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Thread: Off the Unbeaten Path! (436)

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    This was an interesting filler episode........ It's funny when Meowth and Jessie had to do their motto by themselves. xD

    The scenes with Munchlax were funny too.

    It was nice to see James wining a competition for once.
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    >Rainbow Falls
    I didn't know Equestria was in the Kanto region!

    I forget that the gang is heading to an island called Metallica island! How could I forget that? At least, that's still what I think i'm hearing...
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    While I liked the concept of orienteering in the anime, I thought that the prize for winning was lame; just a bunch of food? Yawn. And then James just shares it with all the trainers. Sigh. At least I cackled when Bonsly sent Brock flying and seeing Jessie and Meowth randomly end up on a mountaintop showed their bad sense of direction.

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