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The obliverater
22nd December 2005, 3:25 PM
Ultimate Dojo

Episode one - The Beginning

“Yes I’m eleven today and that means I finally get my first pokemon,” cheered Jetixon as he got out of bed. Jetixon got changed and run downstairs to share the news.
“Mum why didn’t I go at the age of ten,” asked Jetixon curiously.
“Because you wanted to go on your journey with Eorick your friend remember,” replied Joanna (mum).
“Oh I better get him,” said Jetixon.
Jetixon runs out and finds Eorick also leaving his house.
“Well are you ready to be a trainer,” asked Jetixon.
“Yep! I sure am,” replied Eorick.
The two friends go to Prof. Bortick’s lab to get their pokemon.
“You’re in terrible luck, I’m in a good mood so you can have six each,” said the professor looking quite pleased.
“OK! I will have Treecko, Torchic, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Eevee and Tyrogue please,” said Jetixon.
“And I’ll have the others’” said Eorick boldly.
“Good and oh! I almost forgot both of you get poke-dexters,” said Prof. Bortick as he gave them strange devices. “They are machine pokemon encyclopaedias.”
Jetixon and Eorick come out of the lab to find their now and only arch rival and his two mates. Will they battle is the question we’re looking for.

Episode two – Rival Rumble

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Jetty and Ricky,” grinned Gisele.
“What do you want?” shouted Jetixon.
“For questioning me a battle will satisfy me,” said Gisele.
“Bring it on,”shouted Eorick.
“Go Machop!” said Gisele.
“Go Geodude!” said Roxy.
“Go Ninjask!” said Rex.
“Come on out Treecko and Tyrogue,” shouted Jetixon.
“Go Charmander,” shouted Eorick.
“Let’s take their pathetic pokemon down guys,” said Gisele. “Machop low kick Charmander.
“Attack Geodude use rock throw on Treecko,” shouted Roxy.
“Ninjask use gust on that Tyrogue,” shouted Rex.
“We will win Tyrogue tackle Machop, Treecko use pound on Machop,” said Jetixon.
“I see your plan Jets, Charmander use scratch on Machop,” said Eorick. K.O.
“Grrrrr,” growled Gisele.
“Geodude use rock throw on Charmander, Ha! Two more hits and you’re gone,” said Roxy.
“Ninjask use silver wind, your pokemon are too weak you can’t win now,” laughed Rex.
“Don’t think to soon Charmander return, Go Pikachu use thundershock,” said Eorick.
“Treecko use leer on Geodude and Tyrogue attack Ninjask,” said Jetixon. K.O.
“Looks like it’s me left but I’m rock type so you can’t beat me, Geodude use rock throw,” shouted Roxy. DOUBLE K.O.
“Well it’s only Tyrogue left I’ll have to give it my best shot, Tyrogue time to try out your new move use brick break,” said Jetixon. Critical hit! K.O.
“Wow that’s one strong move he’s got there!” exclaimed Eorick.
“I will get my revenge

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