How about Luckshipping?

Anyway I thought the Donphan battle isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. Donphan was pretty cool and we should just be happy he was used in the battle rather than complaining about how much time he got or the order he was used. This is the first frontier battle to have Pikachu and everyones complaining because it was against Milotic? Before the preview came out everyone was going to flip a lid if Lucy didn't have Seviper, her signature pokemon, and another of her game pokemon. Yet she had both! And we just complain about something else. IMO, not having the game pokemon is much worse than a battle that didn't live up to everyone's superior standards. It's so easy to say the writers are stupid, on drugs, and insane. But maybe we're all the ones that are crazy and cant appreciate the episodes.

Rant complete.