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Thread: Timeless Revenge, Timeless Love! (Advanceshippiing and Hedgehogshipping)

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    Default Timeless Revenge, Timeless Love! (Advanceshippiing and Hedgehogshipping)

    Well folks I guess I'm going to try my hands at a Advanceshipping story which is a sequal to my last fic, "The Chaos Emerald Frontier," Sorry this prologue isn't really shippy but it sets up the story. Anyways enjoy and don't fret other shippers since I'm making more then one shiping sequeal. Oh yeah enjoy and the rating is...PG-PG13 the most I guess.

    Prologue-The Plan of a Timeline!

    It was a peaceful night. Around seven o clock P.M. to be more exact. We see a remote island in a very secluded location. Upon that island is what seems to be a huge metal tower. On the ground floor of that metal tower was standing on pure hard steel and a huge metal gate surrounded the whole place. We see humanoid dark robots patrolling the whole area. All white and grey, standard, and a bit intimidating.

    We now check one of the rooms in that same tower. We see a room...whose walls were painted metal blue.....carpet was metal blue......and had two huge glass panes as one wall which let the one using that room look outside. We see a bed with a metal blue like blanket and a metal blue pillow. We also see the one and only....Metal Sonic resting in it in sleep mode seeing how he was in a meditating position.

    Metal Sonic....a very dangerous murderous robot. The robot was a renegade....betrayed his former master....for power...only to be defeated by his good and righteous copy...or should I say the real deal Sonic The Hedgehog. He tried again...only to fail once more but right now the metal hedgehog was in a good position. Part of a new group. Working for a leader he respects and that respects him...unlike his former master he betrayed.

    Metal Sonic looked like his real counterpart. Except was a robot version of him. Except fought for his own needs and not for others. He had glowing red eyes and black pupils. His hands were steel claws capable of crushing anything he wanted. He had a jet turbine in his torso that helped his achieve speed that could break the speed of sound. He had his own shoes....metal shoes. He was someone not to mess with.

    As he was resting it sounded like the whole base was silent and lifeless. Quiet place it looks like...or maybe not. Suddenly a sudden announcement that had the voice of a male computerized voice seemed to announce,

    “May General Metal Sonic of the speed division of the Metalix Confederation please report to the conference room. Thank you.”

    With that announcement heard Metal Sonic woke from his sleep mode and mumbled,

    Oh, yeah...
    All right...

    “Humph. I wonder what is needed of me now?”

    Metal Sonic was the general and leader of the speed division of the Metalix Confederation. A secret organization made up of machines and robots determined to take the world and reinvent it into what they saw as true paradise. One run by machines and with no humans is as the Metalix Confederation called them....carbons. Pathetic, weak, useless, and nothing more as they saw it....destroying themselves into extinction. The speed division of the army focused on...well speed obviously. Metal Sonic trained and made robots made and needed for speed. To be fast....and to kill fast....and to escape get the idea. Oh and the main color of the speed division was metal blue....yeah it was kind of obvious but anyway moving on.

    We now see our buddy Metal Sonic getting out of bed and going to a large mirror staring at himself a bit. Then he briefly glowed as he wanted to change into his general form, the robot was the only general to know how to work with liquid metal as he was making himself into the form known as Metal Sonic Overlord. After a few seconds Metal Sonic looked different....a bit. His usual ....metal hair style was now that of Shadow The was blue and his ...metal hair stuck out like Shadow which was up and where Shadow’s fur was red it was white for Metal Sonic. His body and fists looked stronger and a bit more emperor like if he were the czar or Kaiser. His shoes were a little different seeing as how the back stood back a little more and sharper. His fists were more noticeable and then we see the metal hedgehog smirk.

    We see the metal hedgehog going to a closet and taking out a black cape and puts it on as it travels his back as he walks out of his room. He walks down the hallway and stares out the glass showing the ocean. He wonders that evil robot he does.

    “Why do those humans make such fools of themselves? Doing useless things...such Glad we machines don’t have emotions...well at least the more mindless ones don’t.”

    Metal Sonic kept walking. If there was something he hated was anyone being superior then him and he only knew one person...or in this case hedgehog that was superior then him. Sonic. The real Sonic. He hated and when I mean hated I mean HATED folks the real Sonic beyond relief! Heck everyday after working out in the base’s track field and upgrading himself a tiny bit he get a sonic doll, plushy, toy, or stitched up piece of fabric he shred it to pieces personally till nothing but a head remained which he just stomp on furiously. Now that robot definitely does have emotion! Emotion of needing serious anger management!

    Also he despised anyone that had strengths that resembled his. Like Sonic and....this one carbon he met. A boy with a blue sweater, black –shirt underneath it, blue jeans, and a cap. He saw what the boy called his.....Chaos Form. A form when the boy turned into a human version of Sonic. He still was human, and looked human except for some physical and appearance changes. His shoes change into red shoes with yellow streaks by the side with white shoe laces and was made by the former company SOAP that made shoes for grinding. Also a logo of SOAP was on each shoe. His black hat. Became a bit spikier and he had shades of blue like if he had a bit of Sonic’ blue hair. He also wore white gloves as well. He didn’t know the name of that boy but had a similar but not as harsh vendetta against him too.

    Well, I don't show off, don't criticize
    I'm just living by my own feelings
    And I won't give in, won't compromise
    'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold

    Metal Sonic finally reached his destination. The meeting room. Once in he sat on one side of a long slick sleek table where you could see your reflection. Usually the meetings consisted of the two other generals and the leader who usually called them. That leader being....

    “Ah Metal Sonic! Good to see you! Have a seat!”

    “Thank you leader Egg Robo. What is the matter you need me for?”

    Egg Robo...and yes Egg Robo is his name. Not Egg Robot. Egg Robo. Anyway Egg Robo was basically a robotic version of their former master. Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. A fat egg shaped scientist that specialized in robotic technology and had an IQ of three hundred. Basically IQ 300 but anyway Egg Robo was a very smart robot. It was even smarter then it’s creator and even a bit deadlier seeing how it was built with its personal weapons. A special rifle gun that shot either plasma beams or another open hole that shoot explosive mines. The robot also had a built in jetpack it used if it wished. Needless to say Eggman should be careful of creating robots that are much smarter them him seeing how they abandoned him seeing the fat guy always lost.

    But anyway back to the situation at hand.

    “Metal Sonic...I think it’s time the Metalix Confederation...makes a move to help attain true power and dominance over those pathetic carbons!”

    “Really? Please explain,”

    “Glad you asked.” Grinned Egg Robo evilly. Oh yeah I forgot how the top leader of the Metalix Confederation looked for you guys. Let’s see....ah ha! The robot had short thin metal legs and arms but had feet which were metal shoes and metal versions of human hands. Its body was based on how Dr. Ivo “Eggman,” Robotnik used to look with his old clothes and physique. Round and an egg shaped but not as egg shaped looking and a little it of a balloon as well. Metal torso painted red with red and yellow triangles based of the big bad fat doc’s old clothes. Average head size and orange eyes with a black pupil in them. A metal mouth to talk and grin evilly or show his emotions. Right now he was looking okay.

    I don't know why, I can't leave, though, it might be tough
    But I ain't out of control, just living' by my word
    Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason
    I've got my way, my own way

    “Metal Sonic...I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of....the Little Planet? Or a.k.a. the Miracle Planet that appears over Never Lake on the last month of every year right?

    Metal immediately nodded...Little Planet...that was when he first faced Sonic off and...well lost painfully.

    “Of course sir. I remember it from my data storage banks like if it were yesterday-“

    On a certain month of every year which would be the last month December on the Never Lake a small new world appears over the lake. This small planet is none other than Little Planet, AKA the Planet of Miracles. Little Planet is home to 7 mysterious jewels that can altar the passage of time. If all of them are collected, miracles are sure to ensue: deserts turn to lush jungles, and murky waters purify!

    But of course, there was a very certain mad scientist who has other plans for these gems. Once the planet appeared, Dr. Robotnik immediately bounded the tiny planet to a giant mountain with his face carved in it, linked by a huge chain. Dr. Robotnik then wasted no time in high-tailing his butt over there to take control of Little Planet's past so he will then have complete control over it in the future.

    Sonic was seen rushing through the plains before he would then spot the Little Planet chained up to the mountain. And upon seeing the wicked carving of Eggman's filthy mug along its surface, Sonic knew exactly who the perpetrator was. So the hedgehog immediately went dashing up the chain and to the planet to rip Eggman a new one. Problem was Eggman had quite a lot of time to prepare.

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    Sonic also came for another reason...Eggman recently used his latest robot at the time Metal Sonic to kidnap a certain pink hedgehog by the name of Amy Rose. A fan girl devoted to Sonic and loved Sonic like crazy! Sonic then knew it was up to him to save her and stop Eggman at the same time!

    Well, I don't look back, I don't need to
    Time won't wait and I've got so much to do
    Where do I stop? Now it's all a blur and so unclear
    Well, I don't know, but I can't be wrong

    Metal Sonic’s part was to defeat Sonic in one of the planet’s main zones and to guard Amy Rose. The Stardust Speedway. They both had a race of death but in the end Sonic prevailed while Metal....well I’ll just sing it.

    “Everybody’s Metal Sonic Racing! Trying to crash into walls at high speeds!”

    Needless to say Metal lost hard and ever since that day Metal wanted to have payback upon Sonic. Anyway we go back to the present and then Metal responded,

    “Yes I do know a lot of the whole Little Planet. But what about it?”

    “Well my General of the speed division I think it’s appropriate for you to take this assignment. Soon the Little Planet will reappear again and I want you to take it over as soon as possible! Then find the seven Time Stones! Think you’re up for it?”

    “Yes sir. It shall be easy!”

    “Good. This meeting is now adjourned. Good luck. You know when to go,”

    And with that Metal Sonic saluted and walked away. Oh yeah I forgot to mention something. The symbol of the Metalix Confederation was an iron fist. To show that robots and machines were superior then humans and such. We see Metal Sonic walking that same hallway again back to his own room thinking.

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    “Takeover of the Little Planet.... yes. Once I find the Time Stones I shall rewrite history and put that hedgehog in his place!”

    And with that we leave the bad *** metal hedgehog for now. We check somewhere else now. What appears to be a desert. Route 111 to be more exact. Underground that desert though...was a base that belonged to Dr. Eggman. It seems the mad scientist was having another evil scheme as usual. He wore a red jacket, had black leather pants that stretched to his feet, black shoes, bit bushy brown or sometimes was dyed orange mustache He wore simple spherical dark blue sunglasses and goggles on his head. He was in his planning room with a piece of paper and pencil trying to think up a new plan

    “Blasted hedgehog! Always gets in my way! I want to school that blue loser very badly!”

    Suddenly two robots entered the room. They were Bomb and Heavy. Bomb was a short robot who was half black and half red orange. He had short arms and wore yellow gloves and had feet as well. His specialty was as his name implied....blowing himself up seeing how he had a fuse on his head but he was built that after blowing himself up he can come back together. His personality....was dynamite! (Please excuse the lame pun).

    Heavy was another robot. He was big, mean, rough, and tough. He wore boxing gloves, and could box. He had a big slightly longer arms as well and his feet were a little bigger. He and Bomb worked as a tag team well. Heavy who threw Bomb like baseballs at their enemies...or get the idea. They were also the chief mechanics of the Eggman Empire.

    “Hey Dr. Robotnik! We just thought of a great idea!” shouted Bomb.

    “What is it then you two metal morons?” asked Eggman.

    “Well we thought of the perfect way to get rid of Sonic!” added Heavy.

    “Really? How so?”

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    “Well-“ and with that the two whispered stuff into Eggman’s ear. Eggman was listening and then when they were done he had an evil grin.

    “Of course! Does robots worked so well in the past against Sonic! Alright when the time is right we head to South Island and take it over with my new plot added!’

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    South Island.....was where Sonic grew up as a kid. A pretty peaceful place. But one day back then a while ago was where also Sonic battled Eggman for the first time and back when Eggman first met him as well. Ever since the fat doctor’s defeat he tried to take over as many places and things as possible only to be defeated by the blue hedgehog and friends. Soon things were going to be remembered to be more...timeless....especially for two trainers as well.

    No, no, no, no...
    It doesn't matter!

    To be continued....
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