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Thread: Queen of the Serpentine! (435)

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    Not a bad episode. Not a particularly good one, either. It was okay.

    Sarah's Ash, oddly enough, sounded better than usual this episode.

    Bill was hilarious as Brock, yet he was really overacting the part to me.

    Everyone else was at their usual standard: Max still sounding horrible, May still sounding like she inhaled helium, James with a cold, etc.

    All in all, one of the better eps of Season 9.

    Dub: 80/100
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    This was a pretty good episode. Team Rocket annoyed me at the beginning, but I enjoyed the battle Ash had with Lucy. I also found it funny that Lucy liked Brock back XD

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    Default "Queen of the Serpentine!"

    This episode starts with Ash, Max and Brock coming out of a Pokémon Center. Ash was excited for his Frontier Battle... but suddenly Bonsly starts crying. Brock goes to needs to be fed. May was not there, so Max goes after her while Ash goes to the Battle Pike on his own. May shows her Eevee the ocean, and mentions something about participating in a Contest together. Max comes and tells May to come to the Battle Pike.

    Ash arrives at the Battle Pike, which is a building with a head of a Seviper. Team Rocket appears in front of him in disguise and introduces him to fake Queen Lucy (Jessie). Ash wants a battle her, but James tells they will put Pikachu in energy-purifying box so it can be fully charged before the battle. Now that was just weird. despite James and Mewoth terrible disguise, how come Ash couldn't identify James? Geez, the writers shouldn't make Ash THAT dense.

    When that was going on, Brock, May and Max were about to head towards the Battle Pike... but suddenly three women appears in front of them. The sexy blonde haired girl Barbara, who is Lucy's sister, asks them where Ash is? After Barbara was told that he went to the Battle Pike, she rudely tells the gang that they came to greet him on the behalf of Queen Lucy. Scott appears out of nowhere and to calms everyone down, saying that the Battle Pike is closed. Just then, Queen Lucy appears with an unique style. She apologizes to the gang for her sister's rude behaviour. As usual, Brock falls in love with Lucy and grabs her hands to flirt with her, much to Barbara's dismay. Barbara pulls him away, while Lucy deeply blushes. Well, what you know? We have Another girl actually liked Brock's flirting.

    Meanwhile, Team Rocket managed to capture Pikachu, but he was saved thanks to Lucy. Ash tries to battle TR with Pikachu, but Lucy tells she will handle it on her own and sends out her Seviper. Jessie's and Lucy's Seviper use Poison Tail, but Lucy's Seviper is stronger, so it knocks Jessie's Seviper out. Lucy's Seviper uses Flamethrower, blasting Team Rocket off. Later Ash asks her for a battle. But Brock tells her that the Battle Pike is close, so they have to come tomorrow. Hearing Brock's words, Lucy blushes deeply and tells them that the Battle Pike is open for good friends. While Ash is excited for the battle, Brock grabs Lucy's hands and starts flirting, causing her to blush AGAIN! As usual, Max pulls Brock away, while Lucy blushes deeply. xD

    The battle between Ash and Lucy was great! It was clever of Ash to use Donphan against Seviper. Since Donphan is a ground type, it is resistent to Poison type move. After a tough battle, Donphan manages to defeat Seviper, leaving Lucy with her just one Pokémon. May and Max talks about how well Ash did in the battle, while Barbara cheers for Lucy. Brock starts cheering for Lucy As well, which causes Lucy to blush AGAIN! Surprised by this, May Brock who is he cheering for. Brock tells her that he is cheering for both Ash and Lucy, so Max pulls his ear and telling him he needs to choose one of them, as the battle between Ash and Lucy continues. Lucy sends out Milotic as her next Pokémon, who knock Donphan out. Ash chooses Pikachu as his second Pokémon, who puts up a great battle and eventually defeats Milotic, earning Ash the Luck symbol!

    Ash learns that his next battle will be at the Battle Palace and May says they haven't travelled across the water for while. All of sudden, Brock grasps Lucy's hand and asks if she would like to join them. But before she could answer, Max pulls him away AGAIN! Ugh, Max... Why did you have to pull Brock away? Even after seeing that Lucy is blushing? Geez, what a kid!

    Overall, great episode. I really liked Lucy's. She liked Brock back, but she's not particulary open about it. Sure, she blushed whenever he flirted with her or cheered for her, but she still managed to keep calm and collected about it. Not to mention, she's cute and Hot. The Frontier battle was cool, both Pikachu and Donphan did very well in the battle. I'm glad Ash got the Luck Symbol, he deserved it.
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    I noticed something just before Lucy gave Ash his Luck symbol. In real life, I swear, Lucy would be like 11 or 12 feet tall. Unless Ash is a little shorter than usual.
    It's still hilarious how Lucy has a fetishthing for squinty eyes.

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    I laughed at Team Rocket's fake Battle Pike, but Jessie looked fabulous dressed as Lucy in my opinion. I loved how Lucy popped TR's hot air balloon with her pinwheel and her Seviper vs. Jessie's Seviper was cool. I was pleased that Ash's Donphan got to shine while battling Lucy's Seviper; his flaming Rollout attack was pretty original as well.

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    Y'know, I never really understood why Pikachu got so many starring roles in this season, given he was also in 7 of the hoenn gyms, and starred in four there.

    I also never got why Seviper wasnt Lucy's ace despite her entire Design being based around it.

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    I feel so sorry for Brock more than anyone else in this episode. He tries so hard to flirt with someone that actually likes him back. Stupid Max!!! I swear if he didn't interfere with him, Lucy would most likely have joined Brock or even give him a kiss on the cheek. I have to admit, I wanted Ash to lose the battle against Lucy in order to see Brock spend more time with her. <3

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