish but what is there to celebrate when you’ve sunken so low to achieve it?”

The older girl paused before she continued.

“You’re thinking… just this once. This very once and it’ll be over. No more. But it’ll only be the beginning. The once justifies the twice. There’ll be a third time, a fourth, a fifth…then suddenly, it won’t matter anymore. You know what that would make you? Some sort of inhuman beast capable of all atrocities… And by the time you realized it, it would be too late.”

That's the sort of stuff I'm going to try and explore, see if the inner conflict would result in a burnout, a hopeless resignation to her fate of battle after battle until she drops dead.

17th December 2005, 7:29 AM
Actually... my thoughts on the subject...

I am STRONGLY against three types of philosophies:

-Humanity = EVIL!!!

-Peace cannot be eternal ; Chaos for the sake of chaos

-It isn't worth it to pursue good causes ; too much trouble for no results

Answer to #1: Humans were, before being conscious beings, animals... and although our way of life (civilization) suppressed the animal instincts in us pretty much... they still are there. In short, humans aren't evil... they are like every creature and seeks always to better themselves (read: gain power, fame, respect...) and have always that little bit of ego within them. The so-called evils of humanity are, in fact, very common among animals... it's just that since it's exterior to us, we tend to ignore it. Animals do know of sadistic desires, of war, of intolerance (in fact, humans are VERY tolerant compared to animals).

Answer to #2: Everything arrives for a reason. There isn't a mysterious force that dictate that every two, five, or twenty years, a war must happen. May it be ambition, misunderstanding, need of ressources, greed... every act has it's motivations.

Answer to #3 (which I assume to be what you meant with the quote from Sin):
Now, here's the big one.

There are causes fighting and dying for. I divide "bad" people into two categories... those who actually do the bad things and those who do nothing and have given hope.

It doesn't matter how impossible a problem may seem... if you do not ever move, the problem will always remain. It doesn't matter if you can't do much... if the only thing you can is just to try and keep your own thoughts for yoursef and transmit to others your thoughts.. then do it! Anything is better than nothing and as such, do something, even if it may seem small and unsignificant!

As for those who give up... well, they are lazy and self-centered. After all, they judge that since struggling will not bring them results to them directly that they should not bother. Those types of people need to have some sense slapped into them... seriously, they need it.

Well... I guess that's pretty off the subject but well... anyway...

Feel free to laugh at my rant all you want... I don't care. Actually... I'll care since it will mean you will have read my rant, which is a good thing.

Anyway... have a nice day and thank you for your time.

NOTE: May have seriously missed the point of your post... which I believe I'm guilty of... well, anyway, you'll probably tell me how I missed the point or simply bring the discussion back to topic.

17th December 2005, 8:18 AM
I definitely don't think humanity is evil; the world isn't as simple black-and-white as that. Animals will and do shun those who are different, just as we do. It's just how we evolved, to protect our existence. The person who beats his wife can truly believe he does so because he loves her. Psychology's pretty complex, and it's only the naive who believe things can be categorized so neatly. People may treat slaves well but also look down upon them because in their world, that's the way things go, and it couldn't possibly be any other way. There's a really good simile that Plato (or Socrates, can't recall) created about this sort of thing, involving prisoners in a cave. If you see someone who's confused and staggered by the world it finds itself in, instead of laughing at their foolishness, consider: Is the person blinded by the brightness of this world compared to the darkness of its past world (world equals belief) or is it blinded by the darkness of this world because it came from a brighter world? I'm trying to apply that principle here. I'm sorry if my post made no sense, as my mind's sort of wandering in all directions at once. XD

17th December 2005, 12:33 PM
I have a character who's never been in stories who is the result of a Hitmonchan father and a human mother. I do think that, in non-canon, humans and Pokemon will engage in sexual intercourse. It would be a common but "hush hush" practice. The chance of one of them (normally the human) becoming pregnant is very very slim but it does happen.

For my story idea, much like your Blaziken, the Hitmonchan hybrid, Gregory, is raised as a Pokemon. His mother really didn't want to treat her son that way, but a friend convinced her otherwise. It pained her at first to speak to her child like he was a lesser being, but she got used to it. Eventually, she sells him off, and Gregory leads an oh so sad and wangsty life until he meets this young guy and they become gay lovers. Holy taboo Iveechan!!!

Anyhow... I like human/Pokemon hybrids but I despise the "Team Rocket kidnaps some kids and changes them into cute Pokemon like Ninetales and Raichu for no reason" plots. Also I like furries and I think Hitmonchans and red pandas are drop dead sexy. Ha ha!

17th December 2005, 5:12 PM
the only pokemorphs that could logically exist in the canon could be Nurse Joys and possibly Officer Jennys

how so? well, I had some ideas for a storyline involving them being the results of genetic experimentation in the distant past. Of course this past doesn't exist in the canon, it's basically the "humans came from a distant planet and settled onto a prehistoric pokemon world" thing I made up.

anyway the Nurse Joys are a pokehybrid of human and chansey, though it's 95% human, 5% chansey... rather then 50/50

17th December 2005, 7:46 PM
But that's your own opinion, PDL. You can't decide that those two are the ONLY pokemorphs that could LOGICALLY EXIST in the canon, although the chansey idea is interesting.

17th December 2005, 7:53 PM
I recently had an idea for a story involving a human/pokemon hybrid, but I've also thought about switching it to a non-pokemon story. If it were a human/pokemon hybrid story, it would most likely be a human wiht the wings of some flying type pokemon, but 'm not too sure how it would work. I'm still trying to think o a good plot, and I'm leaning towards making it a one-shot.

17th December 2005, 8:10 PM
In my story, there is a crime called committing 'Insect', which is not to be mistaken for incest, which is by far where I get the parodical name for this. Insect is akin to rape, where a Pokemon or human rapes a bug Pokemon. Another catch, is that the Pokemon must be unable to breed with a bug, so while the rape and eat Spinarak in DtD is safe, a Machoke would be framed. Though nothing will be birthed, there are some sick individuals in the world, and even if it were to work, the newborn would be of the mother's species anyway.

I was going to have a part where Entei, ye old legendary, is said to have a thing for Bugs, mainly the sexually active yet very famous for naughty videos Lady Ledyba. The creepy thing is, Entei, being legendary, is genderless! I kind of turned that idea down though in consideration of suitability for the Young-uns, and to be appropriate

17th December 2005, 8:15 PM
Wait, what does that have to do with hybrids? >.o Does "Insect" MAKE hybrids?

17th December 2005, 8:15 PM
But that's your own opinion, PDL. You can't decide that those two are the ONLY pokemorphs that could LOGICALLY EXIST in the canon, although the chansey idea is interesting.

course it's only my own opinion, I made it up.

17th December 2005, 8:18 PM
Oh, I forgot to explain, silly me.

My belief is that breeding should not be a way to lead to hybrids. There's a good reason for it. With as many Pokemon as we have, mixing and matching every single one would take FOREVER! So much time to make a perfect mix and match for every species would never work. There's a reason the games avoid mix breeding, and simply pass moves. It is this very idea that I follow personally when it comes to species breeding.

I suppose by genetic work, crazy things could lead to a hybrid, but I think by now, it's so everywhere that it becomes cliche.

17th December 2005, 8:29 PM
Right, but I tihnk the fanficiton universe doesn't really follow the anime or the game's mechanics, because you don't see bizarre mating combos like the one I mentioned before.

17th December 2005, 10:27 PM
I write pokémon as being so biologically divergent from regular animals that any interbreeding is impossible, and that there are certain structural differences that would make even a lab-created hybrid impossible or nearly so. It would, however, be possible to create a human-shaped pokémon with the traits of, say, a ninetales or something (rolls eyes), but they would be just as much a pokémon as the ninetales an appreciable portion of their genetic information was taken from.

As for pokémorphs, who can shapeshift between a pokémon and a human shape... I'm planning to do... something along those lines, but it actually is -required- for the pokémon to survive in said instance, rather than being simply for OMG!COOL factor. ^_~

18th December 2005, 1:18 AM
Yes, I'm doing something similar for Dust; only the oldest Firstborn of each pokemon clan can create an illusion to take on the appearance of a human to mingle undetected while on business. ^^ It's the same principle with how Latias was able to alter light to make her look like a human.

18th December 2005, 9:49 PM
I was thinking about having a different dimension where Pokémorphs thrived. I just had this notion about what would happen if humans do go extinct and the Pokémon had underwent evolution where they started attaining human features. Crazy idea, but their evolutions were somehow like puberty just like how you level up to change them.

As what I've written in the fanfic ideas thread, Gary and Ash were accidentally sent into another dimension were Pokémorphs existed. It was a total surprise for the Pokémorphs because humans were extinct in their world.

intergalactic platypus
19th December 2005, 2:14 AM
i dont like pokemorphs much, but only because my exposure to them is limited to horrible cliche fics where the heroine turns into a ninetales (always bloody ninetales) and hentai. i dont like furry either since the only time i ever saw it it was in hentai form. but honestly, if i saw a *decent* pokemorph fic i might budge a little bit

Desert Flower
5th October 2006, 1:52 AM
I don't think a pokemorph is necessarily only a human that changes into a pokemon. Pokemorph is a general term for an anthropomorphic pokemon. A hybrid is just a pokemorph with more human traits than pokemon. For example, a Raichu ears and tail stuck on a human.

I personally don't have anything against pokemorphs, in fact I find them very fun to draw. Pokemorph stories though, I usually don't like, because a lot of them are very uninspired. Involving Team Rocket in them is a bit cliche too, though I don't mind that so much as long as it's done well. There's a banner in my sig that leads to one such fansite with its own story. I like it because some of the art is cute, and the story is very detailed.

I think the general community needs to be a little more open-minded about it. Sure, most of the fics are poorly written, and a lot of the art is uncreative. But so are some of the Pokemon fanworks. It's just a chance for the furry lovers who like Pokemon to show their creativity, me being one of them.

Though I do agree that some furry lovers are a bit weird. But I don't know anyone like that.

5th October 2006, 3:11 AM
From what I've been reading here, the stigma seems to stem not from the subject matter itself, but from the overwhelmingly low quality of material it inspires people to create.

From there, it becomes a chicken-and-the-egg dilemma. Are Pokémorph themes stigmatized because there are so few good works to come of it, or are there so few good Pokémorph works because the majority of the more talented writers and artists want to steer clear of the stigma?

I'm pretty new to this aspect of Pokémon--the whole microcosm of fan-created content, I mean. When I started my PMD fic, I was very early on given a kind warning by Freawaru that I'd want to be mindful of the existing "character sucked into video-game world" cliché that seems to suffer a stigma similar to this Pokémorph thing--which is to say the stories with this theme generally haven't been very good; they were probably trying to stand too much on the cliché and not enough on their own potential merits as a good piece of work.

While from the very beginning I wasn't going to be following that cliché anyhow, it served to remind me that people who think they already have a story figured out (that is, they scan the story, assign it a cliché, roll their eyes and hit the Back button on their browser) aren't going to give it the benefit of the doubt by sticking with it. I knew, then, that if I was going to avoid a brush-off by readers who think they've seen it a million times before, my story was going to have to be that much better.

Breaking clichés and (pleasantly) surprising readers is one of the most satisfying things a writer can do, in my opinion. Cooperation between creator and audience is needed, however. I wonder how many good works in this vein have been lost to obscurity because too many readers rolled their eyes, thought "Oh ick, another lame Pokémorph fic, no doubt," and scrolled right on by.

5th October 2006, 3:32 AM
Personaly I like Pokemorphs. I'm using them in a fic I'm writing but not because of breeding or scientific mutations(sp?). It was caused by a fight between Mewtwo and Mew. Well I just gave away part of the plot. Darn.

Arcanine Royale
9th October 2006, 1:10 AM
I myself have only ever seen about one pokemorph fic... and that was a crappy camp fic.

But, I think that pokemorphs are the most avoided genre of pokemon fanfiction out there.

Consider that maybe pokemorphs could possibly be created by exposure to a virus? Actually, I think that's Neo Pikachu's idea at PE2K, used in numerous WAR RP's. But something along those lines would be interesting. It doesn't just have to be interbeeding.

And PDL, the Nurse Joy as a hybrid thing is cool.

Chibi Pika
9th October 2006, 2:11 AM
I like hybrids. :)
Zion;157;: She meant Human/Pokemon hybrids, not Pokemon/Pokemon hybrids, you dipstick. >>
Pffft...details, details. They're all the same concerning handiling and how writers treat 'em.

2-Pokemorphs/hybrids are AWFULLY used in 99% of the stories they star (Team Rocket experiment #30928434012... or even worse... *a shiver goes down my spine as I point at... ugh... Pokegirl*
Numbers 009, 008, 024, 025, and 036 are sad.
Silverwing;249;: Y'know Chibs, when you say it that way, it really shows how fruity it all is. xP

Well...obviously, I'm one who loves hybrids. In fact, I didn't even know they were cliche when I decided to use 'em in my fic. In fact, pathetically enough, Chibi was only created because Pikachu are too weak, but I don't like Raichu. xP But then I found out that the whole hybrids thing is overdone and poorly handled and I became concerned. I hadn't even known they were overdone, so did that still count? How could I tell if they were poorly handled in my fic? Eventually I got a huge ego and stopped caring whether or not people called 'em cliche. I liked 'em, and everyone else could just suck it up and read, or leave. xP

But then, I suppose the manner of hybrids does matter. For instance <insert evil team here> giving random kinds super kawaii pokeyman powers for no reason pretty much can't be done right. I've read all over that TR experiments are like the plague. But then...my entire fic is filled with broken cliches. I've gotten to like doing it. ^^ But who's to say I'm breaking cliches and not being broken by them?

Now...as for human ones... In my fic, Pokemon aren't even in the kingdom Animalia, so splicing them with a human would be like splicing a human with a tree. oO Course, my wacky weirdo energy cell-structure theories aren't law, and it could be entirely plasible even for them to breed, depending on interpretation. Now...I doubt it's much of a concern over whether you can do it well, but the handling should still be considered. Your Blaziken hybrid sees herself as inferior to both humans and Pokemon, so I'm assuming all the Pokemon view themselves as inferior to humans and that training is treated as slavery? But at the same time, she doesn't view humans as evil because that's just the way it's supposed to be. The humanity =evil complex only can come around in the case of a strong-minded Pokemon/hybrid/whatever (someone once said Chibi was like this.)

As for actual Pokemorphs...I've always seen them as not involved in science at all, since I don't think it could be possible to create a shapeshifting creature to that extent. Able to genrate incredible energy while in one form, but not in the other? But then, that just gets back into my theories again. xP

*Looks at post* Wow, I've said nothing important whatsoever. 8P Damn.


Edit: Holy crap, this thread is old. I wouldn't have replied if I'd known. 8P

RaZoR LeAf
9th October 2006, 9:41 AM
I wrote a Pokemorph/Hybrid RPG once, but made the key detail of the characters, the pain they went through. No fluffy Charizard wings, or silky fur. Not perfect melding of man and mon. They were disfigured, horribly melded together like a patchwork of body parts and many suffering depression, split personality syndromes and other mental problems stemming from the 'process' that created them.

True pokemorphs aren't canon, but considering the genetic engineering that has gone into creating Mewtwo, melding of DNA cannot be written out as illogical.

Zephyr Flare
9th October 2006, 1:36 PM
I would consider your example a hybrid, just to clear up though I will present the following:

Pure anthromorphic with digigrade legs, leaning more to the feral side - Goldenwolf (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3798540/)

Another anthromophic BUT leaning more towards Plantigrade human - ninanai (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2144877)

Furrie, random animal ears and tail slapped onto a humand and coloured - rurouniuno (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13525715)

Pokemorph, only the Ears and tail show any inclination to morphness, eevrything is is human with the clothing leading furtehr to the adopted critter - Umbreons (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/metalgarurumon60/detail?.dir=def4&.dnm=799e.jpg&.src=ph)

Weres are generally shifters. Shifting between one form an another under special circumstances, at will or can maybe shift between aprticular states. One of my charras is a psueo were able to shift between Human, Wolven, Anthromorph and a pure bloodied wolf thing at will for example and ahs full control over how far the shift goes as he's all cool like that.

And I'd say Iveechan who I hope won't mind me saying, ehr Red Pandas are like borderline but sitting more with anthros myself given it's more than a fur slap :)

It IS doable to create a real hybrid/morph/anthro or whatever it's just the majority all into the infamous angst trap and never get out of it. I have somebody who has part demon in him from blood he drank as a kid (ew) and a type of wolf called Morsai when the same thing happened but he was forced to drink it.

Did it make him all bitter about it? Nah he seems to quite enjoy it actually, just not the loud noises :D It took a bit of doing to accept it and lwarn all the good and bad that brought with it but now he doesn't treat them as any more than part of himself over an alien part which would be his disfigured arm.

Seeing as your lady does have human in here, surely she will also have the intelligence to consider. Even the most beaten of slaves will wonder what ifs, seek solace in knowledge and listen well. The need to please could be overing the slowly decayign diginity inside ehr heart of what she really yearns for, no doubt the right JUST to be.

How does she feel about being thrown out by parents by this? Has she grown hard from the expeirence or skitty? How has this affected her levels of trust? What has it REALLY made her character become?

It's these kind of questions that can shape a character rather than thrown into the pit of oh noes angst. Not everybody would like Hance would be strong enough to look away yet in a twisted way affecting any and everything he did afterwards, butit would still effect them bad or wose in thought process and personaility.

If you can get that across to make us feel sorry for her yet still keep her in a fresh and orignal tribute to the more twisted denizens of existance, you will be abl to pull off what few writers have successfully using a being other than pure this, pure that.

Hope it helps some :D


9th October 2006, 9:24 PM
My own fic is a pokemorph/hybird story, it seemed very 2nd nature that humans mixed with pokemon of a sort would be the vampires of the pokemon world :).
The Team Rocket/lab orgin idea is never going to touch my plot, and the often used 'OMG, humans hate us' idea is also never going to see the light of day in my fic since my type of morphs could care less about the human world :P

10th October 2006, 12:02 AM
I don't consider the concept of PokeMorph dangerous at all in my fanfiction. My point of view is that it's a scientific advancement, but instead of being painful and cruel, it's rather a concept allowing the ones who perform it to gain extra skills. Does anyone here watch Rockman EXE? You know what Crossfusion does, right? It bonds a Navi with an Operator, allowing them to become one for a while. AKA, in my fanfiction a PokeMorph is willfully made and also temporarily

10th October 2006, 5:22 PM
personally I have nothing against the use of pokemorphs or hybrds, I've read many fics with them some were good, some were bad, a few were great and many were terrible. judging by your ability to write having read sin and aeon I say you can probably do a fic with a hybrid/pokemorph and even if you use the classic or cliche as people call them ideas it would still be a good story.

As for creation of hybrid\morph I have only ever seen it done three ways: natural by the breeding of a human and pokemon, artifical created by genetic malnipilation and magical/supernatural normally the fusion of a human and pokemon(s) by a legendary for whatever reason.

it a fic I have made up but never written the way hybrids come about was by the will and acting of a legendary or similarily powerful creature that's will join two person and pokemon together only once they have 'bonded'. To do that they over time as they share experinces grow close and form like a telepathic link to on another which at firsts allows them to overcome the language barrier and then after normally years of sharing one anothers thoughts and feelings the two begin to act like one another and end up acting like they share one mind at which time they see said legendary and he fuses there bodies together.

well these are my views and an example of how I came up with how a hybrid came about, but if you like feel free to ignore this.

Pink Parka Girl
10th October 2006, 11:21 PM
Actually wanted to create a thread on this very subject, and whee, there's one already here ^_^'

I write pokémorph fics almost exclusively, and am semi well known for it. Why do I write it? Because I've always loved the idea of animals that were like people, ever since I was old enough to read and watch cartoons. I devoured anthropomorphic literature (and still do), watched anything with a talking/anthropomorphized animal in it (and yes, I still do), and was basically obsessed with the concept.

The reason pokémorph fics get so much stigma is because of three things:

-The cliches. We all know them - teenagers are kidnapped by Team Rocket (always Team Rocket) and are turned into raichus (most commonly - this has made me hate raichu with a burning intensity)/ninetales/eeveelutions for purposes that are almost never made clear (or, if it is made clear, the morphs will escape before the purpose is acted upon). Or, if the technique isn't scientific, it's "poor teenager is cursed by vengeful ninetales/legendary to be a morph." Either way, the characters invariably end up being terribly emo or happy and delighted with their new forms. If they're experiments, once they escape, they'll be on the run but still interacting with family, friends and their community, which SHOULD put them all over the news and let the Rockets know right where they are, but never does (their families never reject their now freakish offspring, either; the friends will still stay friends). There are many more cliches, as well.

-Hatred of furry in general. Because pokémorphs are anthropomorphized creatures, they of course get lumped in with the "furry fandom" and the hugely negative connotations it has because of certain fringe members.

-Underanimalizaton. A lot of writers think it's acceptable to just slap ears and a tail on a human and say "Done! It's a pokémorph!" Or to just slap a muzzle, a full coat of fur, and other varied animal parts on a human. But if they're not given some animal traits in their behavior along with their outer appearence, you don't even remember you're supposed to be reading about non-human creatures - and really, what becomes the point, then?

For my own morph characters, I'm really careful to not let them either angst all the time (obviously, some anger is normal, but a weeping ball of constant emoness is NOT) or love their forms and parade around like a kid at Halloween showing off their costume to anyone who walks past. Kyle, my mild growlithe-morph (as in he gets the benefits of fire abilities and hightened senses, but not the major drawback of canid features such as a tail) is mostly indifferent. He's glad about what he can do, but doesn't really think about his very mildly unusual appearence unless it's pointed out (then, he'll deny he's anything but 100% human). Katherine the pikachu, my most well known morph, is not only not even capable of human speech - communicating through only choppy sign language - but also heavily animal-like in her behavior (eating things face-first, sleeping curled up in a ball, and so on). When it comes to her human side, she's basically like a perpetual four year old with some adult urges, like wanting to find someone to mate with :P Neither were made by Team Rocket (the other morphs I write for, both in fic and RP, aren't either) - rather, they (Katherine and Kyle) were made by a group of independant scientests who have nothing to do with any of the teams whatsoever, headed by a man with nothing to live for, and who only wants to find a way to follow his dream...

Not too much of a big fan of morphs who are the result of human/pokemon mating, since I find it to squick me out. Big time. I'm one of those people who sees pokemon as being basically animals and thus it reeks of bestality in my mind (others are open to their own views, though ^_^').

10th October 2006, 11:33 PM
I have no problem with pokemorphs/hybrids/whatever. Anything can be good if it is written well. In other words, although the idea does not particularly interest me, I will not turn away from a good fic simply because it has these features.

11th October 2006, 6:18 AM
I read one story (which I never saw the ending of), where a kid gets changed into a Jolteon after a freak lightning bolt hits a Thunder stone he was holding. Okay, it sounds stupid, but it was done pretty well. His parents threw him out nafter the change, and he went to live with a family of all different Eeveevolutions. His human sister joined in chapter 2, but I wasn't able to see what happened wuith the story after that.

Also, in my early days of writing, when I first found pokemorphs, I played around with an idea involving pokemorphs. Five kids, who all collect one type of evolution stone, find a full set of 5 (changed to 6 after the Sun Stone was introduced).

The stones contained the power to turn them into pokemorphs (though they can turn back at anytime), and the pokemon they have parts and powers of is a type that you can get by using the stone (the one that got the water stone changed to a Vaporeon morph, for example). Using these new powers, they create a superhero group.

I never got around to it (and that's probably a good thing, since my writing at the time was terrible).

Zephyr Flare
11th October 2006, 9:32 AM
Xtra, oh god I remember that one from This Way Up, I think the forums died ebfore it was actually completed :)

I do recall the stone one but I also recall the Rukians (Probably spelt wrong D:) which were winged people who had the ability to hide them but were bitetrly hated by normal humans. Admittedly the ending was rushed as hell and it was feeling like an anime 26er ... However at one stage they got certain abilities and indeed heavy limiations from one of their Pokemon. The main character example got some shock ability from her Raichu but could be quickly worn dry, another became a mind reader from her Lapras.

There is a lot of hybrid types out there, it's near impossible to cleanly cut them into catagories.


11th October 2006, 12:56 PM
Xtra, oh god I remember that one from This Way Up, I think the forums died ebfore it was actually completed :)

I do recall the stone one but I also recall the Rukians (Probably spelt wrong D:) which were winged people who had the ability to hide them but were bitetrly hated by normal humans. Admittedly the ending was rushed as hell and it was feeling like an anime 26er ... However at one stage they got certain abilities and indeed heavy limiations from one of their Pokemon. The main character example got some shock ability from her Raichu but could be quickly worn dry, another became a mind reader from her Lapras.

I thought you wrote that one.

Zephyr Flare
11th October 2006, 1:05 PM
I only wrote in Pokemon fics S&C and In Search for a Sister (Which I killed, have the orignal but it sucks by a mile now) The one who did the Rukians had a love for Raichu as they frequented another dead fanfiction with scientists if I recall correctly.

Ah back when hybrids weren't such a common cliche. Thinking of that though I do have a hybrid rp character called Mikey. She let herself be used as a test subject for the research lab she was working for to help progress along on the condition she would be allowed to continue working afterwards without being poked every two minutes.

Roll on non cliches :(


8th August 2007, 8:35 AM
I really like pokemorphs.

8th August 2007, 2:08 PM
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