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    Default Animal Crossing Wild World Online Request

    Okay, as you have probably noticed, items are much more strict to there group then the orginal, and not many people know others offline with ACWW. I thought that it might be easier if we had a request thread. For some AC manics, this will be similiar to the "trading posts" but instead, you will traval to your town, all so with more items (friuts and turnips, money, more). So basiccally you give a wishlist, then if someone has it, then you ask for trade, and then ask for an item. Of course money is always a great and common trade item. So anyways, lets get started on those "wishlists"
    My request
    Link; Hyrule:
    Golden Net (Cheated or not) 1000k

    Tip: Remember, you can request for an item just to be added to your catalouge, not actually buy it from an member.

    Notice 1
    No more posting if gates are open and friend codes and whatnot. It is annoying me.
    (You may post it as a reminder if you posted a sell/buy)
    Friend Finder
    Status Thread

    (The numbers on the right are the day they were given to me, remember you have to wait a week to have a new shop-post. The edit button may be nice)
    2/25 ۞7HR45HM31573R۞'s Shop
    6/19 Zora's Shop
    6/19 Pikahound's Shop
    1.) No bashing
    2.) No lying
    3.) No posts containing if gates are open or your friend code purely
    4.) Follow Normal Rules (this includes the Wi-Fi forums unique rules)
    5.) Listen to Mods if they interveen.
    6.) No Argueing.
    8.) New rules will be added.

    There will be no punishiment, but please follow them. Bolden was the biggest one.
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