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20th December 2005, 1:03 AM
It has been over a year since I have last showcased Pokemon706, actually the last time it has been showcased

Anyways, www.pokemon706.com is back with its Winter Edition Layout! After numerous months of difficulty following our old host Zoneserv being hacked, we are finally coming back after losing all our old content.

Very recently Jeremy (founder of Pokemon706) was in talks with The APCC to buy out the content, which has now been finalized and the basic content has already been placed on 706.

We will soon have Episode Guides and Pictures from the latest episodes in Japan, along with a staffer telling us what is going on in World of Pokemon from Japan...

Ideas - Comments - Concerns

22nd December 2005, 12:24 PM
Hello. I've just had a quick look over your site, and I think the content is very good. However, there are a few problems I found:
Firstly, you have still got your old layout on some pages, such as the biog of Jessie.
Also, some of your images dont work, such as the ones on the red/blue review page.
Finally, your site takes ages to load. I am using a broadband connection, and I still have to wait a long time to access your pages.

I hope these suggestions will enable you to improve your site.

16th January 2006, 4:02 PM
It's Good(i say this alot but it's true) Great Winter Layout.. Anyway i do have some comments.

1) Pitcher's right, you have another layout on some pages. Ex: Lyrics page.
2)Your Pages take long too load. Again like Pitcher Said.

Besides that i like the site... Ohh and i noticed that like your whole site is written in php so that could be a reason why it's loading slowly but not sure.

16th January 2006, 10:06 PM
I don't see what your speed problems are. I'm on ADSL (or Broadband as Telstra like to call it) and it's just find for me. The only thing that's actually so are the images. Otherwise it takes seconds to load.

And that computer speed thing? Alot of those tips only increase it so it seems like it runs about 20 MHz faster. I mean, on my old 350 overclocked to 381, we did all that because DVDs weren't running properly and it didn't make that much difference. It saved about 5 seconds loading time when XP was loading. You'd be better off to downgrade to an older OS.

Any how, it's alright. Wonder what will be around next.

21st January 2006, 11:36 PM
Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys, we are in the process of totally revamping the 706 look and ownership.

22nd January 2006, 8:11 AM
How do you do your layouts? It seems odd that you have various layouts on different pages. oO

22nd January 2006, 8:26 AM
We use includes ;P

A right and a left :3

Makes life *so* much eaiser, especially when a site like ours changes layouts soo often.

22nd January 2006, 8:27 AM
Then how come some pages have the old layouts...?

22nd January 2006, 8:33 AM
Well, when we first used includes (the ones that still have the old layout) we didn't code them properly/efficently.

So when we made the fall layout we redesigned them, and went from right and left to rightnav and leftnav.

So thats why its either our winter or summer layout you see :3 never the fall.

23rd January 2006, 1:51 AM
Ah, I see. I think. oO

Weird system.