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Thread: Tranner Bios for a story

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    Post Tranner Bios for a story

    I am looking for bios on a Fan Ficiton I am going to wright called Choices.
    This is what i need:

    Oriantation: (Good / Evil / Nutral)
    Pokemon: (what pokemon the tranner has, & may or may not have nicknames)
    Looks: (What dose the tranner look like)
    History: (a discripion of the Tranner and if he / she has any prefrences. Any thing that tells me what tipe of person he /she is)

    All bios are wecolme but be nice.
    No Flamming other Bios
    And Most Importent HAVE FUN!
    Thank You.
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    First, you need to know proper spelling, Yami Dragon. And secondly, posted by Sandra [Zephyr Flare] in the Fanfiction Guidelines,

    And if I see one more "I need characters for my fic, signup0rz!!!1!!11" I will personally strangle you. - Sandra

    Thank you.

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    Um yeah...

    You could just PM your freinds and ask them to contribute, but posting a thread like this is against the rules.
    I'm not here
    (This isn't happening)

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    These are not allowed. It's your fic, make your own characters. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be writing in the first place..

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