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Thread: Happy Easter!!! (New Year 2006)

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    Default Happy Easter!!! (New Year 2006)

    Yup, it's that time of the year, the Easter bunny doing his rounds dropping off litle chocolate Surprises for all the Good kiddeis and What?..*Gets a note Passed to him and opens it up*....New...Year? The Hell o0, now what the hell am I going to do with this 6 ton delivery of easter Eggs I Ordered....ahh sod it, i'll eat them all..Oh..Carry on with the New Year stuff, Sorry misunderstanding on my part, back to this New Year thingy whatever the hell that is, it's been Noted tht this time of the year is Special to everyone, end of the world stuff, big business..What..I said world? bugger...Don't listen to what I said then I ment year, Yes...Year >> and We're givingyou all Rations to save yourselfs with lets have a lookie what these are shall we?

    *Opens list up and reads off of it*

    1x Double Daycare Pass
    1x Double Move Tutor Pass
    1x New Year Ball that when Enlarged will ignite the Rope and when a Pokemon is captured it will set a Firework off into the skies and a nice little 2006 display will pour through the Sky.
    1x Psychic Ball made by Tessie ^^
    1x Shoal Salt
    1x Shoal Shell
    1x Rare Candy

    Some weird Rations but thats whats on my list for you all..SAVE YOURSELVES PEOPLE *Takes ration bag and dives out of the window*
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