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+Chaos Blade+
18th December 2005, 8:43 PM
December 18, 2005
3:20 P.M. EST

To all members of the Fan Fiction forum and moderators of the Administration,

I have been pondering over what was created approximately one year ago in the Fan Fiction forum - the Completed Fics sub-section. Some people think that that forum was a great asset to the community, but if you ponder over it, doesn't it restrain you from posting in a fic you would've liked to review in?

To quote from the description underneath the context of the Fan Fiction forum: Mods will put completed fics here and stickify so they dont get pruned. Well since the Completed Fics section is read-only, doesn't that equal pruning? It can't be touched or affected by us members.

The Completed Fics section prohibits any one member from posting in it to review. Some moderators, and the Lead Administrator [Serebii // Joe], think that if the Completed Fics section were to be posted in, SPAM will arise. In my case, shouldn't you create a rules thread that, if not followed, results in an instant ban?

Rules can consist of posting a review once in One-shots and twice [not double-posted] in chaptered fics that you have not yet posted in. The only exception is the author replying to the reviews, yet no one else should post more than once after the fics were placed in the Completed Fics forum. Members who disobey these rules are instantly banned for any time period, whether it be a week or two, perhaps a month - whatever it shall be in the moderator's opinion.

What I believe should be done is either allow posting, yet no thread-making, in the Completed Fics section. Fan Fiction writers should have their works appreciated forever, as they have put their heart, soul, and mind into putting these works of written art in our forum. "Stickifying" them into a read-only forum is the same as taking that Fan Fiction away and pruning it just because it is completed.

+Chaos Blade+,
Serebii.net Member
Fan Fiction Writer

Should you have any questions or concerns with this offer, please drop a Private Message to understand the point even further. Any agreements or disagreements go in this thread, and this thread only.

19th December 2005, 12:36 AM
What I always do when I move a completed fic is to copy the thread rather than move it. That way, the thread is still there in the main FanFiction forum for people to reply to, but will still stay archived in the Completed Fics section after the main thread is pruned.

+Chaos Blade+
23rd December 2005, 8:40 PM
Is that really necessary? Why can't we just post in the Completed Fics section, and not have to make duplicates of already-created fics? I honestly think copying the thread is unneeded, and opening the forum makes things a little easier if you make the right rules.

OR. . .

Merge them here in this forum, and if it is old, the author can just recreate it. =P