View Full Version : If we are not allowed to ask for downloads, then how come...

23rd December 2005, 2:10 AM
Up at the top of each forum page there sometimes is an advertisement about "Downloading Pokemon Episodes?"

Wouldn't Serebii be able to prevent certain ads from showing up in the ad bar?

Sorry if this isn't allowed, just thought I should bring this up.

23rd December 2005, 2:13 AM
This is in the wrong forum. Ask a mod to move it to the website forum discussion. Anyways, I don't think Serebii cares that there are advertisements since the rule applies to the WEBSITE itself few ads.

23rd December 2005, 2:35 AM
Just so you know, the advertisements don't really link to places to download Pokemon episodes. If you'd bothered to click the link, you'd see it takes you to TV.com, and it doesn't actually have any links to episode downloads. It's one of those advertisements that is based on the forum or what you're searching for.

23rd December 2005, 2:41 AM
Really? Next time I see it come up I'll check.