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User Titles & User Ranks

Here is a list of all the User Titles currently on SPP. In order to advance to the next level, you must meet the required Post Count quota listed to the right of each User Title...just remember do not SPAM to get them:
  • Beginning Trainer: 0
  • Boulder Trainer: 20
  • Cascade Trainer: 40
  • Thunder Trainer: 60
  • Rainbow Trainer: 80
  • Marsh Trainer: 100
  • Soul Trainer: 120
  • Volcano Trainer: 140
  • Earth Trainer: 160
  • Indigo Champion: 170
  • Coral Eye Trainer: 180
  • Sea Ruby Trainer: 195
  • Spikeshell Trainer: 210
  • Jade Star Trainer: 225
  • Orange Champion: 250
  • Zephyr Trainer: 280
  • Hive Trainer: 310
  • Plain Trainer: 340
  • Fog Trainer: 370
  • Storm Trainer: 400
  • Mineral Trainer: 430
  • Glacier Trainer: 460
  • Rising Trainer: 490
  • Johto Champion: 550
  • Stone Trainer: 600
  • Knuckle Trainer: 650
  • Dynamo Trainer: 700
  • Normal Coordinator: 750
  • Heat Trainer: 800
  • Balance Trainer: 850
  • Super Coordinator: 900
  • Feather Trainer: 950
  • Mind Trainer :1000
  • Hyper Coordinator: 1050
  • Rain Trainer: 1100
  • Master Coordinator: 1200
  • Hoenn Champion: 1300
  • Legendary Pokémon Coordinator: 1450
  • Battle Dome Champion: 1600
  • Battle Pike Champion: 1700
  • Battle Factory Champion: 1800
  • Battle Arena Champion: 1900
  • Master Pokémon Breeder: 2000
  • Battle Pyramid Champion: 2100
  • Battle Hut Champion: 2200
  • Battle Tower Champion: 2300
  • Pokémon Snag Master: 2500
  • Supreme Battle Frontier Champion: 2600
  • Coal Trainer: 3000
  • Forest Trainer: 3200
  • Cobal Trainer: 3400
  • Fen Trainer: 3600
  • Relic Trainer: 3800
  • Mine Trainer: 4000
  • Glacier Trainer: 4200
  • Beacon Trainer: 4400
  • Sinnoh Tower Champion: 4600
  • Sinnoh Battle Tower Champion: 4700
  • Sinnoh Factory Champion: 4900
  • Sinnoh Hall Champion: 5000
  • Sinnoh Arcade Champion: 5100
  • Sinnoh Castle Champion: 5200
  • Sinnoh Champion: 5300
  • Trio Trainer: 5500
  • Trio Trainer: 5566
  • Trio Trainer: 5633
  • Basic Trainer: 5700
  • Insect Trainer: 5900
  • Bolt Trainer: 6100
  • Quake Trainer: 6300
  • Jet Trainer: 6500
  • Freeze Trainer: 6700
  • Legend Trainer: 6900
  • Legend Trainer: 7000
  • Unova Champion: 7200
  • Pokémon Champion: 8000

You can also have a Custom User Title. To do so, just enter the User CP and choose Edit Profile. On the page you'll find this:

Just add what title you want, and next thing you know, it's appearing beneath your name in every post. If you want to go back to the ranks, then just check the 'Reset' box, and save again.

In addition to the User Ranks obtained from posting, there are a few special user ranks that other people may have.

These user ranks are displayed for SPPf staff members. For more information about what specific staff members do, go here

This user rank is used for SerebiiBot, the forum bot. It is used to give new users a welcome PM and perform other automated forum functions.

This user rank is for users who have passed away. Their VM walls are open to the public to pay respects, but any trolling of these profiles will result in an instant ban. If you know a user has passed away and should be switched to this group, PM an admin with proof. Misusing this will also result in an instant ban.

Forums Which Dont Count To PostCount

Although Post Count is not displayed, it still exists. There are some forums however, which will not count your posts. These forums are the ones that get more than the average amount of replies and the count has been removed to prevent people getting high counts quickly.

These forums are:
  • Newbie Section
  • Site Disc
  • Anime Polls
  • R/S/E FAQs
  • R/G/B/Y RMT
  • Stad/Colo RMT
  • Rate My Deck
  • Webmasters & Websites
  • Clubs
  • Games
  • Fanart Requests
  • Programming
  • Misc Polls
  • Pokepolls
  • Faceoffs

Working Out Your Post Count

Post Count isn't displayed, but there are two ways of finding out how high it is.

  1. Go to your User CP and Edit Profile
  2. Where the Custom User Title option is, check the reset box and Save
  3. Your Title will revert back to the rank.
  4. Check the User Title List below and you can see around about how many posts you have.

  1. Go into your Profile by clicking on your name in a topic and choosing View Public Profile.
  2. Note down your Join Date and Posts per day
  3. Work out how many days you have been at the forums (dates are written M-DD-YYYY)
  4. Multiply the days you have been here by your posts per day.
  5. Round the answer to the nearest whole number to find your answer.
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