The fact that Lucy shows feelings for Brock is definitely the highlight of this episode. It's debatable whether her feelings for Brock is true or if she just has a thing for the seemingly-eyeless crowd, but either way I found it really sweet. I think Lucy's feelings for Brock could be a combination of both, because she was consistently blushing. Plus, that part where she held her hands after Brock was pulled away was telling. Good stuff, I love these rare reciprocal episodes. I felt bad that Max kept pulling Brock away. Luckily, I like Max, so I could forgive him.

The romance kind of overshadowed the episode, but the battle was pretty good. Donphan did a good job against Seviper. I wish they would have done more with the two sevipers, since we rarely see more than one of a Team Rocket pokemon in an episode, but otherwise it was good. Oh, and Barbara was REALLY annoying.

Overall, 9.5/10, taken down slightly because of all the ear-pulling and Barbara.