View Full Version : What the heck's up with the HTML? o.o

Locke Yggdrasill
23rd December 2005, 6:47 AM
Well, I can't blend [doHTML] and HTML into one, which is a problem, and the system reads fake tags as real, as a non-active variable.
For instance, Sierra and I were talking about equine, and I said
(less than symbol)/more-random-than-Oos(greater-than-symbol), and the system read it as an actual tag, and did not display it. WTF's up with this? Is this a new "feature" that came with the upgrade?
I was talking with someone else before that, and I used a fake tag, the whisper tag. It read: (less than symbol)whisper volume="silent"(greater than symbol)text(less than symbol)/whisper(greater than symbol)
Would there be any way to adjust the "system" to allow false codes, or set up an allow list, or something?