They were all real pokémon. Why she keeps a Snorlax in her house is beyond me.

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If Brock didn't make some attempt to "stay in contact" with her, then he just missed the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. Please tell me Brock took her cell phone number or something! The one time Brock has it made...and with someone like Lucy no less! =O
No, he didn't. Because Lucy didn't really want to let on that she had a huge crush on him, she didn't actually say anything about him for the entire episode. Nor did she say anything to him for the entire episode. Whenever Brock would take her hands, she just seemed to freeze ^^;
And this was one of those rare instances where I wasn't too fond of Masato. Its kind of sad that the one time Brock finds a girl who has strong feelings towards him, Masato just see's it all as the normal routine and drags him away from a potential life partner. Ouch.