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Thread: Crazy Contests, Crazy Times, Crazy Rush! (Contestshipping and ShadowBlazeshipping)

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    Default Crazy Contests, Crazy Times, Crazy Rush! (Contestshipping and ShadowBlazeshipping)

    Enjoy! Another different sequal to my fic! PG-PG13 I guess.

    Prologue-Alternate Life

    It was a peaceful day in...well not the world where our heroes last big adventure took. We take a look at a distant place. We take a look at what appears to be a base in outer space located on the moon. Covered in steel and very much hidden. We now go inside to see what goes on.

    We see what appears to be Egg Pawns guarding the area. Black Egg Pawns to be more exact. Egg Pawns were fat rotund human robot solders. They usually wielded short lances the most and guarded area. But anyway back to my main focus. Inside that base of an area we see a dark lab. We see what appears to be a man. Not just any man. A man that had something that made him looks real...just real....evil...well not really but whatever. He seems to be tinkering with some tools but we can’t see as the whole room was pretty dark and the only light was shown across the table he was working on and a tool box. We now hear clicking tinkering, and a lot of building and even one sentence.

    “Soon....I shall build the perfect utopia! Once my calculations fall in the correct place my procedures shall go rather well!”

    We now manage to finally get a good look at him as he stood up. He had a white mustache oddly, a black jacket with yellow triangles near the shoulders cuffs, and buttons, a red suit and pants with a single white stripe running down the middle, green goggles that rested on his head, and dark blue sunglasses. He also wore white gloves. He also wore black shoes with yellow stripes. He was...Eggman Nega. He was a lot eviler, smarter, sophisticated, and calmer then his normal counterpart I shall describe later.

    I see no, hear no evil
    Black writings on the wall
    Unleashed a million faces
    And one-by-one they fall

    “Triumph! Now that my device is complete I shall get the last seven keys needed for my plan! The Sol Emeralds!”

    We now switch scenes to a beautiful palace. It was located near the ocean but by near a city. The colors oddly it was painted was orange and pink...weird combo for colors but okay nonetheless. We got to one of the rooms and we see seven pedestals. Each holding in place seven important jewels. The Sol Emeralds. Of seven different varying colors the jewels were. They just rested well. A person in the room was guarding in them...okay more like cat but you get the point. That cat name being Blaze. Blaze the Cat,

    Blaze The Cat was a priestess. Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She was also princess of her world. But she wasn’t your ordinary princess...seeing how she’s the one to fight and protect her world from the evil Eggman Nega whenever he had an evil plan. She was also born with a gift...or what at least she considered a curse for a manipulation. She could control the element of fire to help her beat down the bad guys. Anyway she wore a purple dress, had light purple and shades of purple fur, brownish yellow eyes, purple red like shoes with a white stripe and elegant gloves with white cuffs. Her hair was tied back and it looked like she had arrows for hair that were purple and light purple pointing at a certain direction. She was usually filled with boredom. Guarding seven ever lasting jewels with infinite energy was no easy job. She did have to take her responsibilities but they were still tough.

    “Man nothing really…..exciting is happening….just another tedious day...well I sometimes wish that something….crazy happened since my last big adventure…the one where I traveled into that other dimension….and had friends for the first time in my life,”

    A while ago this feisty tough cat girl had a pretty big adventure. One day she finds out her Sol Emeralds are stolen by none other then….Eggman! The one we know who wore a red jacket, dark blue circular sunglasses, white gloves, black pants, and shoes. He one day some how teamed up with his other self Eggman Nega to take over two dimensions and build the ultimate Eggman Empire Utopia! Unfortunately when Eggman stole the Sol Emeralds and went back to his dimension Blaze followed ready to get them back and teach that fat guy the meaning of the word burn! Needless to say after a long journey she finally got her Sol Emeralds back and teamed up with Sonic The Hedgehog to put an end to both mad scientists plans for two dimensional rule….but now it seems one is about to try once more. But back to Blaze as she sighed with boredom. Suddenly a guard came in and said,

    “Princess Blaze it’s now time for you dinner prepared by the royal chiefs,”

    “Thank you servant,” and with that Blaze made a run out of the room toward the dining room in her palace. Did I mention she was pretty fast? Anyway once there she sat down on a big fancy chair that looked like it had pink and purple sparkles while the main thing was flame like leather. But enough of cat food…we need to check elsewhere.

    Black-hearted evil, or
    Brave-hearted hero
    I am all, I am all, I am!

    We see through another dimension….we see a desert known as Route 111 around seven o clock night and we check the base of Dr. Eggman who was currently in his living room sitting on his grey steel like leather couch with his feet rested on steel fur carpet and him mumbling or more like growling at his huge plasma screen TV while he held the remote channel surfing.

    “Nothing is good on TV these days. Nothing interesting. Nothing even making me say wow,”

    Suddenly three robots entered the room. One was a tall golden robot with a cylinder like head, and was human based. It then shouted,

    “Doctor Eggman may we have the TV remote?

    Eggman takes a glance at them and fires a question back.

    “Why and know that this is my TV time to relax Deco!”

    “Well sir the program Contest Tome is about to be shown,” answered another robot. The robot being shorter then the gold one and was instead silver head a round head, and was a bit plumper. The doctor shot a glance at him and ask this question.

    “Contest Time? The heck is that show?”

    “”You’ll see Dr. Eggman!” shouted Bokkun the youngest robot. He was the shortest, was black and purple, yellow eyes, young, the shortest, red shoes, and a bit weird. Eggnman reluctantly invited them to sit on the couch and then as he was told of the channel he was already getting bored. Once to the channel he started to see what the show, Contest Time, was all about. But back to Blaze.

    We now see the cat who just finished her dinner fit for…princess...girl….whatever but moving on. She was just walking down a hallway staring toward the window. The night was beautiful, peaceful, and everything expected of a great kingdom since she was pretty good at her job but kin d of got bored of it as well.

    “I wonder how Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, and even Amy are doing. I wonder if there off at another so called adventure right now saving the world from that old man. Who knows,” she just said with a bit of sadness and monotony. She decided to call it a night and take a long cat nap in bed after a cold shower. But back to Dr. Eggman who finally was done watching the show Contest Time. He then responded,

    I... I... I... I am
    Here we go, buddy, here we go, buddy
    Here we go, here we go buddy, here we go

    “A bit more interesting….looks like them pokemon were working for a special effects team or something in movies…pokemon contests…not bad concept really,”

    “So you did like it?” his three robots just asked.

    “A little but it seems so…well they do the same thing every time. Appeal to the audience and take out the competition for a ribbon of all things….seems a bit weird. Why if I ran those contests I put some special gimmicks in each one to make them more…crazy, fun, and different. Yeah…if I ran my own pokemon contests….heheheh!” answered the doctor as he suddenly though of a new idea.

    The fat man got off his seat and he suddenly shouted,

    “Boys I have another plan!”

    “Really doctor? What is it about?”

    Eggman just evilly and comically grinned and shouted,

    “Well let’s just say pokemon contests are about to get a little bit more….weird…crazy…wait I like the word crazy better…yeah crazier! Ohohoho!”

    With that said Eggman took out a notepad as he got himself to order more episodes of Contest Times to study the thing…only for him to make twisted and zany! All while his robots were glad to get more episodes. The scientist was writing about every speck of detail on about pokemon contests, he was eating some popcorn and was starting to think of his new schemes.

    Back to Blaze who was listening to her MP3 Player which by the way was purple, light purple, red, and orange in a flame like effect and was wearing pajamas and was currently in bed staring at the night sky. Oh and that was just light lavender. Cat must like lavender…or lilac...violet...mauve…or maybe just plain purple. As she was listening to a song she was wondering. Would she always be the one to guard the seven Sol Emeralds? Always be lonely…whenever in her world…without…a single friend at all? Needless to say that was not what she wanted now….before when she was solitary and tough as stone. Before she met her new friends her adventure a while ago brings.

    Can you see all of me?
    Walk into my mystery
    Step inside, and hold on for dear life

    “Man….life is so tough,”

    She finally decided to take a cat nap and that was that…or not. Outside in the dark we see many scurrying Egg Pawn robots each holding a short lance. We see Eggman Nega starring at the palace and then he evilly grinned and whispered the words,

    “The Sol Emeralds are soon to be mine!”

    We now go back to the dimension where regular Eggman was. Except were not focusing on Eggman…instead on hedgehog known and created as…Shadow. We see a huge space colony which looked like half the moon and had Eggman’s mug on it. But inside we go to one of many rooms. A simple room where there were many windows so you could stare and marvel at space and all the stars and mysteries it held. We see a simple black hedgehog with some red fur upon his hair and body. He was known by many to be a morsel…cold hearted…judging…had a tough heart…a bit friendly…had hover skates that ere white, red, orange, and black…was really fast….good with using chaos energy….very good with chaos control…chaos blast…chaos nightmare…even with weapons he was pretty good…you get the point don’t you? Moving on we see Shadow just staring out into space thinking of new things.

    “What…should I do? My past is finally resolved and now I learned to finally put those tough memories behind me…but what now? Should I defend this scared place? The ARK? Well of course I should do that…but what else? Fight against the doctor whenever he’s causing the trouble? Can’t do that since I owe so much to him…saving me with well the robot that turned on him of all things after saving me…but what?”

    Shadow was feeling a bit…well dull as leftover bread for a month. He decided to go to the ARK’s shooting room. Recently besides learning his past on his last big adventure he also acquired six special weapons he decided to keep. Especially when one was named after him and his personal favorite. The Shadow Rifle. Guaranteed to takeout anyone, anything, in one dead shot of a chaos spear anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any anyway!

    I am, I am everyone, everywhere
    Anyhow, anyway, anywhere, any day
    I am, I am everyone, everywhere
    Anyhow, anyway, anywhere, any day

    Back to Blaze and she was resting peacefully. Nothing, none, was bothering her nowhere, and no way would someone disturb her. Well she was about to be. Suddenly she heard a bunch of metal footwork that made her remember the noise of one thing. Chaos.

    “Oh no please let it be not what I think it is,” as she busted out of her room. She saw the same Egg Pawn robots from earlier and they were charging for her with their lances. Blaze just had a scowl on her face and mumbled,

    “This can’t be good,” and with that said she ran and busted each robot up into scrap as she stomped on the troops with her fire manipulation or blaze and she was getting a bit angry. She was really nice but whenever Eggman Nega was involved with something she got angered real fast and was determined to show that bad doctor not to mess with her. She ran and ran like if she was on marathon to that sacred room and once finally there she screamed in horror as the Sol Emeralds were gone.

    “No! This really really can’t be good if Eggman Nega has them!”

    She ran back out while dealing with the robot troops determined to find the mad doctor and give him the worst schooling very badly that the doctor have burn marks all over his mustache! Needless to say she was ****** beyond relief as fire like scorch marks was left behind from her running. She then saw the madman outside right near the palace steps and she immediately ran right for the palace doors in the long circling hallways. She rushed, and dashed for the door and once she finally opened them she yelled,

    “Eggman Nega!”

    The old mad scientist from her dimension just turned around still evilly grinning. Behind him looked what appeared to be a portable control panel linked to a huge circle like gate like it was taken from a sci-fi show. The console panels were also linked too the seven Sol Emeralds

    “Hello Blaze. How is your night? A bit killing on your peaceful mood!” asked the scientist.

    “Eggman Nega! Enough of your games! I’m going to get the Sol Emeralds back and teach you a lesson the hard way,” shouted Blaze.

    “Ah child. Still bit of a temper I can see. You should learn to respect your elders,” merely said Eggman Nega.

    “I do respect my elders…at least the ones who don’t steal from me!” she yelled.

    “My my. Still missing your friends from that last big debacle I pulled egh Blaze?” Eggman Nega taunted. Blaze cringed a bit from hearing that and shouted,

    “That’s it! Time for you to go home burned!”

    Eggman Nega just evilly laughed. He suddenly turned around and merely pushed his left index finger into a button. Suddenly the gate opened with the color of black and then Eggman Nega quickly removed the Sol Emeralds and then ran right before the dimensional gate and shouted,

    “So long Blaze. Soon I shall attain ultimate power and build my perfect utopia in that other world!” and with that Eggman Nega ran right in. Blaze was now worried. She ran up to the dimensional gate and wondered what to do. She quickly rushed back to her palace and in a rush just grabbed a trunk full of random cloths and then ran back to the dimensional gate and took a look back at her home.

    Go ahead and try to see through me
    Do it if you dare
    One step forward, two steps back, I'm near
    One step forward, two steps back

    Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

    With a leap of faith she went into the gate and this was the beginning of a crazy adventure…well at least for one side at least.

    To Be Continued
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    Not bad. What is that song from? I think that discription needs a little work. Apart from that, the story seemed to flow alright.
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    The song would be, "I am all of me!" from a band known as Crush 40 who did the song as one of Shadow's main themes from his new game. Thanks.
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    Nice song. o.o;
    I can't wait to see this fic in effect. Still found no errors. But that's just me. ^^;
    And I can't wait to see these crazy contests.

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    Thanks. I figure I make a contestshipping (And btw ShadowBlaze) story with a little bit more...well excitement then the same thing over again. Thanks and don't worry. Each gimmick and it's theme is sure to make for some fun contests! Plus ths fic will get big on humor as well at some points...I hope. Thanks.
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    My first chapter for this story guys! If I have any faults please tell me so I can fix them up a bit. Well read and enjoy!

    Chapter 1-Announcement of the Tour

    We now check on the fabulous city of Goldenrod and we see a girl sitting in a bench in a park just resting and smiling as the sun was rising. We now see a girl with brown hair, red bandana with the symbol of a region known as Hoenn, white shorts, and white gloves. I’ll get to the point this time much quicker....faster....rusher....I’m just delaying time aren’t I? Well anyway we see her smiling and in a good mood as no one was bothering her, making her crazed or anything or-

    “Well hello May. Nice to see you,”

    May looked at the general direction of who said that and she then had a frown on her face and said,

    “Hello Drew,

    Aw yes Drew boy. Might as well get his looks down even though you folks probably know what he looks like. He wore a black T-shirt, purple jacket, blue pants, had green hair, and green eyes I think. He was known to be a bit arrogant and a pretty boy a bit on the feminine side (Hey! I’m just saying!).

    “Well May looks like you got up bright and early today. What’s the matter? In a rush for something?” taunted and asked Drew.

    “Get off my case. It seems you’re up and early too. Why’s that?” asked May with an all knowingly voice to help proves her point. Drew just smirked and said,

    “Well assuming you heard of it rumors has it a company being sponsored by someone is going to have the first ever official pokemon contests tour. I just happen to be heading too here to practice with my pokemon in the meantime till just in case the rumors are true. You never know what can happen in a crazy world like ours,”

    May just listened. She never heard of this co called pokemon contests tour. But if that was true...she suddenly smiled and stood up and shouted,

    “Well then I might as well practice!”

    “Humph. Whatever you say,” said Drew in response.

    Meanwhile we check back at the city and we see three guys waiting outside a candy shop. I might as well describe them for you. Let’s see....the shortest wore a red shirt with a red stripe going vertical, blue pants, was very greedy for money, snacks, or info he find interesting. But he had a good heart...a mischievous one but nonetheless good. We hear him shout,

    “Man oh man! I hope the candy shop opens soon!”

    We now check on the next guy. Wore an orange shirt, purple shorts, black sock hat oddly, and was trying to calm down the guy from before.

    “Eddy relax. It’s only....let me more minute!”

    Last boy of the group who was the tallest wore a red and white horizontal striped shirt, green jacket, blue jeans, and was not really....bright....was more dim in his head...if you get what I mean. He then said,

    “I wonder what crazy stuff will happen today,”

    “Well I don’t. I’ve been through enough crazy stuff lately. Heck just hearing the word crazy will make me ...well crazy!” shouted Eddy in annoyance. The three then saw the closed sign flip to open and immediately ran inside. Once in they said,

    “Hello old man John! We’re here to purchase some candy today!”

    “Ah I see boys. Very well,” answered an old man behind the counter. We see each Ed taking their time to get some sweets and snakes. Once done they go to pay and after paying the three were about to leave when suddenly old man John shouted,

    “Hey you kids. Forgot something for you three!”

    Ed’s curious went back and were each handed a free wrapped bar of pokeblocks. Confused they decided to ask.

    “Umm why are we getting free pokeblocks?” asked Double-D out of his curiosity. Old man John just laughed a bit and answered,

    “Well all businesses in the city I hear were and are giving out free pokeblocks today because some company I hear are holding this pokemon contests tour and is deciding to be a bit nice lately. I don’t know when they’re officially going to announce this tour but I hear the soonest would be starting tonight. Best of luck boys since I know Eddy here is a coordinator too right?’

    The three took the news in surprise. Someone was going to have the first ever official pokemon contests tour? It seemed to be very interesting news to hit them. Then Double-D asked,

    “So the earliest of this supposed announcement is tonight right?”

    “Yep. The company was also secretive so I’m guessing that since I don’t know all businesses in town don’t know either. All I know is that this tour has a lot of things ready for it seeing how the company informed me that everyone in the whole world can participate and that all businesses or most from the world has been notified about this,”

    The Ed’s were shocked to hear that a whole world of coordinators could be participating in this tour. Then Ed shouted,

    “Wow Eddy! You’re going to have a lot of pigeons to beat in that tour thing!”

    “Not to mention Drew and May are pretty good coordinators as well. This tour certainly sounds exciting,” added Double-.D.

    Eddy just quietly whacked both on the head with his fist and started to think. “A whole world? Sounds real tough. Oh well. I’m a great coordinator with my Meowth. I think I can win,” Eddy just grinned and pulled out his sunglasses and put them on. He then shouted,

    “Alright then. Old man John! I better head to training,” and with that the three ran out...while sucking on a jawbreaker but nonetheless out.

    We check back to May and Drew who were in opposite sides of the park. We see May with her Beautifly and her with a target board.

    “Alright Beautifly we’re going to start with something simple and easy,” Her Beautifly just nodded with a cute smile and May started to think about Drew. She was always feeling confused about this green haired fellow. The beginning he was as she put it...a mean arrogant jerk she despise to no end...ouch that was harsh sounding right? Right? ...Moving on but later May after a weird little adventure with him involving an island full of Wynauts and berries both learned from each other that they can be okay friends. But then again lately it seemed to be a bit of both. Arrogant but a bit friendly a bit friendly.

    We now check on Drew who was practicing in another side of the park with his Roselia. He was just practicing some combo’s he was very well known for and as he was practicing and he was thinking of when they announce this tour. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted as something landed on his head. Curious he reached and pulled out what appeared to be...

    “A pallid rose?” said Drew confused. Drew studied it. It was small....fragile...but beautiful and peaceful as a bit symbolic. He noticed the frail white rose was in need of some mushy get the deal. He looked at the sky and noticed something far way traveling in the colors of black and red. He didn’t have a clue what it was.

    In that same thing he saw we see the evil Eggman Nega in his Nega Mobile which was basically a hovering and moving mobile

    “How interesting. Adolescents these days getting more juvenile on trivial things such as raising their creatures for useless effects,” mumbled the evil doctor. He was surveying many places in the world or rather this dimension. He might as well learn and what to conquer what first. He held his fingers up to his face and started thinking up his next big move as he rubbed his snow white mustache.

    “Soon I shall start taking over all the zones in this world with an easy simple step. But first to build a new foundation for my Utopia to set up operations but where....the doctor stopped moving for a bit and thought....he then exclaimed to himself. He took out one of the Sol Emeralds he stole from his pocket and merely sneered with conquest. He then looked toward the sky and thought of a good place for his new base....hey that rhymed!

    “Ah of course. No one would think to look there,”

    And with that we see the evil doctor laughing sinisterly for a bit before we go back to Drew. Drew was running back to his hotel room and was turning a corner when he suddenly crashed into the Ed’s.

    “Watch where you’re going!” shouted Eddy but Drew ignored him and pushed them right out of the way. Something inside of him...his heart? Nah....maybe....I’m not saying ...was telling him that he should preserve this pallid rose....this white rose he should save. He eventually made it back to his hotel room after jumping over many obstacles such as luggage as he got back to the Tipton. Once he made it he sighed with relief. Hs hotel room had green carpet, walls, bathroom tiles you name it! I guess the maker of the room was green with envy was once again lame wasn’t it? Anyway back to him as he managed to find a small vase and drop the rose in and then hoped it get better. He walked out not before muttering,

    “A pallid rose....”

    Back outside we see the Ed’s who were walking to the candy store again. It was a while after they trained and decided it couldn’t hurt for more sweets for themselves and Eddy’s Meowth a treat for some more pokeblocks.

    “You know boys. The guy who made this pokemon contest tour must be real rich or has a lot of help seeing this is the first one,” said Eddy to Double-D and Ed as they walked.

    “You know are on to something. The man who organized this whole event must have a lot of resources and support!” answered Double-D.

    “Maybe it’s an invasion of aliens called Black Arms who want to take all us puny humans and feed them to leeches of black doom!” said Ed. Eddy and Double-D just stared at him blankly before Eddy said,

    “Ooookkkkkaaayyy. I’m going to pretend I never heard that. Okay? Good now I say the dude who made this whole tour has a lot of free time on his hands. I mean...possibly a whole world of pokemon coordinators can enter? Sounds really attention-grabbing to me boys.”

    “There has to be a catch Eddy...I doubt someone just set up a big event such as this size. I suspect...something weird or wild even is going to happen,” answered Double-D.

    “Well whatever. The day I know I lost my sanity is the day.....hmm...I know! The day I know I lost my sanity is the day I see two Eggman’s!” shouted Eddy as they walked toward the candy shop. We go back to May who was now resting on a bench hugging her Beautifly too. May sighed and she suddenly saw Drew with his Roselia. Drew then asked,

    “Well May. Looks like you’re kind of tired. What’s the matter? Think you can’t beat me at that contest tour!”

    May stood up annoyed and shouted to Drew, “Oh yeah! I so can!”

    “Humph. We’ll see about that whenever it starts!” shouted Drew.

    Later that day till it turned into night...

    We now see the middle of the city. Full of activity and amusement we see Drew, May, and the Ed’s along with many people staring at a giant TV monitor near a TV station for Goldenrod City and for everywhere. Meanwhile we see the evil Dr. Eggman in his base and he shouted a countdown.

    “! It’s show time!”

    We go back as many people watched for anything. Suddenly Dr. Eggman came on screen in his base sitting at his office. Needless to say that surprised many.

    “Eggman is the one holding the tour!?” said Drew, May, and the Ed’s at the same time. The fat man then began to speak.

    “I the great Dr. Eggman have an announcement to make! I will be holding the first ever official pokemon contests tour which is entitled...The Crazy Contest Tour! I shall explain some stuff about it!”

    “Crazy....contests?” said May confused a for a bit.

    “By the way this very special event is being held by my company, “Robotnik Inc!” which is also sponsored by the Eggman Empire!” said more the scientist. Murmurs came all about from the mumblings and Drew heard,

    “Robotnik Inc I hear is a company that makes very good Extreme Gear,”

    “Here’s how my tour works folks. “said the madman. “First anyone can enter! You know what they say! The more the merrier! Second...each pokemon contests held will be...well let’s just say different from each other with its special gimmick! Third it will be judged by my empire’s three personal...generals who are known as the following. Go, Slow, and Stop! Fourth....well actually I think I’m done...wait yeah. You can purchase my custom pokeblocks my company make for your pokemon participating. “and with that Eggman showed a silver cube.

    Then Eggman continued, “And fifth...this contest will take all round the world! I’ll also be a good place to see new sights and broaden your horizons seeing how that everyone who enters stays at one hotel my robots are in the process of almost completing at the current contest site. And lastly...may the best coordinator to win these nice ribbons!” Eggman then pulled out what appeared to be a normal contest ribbon in the color of black and an Eggman Empire symbol. “Last words of advice....are you brave enough?” and with that the announcement finished.

    Needless to say lots and lots of people were already getting excited while the Ed’s, Drew, and May were skeptical. Should they go for the first ever contest tour even if it was run by an evil scientist constantly trying to take over the world?

    “ much as I love pokemon contests...this definitely sounds like a pokemon contest tour I want to stay out of,” said Drew to May. May just replied, “But come on! The first ever pokemon tour! What can possibly go wrong...okay I see your point but we all know he always fails at whatever he’s planning so besides...are you scared?!”

    Drew taken surprised by that comment shouted, “Of course not! But I rather be safe then....have something crazy happen to me!”

    “What....aren’t you brave?” taunted May for some fun. Drew just got really annoyed and finally gave in and said,

    “Fine I’ll try. Guess I like to see those so call gimmicks for the contest anyway,”

    Back to the Ed’s who were now in an ice cream bar each with a milkshake. Eddy was slurping his chocolate one with sprinkles thinking for a while. He finally got up and said,

    “I smell money from this tour!”

    “Come again Eddy?” asked Double-D who then took a sip out of his vanilla milkshake filled with M&M’s. Eddy just grinned and said,

    “What if we record everything that goes on with a video camera and then make more tapes and sell them for people who aren’t pokemon coordinators but wants to know what the tour is like?” answered Eddy back.

    “That ....actually sounds like a good idea Eddy!” said Double-D. “That would be a good honest way of getting money!”

    “And stuff!” added Ed. Eddy just grinned and shouted,

    “Well what are we waiting for boys? Let’s get my video camera!” and the three quickly finished their sweet drinks and ran out...forgetting to pay the bill....oh well.

    Back to the hotel and we see Drew in his hotel room resting in his bed wearing his boxers, and black t-shirt. He was sitting in his bed just resting and thinking.

    “The first ever pokemon contests by Dr. Eggman of all people....well I guess I’ll take this tour head on!”

    Drew then got up and put on his pants and purple jacket and visit May for the moment. We now see May in her room now changed into her yellow shorts, and short. May was resting in bed. She was so excited.

    “I can’t wait to sign up tomorrow! I haven’t had a pokemon contest since....well I’m not sure really,”

    Suddenly someone knocks on her door. May gets up and opened only to have a frown.

    “What do you want Drew?” asked May. Drew was about to talk when the Ed’s came in the hallway and Eddy shouted,

    “Good luck to both of you! Because I’m going to win the Crazy Contest Tour!”

    “You two would just lose to me so easily it wouldn’t be funny!” taunted Drew.

    “Oh yeah! Well I’m going to make sure I’m not going to lose to a greedy funny boy and an arrogant jerk!” shouted May.

    “Funny boy! Why I ought a-“but Eddy was cut off when Drew said, “Oh really? If you’re so sure then let’s have a bet between us three!”

    “You’re on! The two losers of the tour have to....sing karaoke in front of the rest of the coordinators in the tour when it’s done!” answered May.

    “Done and done!” shouted Eddy. Drew nodded and the three shook hands. This was the set up of possibly the biggest and zaniest time in their lives.

    To Be Continued
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    Aw yes Drew boy. Might as well get his looks down even though you folks probably know what he looks like. He wore a black T-shirt, purple jacket, blue pants, had green hair, and green eyes I think. He was known to be a bit arrogant and a pretty boy a bit on the feminine side (Hey! I’m just saying!).
    Yes he has green eyes. And HEY!. xD
    Ed’s curious went back and were each handed a free wrapped bar of pokelocks. Confused they decided to ask.
    “Not to mention Drew and may are pretty good coordinators as well. This tour certainly sounds exciting,” added Double-.D.
    ERROR ALERT! Alert the medias! xDD
    “Maybe it’s an invasion of aliens called Black Arms who want to take all us puny humans and feed them to leeches of black doom!” said Ed.. Eddy and Double-D just stared at him blankly before Eddy said,

    “Ooookkkkkaaayyy. I’m going to pretend I never heard that. Okay?
    LMAO. Ed and his imagination. xD
    “ ..fou! It’s show time!”
    YAY! x3

    Anyways, loved this chapter. Dunno why though.
    A white rose? Where did it come from? Oo Also I can't wait to see who loses the bet. xD
    Can't wait for the next chapter, Wes.

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    Thanks. Yes the white rose...mysterious aint it? Yeah I should fix them errors. Thanks Sweet May. I appreciate it. Things will get more intersting as more chapters are made that much I'll say. More will be revealed as the more I proogress into my story let's just say.
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    I know who crush 40 is :P I have the CD. Anyway, nice idea with eggman running the contest tour.
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    Thanks! Yes I figure I make some pretty....well unique contest with each contest's special gimmick and who else to host it but a egg shaped madman? Heh. Thanks.
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    Chapter 2-Friends, Rivals, Coordinators

    We now check on Drew that same night after making that bet f his. He was seen getting back to bed simply yawning. He was about to head to bed before he got a glimpse of his white rose he found before. He stared at it for a bit before finally deciding to sleep.

    With May now she was smiling like crazy. She was going to participate in the first ever pokemon contest tour despite the company running it. Robotnik Inc. She was very excited.

    We now check on the Ed’s who were in their rood sitting on their own bed staring at TV with the Super Bowl on watching the Seattle Seahawks getting creamed by the Pittsburg Steelers all while sucking on jawbreakers. Then Eddy broke down crying and shouted,

    “My financial life is ruined!”

    “Let me bet Seattle didn’t you?” answered Double-D who then patted his back for comfort as Eddy was seen hugging his wallet.

    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...

    The next day....

    We now see the Ed’s, Drew, and May walking down a street already in their normal clothes talking about the tour as they were going to register in the local contest hall in their town. Eddy was just sobbing along the way while May and Drew just stared weirdly at him.

    “Anyway think we meet any coordinators from the past we’ve seen?” asked May to Drew. Drew just answered,

    “Possibly. You never know who can show up next,”

    “I guess so...think we might meet up Wakana?” asked May. Drew blushed all of a sudden and got annoyed. Wakana was a young girl, red head, considered by many cute, had a Surskit and a Vibrava, yellow shirt, orange shorts and shoes, and had a major crush on Drew and considered his role model. Drew annoyed,

    “Your point? What about Harley?”

    May cringed a bit. Harley was a pretty tall coordinator, purple hair that went down, loved his pokemon, and wore a blue shirt and a Cacturne like outfit and hat along with the pants. Was known to be manipulative and hated May for not saying his cookies were the best and not knowing what his pokemon were till he told her.

    “So what about him? All I know is I can beat him anytime anywhere, anyplace...usually,”

    “Hey talkers! Were here!” shouted Eddy. They all saw the contest hall and then with a moment or two got in.

    Everybody tries to be straight
    But things are still unchanged
    It's useless to resist
    Their effort will be wasted

    Meanwhile we check on the evil Eggman Nega who was currently at his new base. Boy those robots build fast...anyway inside we see the scientist holding what appears to be a syringe filled with an unknown chemical.

    “Soon once I establish dominance over one of this world’s zones I shall show the world what I am truly capable with my intellect!” mumbled Eggman Nega. “But first I must find a suitable zone to take over for my empire,” and with that the scientist took out a map of the whole world and laid it down on a very large table. After further inspection he decided his target.

    Oh, dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
    Throw it all away
    No one can break you, nobody can tear you
    You live an endless life forever

    “Ah yes. The Mirage Road Zone. I’ve been there before but that hedgehog ...the hero of this dimension stopped my plans there. Humph no matter. This time I shall have the advantage. I shall wait until opportunity presents itself,” and with that Eggman Nega had an evil smirk.

    Oh, dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
    Throw it all away
    You see a light wherever you go
    You have to face it again and again

    Back to our group and they were amazed to see many coordinators at the hall presumably to sign up for the tour.

    “Damn...the competition will be tough,” said Eddy.

    “Well we might as well register you three,” added Double-D. They began walking when suddenly someone shouted,


    They all turn back to see Wakana and Drew just looks shocked and suddenly she trips and falls right into Drew taking him to the ground and Drew notices she was hugging him...hard. Drew rarely or should I say barely blushed but this was a time for it as his cheeks became a bit red. May herself blushed when it happened and looked a bit...jealous too. When they both got back up Wakana shouted,

    “Oh Drew! How’s it going?”

    And again, and again, yeah...

    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...

    “Fine thank you very much. Are you signing up for the tour?”

    “Yep! I hope we get to see each other in every contest!” answered Wakana and Drew just sighed with disbelief. Then Ed said,

    “Then why don’t you join our...what Eddy calls a possum!”

    “It’s posse Ed! Get your slang right,” shouted Eddy. Drew just looked very nervous while May had a feeling of awkwardness while Wakana just answered,

    “Sure! I love to be with my idol!” and wit that Drew blushed again and May just giggled for a bit. They were about to walk when suddenly Eddy shouted,

    “Well if it aint Harley!”

    Everybody tries to be straight
    But things are still unchanged
    It's useless to resist
    Their effort will be wasted

    The coordinator who was ahead of them turned around and snickered for a bit before saying,

    “Well if it isn’t the infamous Drew, May, and short stuff Eddy and his Ed’s and some girl!”

    “I’M NOT SHORT!” barked Eddy. Harley just snickered again and mumbled,

    “Sure. Whatever you say short stuff, pip squeak, squat man,”

    Eddy was getting annoyed but Drew interrupted and said, “So Harley kun. What brings you here?”

    “Same as you guys I guess,” responded the tall coordinator. “To participate in this tour I do wonder what these so call gimmicks the head of Robotnik Inc has in store for us,”

    “Yeah...well who knows what crazy stuff waits for us in future contests,” mumbled Eddy sarcastically. Then Ed shouted,

    “Want to join our posse?”

    “....Maybe I shouldn’t have taught him slang,” mumbled Eddy as he slapped his face in annoyance. Harley just did a victory pose and another member joined them.

    They then walked but meanwhile we check elsewhere. We now see a mansion outside of Goldenrod City and we see a guy with red spiky hair, black cloak, and shoes and green eyes was sitting in a hammock and sleeping while listening to his mp3 player. As he was snoozing away someone suddenly shouted,

    “Axel! Get your lazy butt off! I need to speak to you!”

    This surprised noise made Axel fall off his hammock and mumble,

    “Now what? I wonder what I have to do now,”

    The man got up and quickly went to the source of a voice. Another man except older but still young. A missing right eye and the deep scar on his left cheek indicate that he was in some sort of intense battle in the past but wore an eye patch over it. He has several grey streaks in his black hair, which is worn in a ponytail. Needless to say he was tough and should not be messed with as he was a good sniper.

    “What is it Xigbar? Can’t a hot flaming guy like me get a break!”

    “Just shut up! Listen I need you to take an assignment from me,” answered the older man quick as he loved to insult people. Axel smirked and said,

    “Sure. Why not? What’s the mission?”

    “Your objective is to keep watch over...well let’s just say a special life form and a certain cat-“and with that Xigbar whispered the rest of the details. After taking it all in and asked,

    “Okay. What about you?”

    “Me? Don’t worry I’m going to be having my own mission observing some familiar....subjects from the past,” and with that Xigbar walked away while Axel smirked. The guy was known for his work with fire. And his weapons of choice. Charrams which were basically a flat metal ring with a sharp outer edge from 5 to 12 inches in diameter. He used two to slash his ....subjects when needed to. Needless to say whoever they’re observing...should better watch out if they decided if they want to give a test.

    Head straight for your goal by any means
    There is a door that you've never opened
    There is a window with a view you've never seen
    Get there no matter how long it takes

    Back to our group and many familiar coordinators whom they met in the past joined the group at the moment talking and blabbing about life. I’ll just name some at the moment. Let’s see....Kelly, Grace, Timmy, and many more. Eddy mumbled,

    “What is this? A coordinator reunion or something?”

    After many friends and familiar faces the group finally reached their destination. A sign out desk with a red Egg Pawn robot holding a pen and paper clicked on a clipboard.

    “Please state name,” the robot grunt asked. They all answered one at a time and after that the robot said,

    “Names registration complete. In few days you shall head to first zone for crazy contest,”

    “Where’s the zone?” May asked. The robot replied, “The Mirage Road Zone. A desert like area and also the location of one of the great wonders of the world. The pyramids,” and with that the robot went to give the info to other robots.

    “Desert!?” shouted all three Ed’s at once. “I hear that King Ramen shall take our intestines and add them to his collection of large noodle like objects!” shouted Ed. The other just gave him a very bizarre look before Double-D answered,

    “Okay....first of all its King Ramses...second I wonder what the first contest gimmick will be?”

    Drew just smirked and said, “It’ll be what it is. A gimmick. Also known as an attention-grabber, publicity stunt, device or what I’m thinking what this whole tour really is...a trick. “

    “I bet you’re afraid aren’t you?” said May. Drew just said, “Nope. But that doesn’t mean I want to be made a fool of. Well anyway let’s hope your sub par skills help you win,”

    May just got annoyed and a bit mad while Eddy mumbled, “Oh here comes the show!” and then he took out his video camera and stated,

    “Hello. I Eddy am about to record next the typical argument between coordinator Drew and coordinator May. Let’s see folks,”

    And with that Eddy gave the camera to Ed to hold while Double-D helped Ed position it right. May was currently shouting,

    “I’ll show you who’s the best! How about we raise the stakes a little on our bet!?”

    The rest of the coordinators looked at each other and wondered what bet they made earlier.

    “Fine by me! Okay the two losers not only have to sing karaoke on stage in front of the rest of the coordinators but...must also tell the whole audience a secret about themselves!”

    “This just gets better and better,” mumbled Eddy. The three shook on it and the rest where full of anticipation about this bet. After that someone using a microphone quietly said,

    “May I have your attention please!”

    All the coordinators turned and saw the infamous hosts of these shows. Vivian. The host who usually wore a pink dress, and had orange hair and was nice as well.

    “As all you coordinators know the first ever pokemon contests tour will soon start! I’m here today to help you meet the three judges for each contest from Robotnik Inc! Everyone say hello to our first judge! Go!”

    Suddenly entering the hall was a tall robot that wore a green baseball cap that had a large yellow stripe in the middle of it. He had a green metal on the outer of his body with a steel grey torso. He had blue eyes, and metal arms, and wore green gloves. He had skate on his metal feet, and a jet turbine on his back. He shouted,

    “Let’s see how fast you coordinators are good with your speed in your appeals!”

    As he walked Vivian then announced another judge’s name. “Now for us to meet judge number two! Slow!”

    Another robot similar to Go came except instead the parts being green they were yellow and his eyes were green instead of blue. The robot his shoes that were actually jet shoes, and wore a jetpack everywhere it went. He shouted,

    “Hope your appeals got some aerodynamics and a lot of height. The higher the more daring and better the result!”

    “And finally our last judge for all future tour contest! Stop!”

    Another robot similar to the others but had red on him and had light green eyes. Wore red gloves and red gauntlets over it, and spike shoes. He shouted,

    “Let’s see if your appeals got some muscle into it!”

    “And now you know judges Go, Slow, and Stop! These judged will not only rank your appeal and how it was performed but in every contest each judge will rate something else as well. Judge Go will rate also speed, judge Slow will also rate flight, and judge Stop will also rate power. Know however these are not the gimmicks. The way judging works generally for every contest in this tour,”

    Oh, dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
    Throw it all away
    No one can break you, nobody can tear you
    You live an endless life forever

    Oh, dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk
    Throw it all away
    You see a light wherever you go
    You have to face it again and again

    All coordinators paid attention. Especially May and Drew while Eddy drooled...hey that sort of rhymed...sort of...moving on.

    “Well May...soon we got to Mirage Road for he first crazy contest...good luck," and with that Drew gave May a handshake. May smiled and with a look of determination said, “Good luck!”

    “And may the best coordinator win which by the way is me!” mumbled everyone else. After that was said everybody tackled and tried to beat each other up while Vivian sweet dropped and then three robots who were secretly the generals of the Eggman Empire but decided to judge oil dropped from what they saw.

    And again, and again, yeah...

    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...
    Now wake up...

    To Be Continued
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    OMG! Wakana, Harley, Grace, Kanata, Kimimaro! 8D But you're missing Robert. ='3
    Eddy was getting annoyed but Drew interrupted and said, “So Harley kun. What brings you here?”
    Harley kun??!! xD
    “What is this? A coordinator reunion or something?”
    They're right. It is a coordinator reunion. Oo;
    “Fine by me! Okay the two losers not only have to sing karaoke on stage in front of the rest of the coordinators but...must also tell the whole audience a secret about themselves!”
    =o. I think I got a feeling that I know where this is going. >>

    Anyways, sorry for the late review. No mistakes so far. Needs a little more description but not a lot. Didn't see some shipping hints except for Admirationshipping. D: Oh wellz. Can't wait with what'll happen in the next chapter. =)

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    Thanks. I decided to focus on the detain more. Thanks and next chapter is when this story really gets into high gear! Seeing how it's the start of the contests! Till then I'm working on a one shot for Valentines Day...
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    Sorr it's been so long! X_X. Dang buy life. That and I realized I'm no good at shipping....wah. But I have a policy. "You start a fic you finish it!" Darn. Well here's the next chapter! Also note once in a while there will be chapters were...well shipping isn't the main focus. But this one is. *Sighs out of relief*. Enjoy...hopefully. That and we'll start with CS a bit then I'll start the SB parts of the story then back and back and so on.

    Chapter 3-Mirage Road-Act 1-Waving Smart Sands

    The next day in the big bustling world...we now see a group of coordinators being led by an Egg Pawn robot in what appears to be a old styled Western town like if it were during the times of the Gold Rush...yet it was in a desert...and I don’t mean like a Western styled desert...I mean the big Sahara! The Middle East sands of the desert of Mirage Road! As the robot tour guide was...guiding them we check on the two coordinators May and Drew!

    “So...what do you really think what the gimmick is?” asked May ever so curiously as they were walking down a sandy rough path toward a hotel built by Dr. Eggman’s Egg Pawns.

    “Well since it seems you’re so curious beyond relief which I should say isn’t too good for you,” and as he said that May can be seen with an annoyed expression she usually receives, “But if I were to guess what it as I say it be based something Eggman is good at,”

    “Why do you say that?” asked May even more confused. Drew just sighed and said, “Well don’t you think the guy is a bit....well likes to be known and popular? I mean he even makes robots that look like him a little! That and he advertises his Empire symbol too much,”

    “I guess that’s who know we ever end up joining a contest made from Dr. Eggman of all people?”

    “You,” and with that they continued walking down while in the front heard Eddy tripping into a barrel of water as Harley “accidentally” tripped him. Needless to say this contest was going to one of several memorable ones. Literally. That and some sanity was soon to be tested....or to be laughed at.

    Meanwhile we see a familiar trio sneaking quietly but from a fair distance behind the group. One with red hair and a familiar R shirt that said red. Needless to say very familiar as her crimson hair and temper was infamous. Jessie of Team Rocket. Next we move to one of her accomplices who wore a similar outfit except his naval didn’t show and he had indigo hair while I might add being short, and many find...feminine and a bit...let’s just say happy. James of Team Rocket. And finally a cream colored, Brooklyn accent, cat of the trio. Meowth.

    “’re going to enter this tour aren’t you?” asked James tiredly as he walked. Jessie walked as if she were triumphant and shouted,

    “Yep! I’m going to show all those twerps that I will be the victor!”

    “But Jessie....dis tour thingy is bein run by the Eggman fella. And I hate that guy with all mys gut!” Meowth answered with a whine. Jessie just hit him on the head quietly and mumbled,

    “Well we’ll just have to deal with it!”

    Back to Drew and May who were now staring at what appeared to be a large hotel made of wood and such. But as glad as they were to get a free room no...Drew already had a dislike toward it as he saw six letters being advertised on top of it that made him fell real annoyed. E-G-G-M-A-N. Nonetheless they all entered and once inside...

    “FINALLY SOME AIR CONDITIONING!” screamed out Eddy. The lobby was made of wood, had some carpets of yellow and red spread around the floor while two hallways were near a desk run by a Egg Pawn and as well as two staircases. They all walked toward the desk and the robot programmed to toss random keys since apparently Eggman thought it be fun if every guest got a random room. Once Drew and May received there’s they went and discovered...

    “Dumb luck,” both said as they both discovered they ended up sharing the same room. May felt embarrassed for some odd reason. “I feel...weird. Why should I? I slept in the same room with Ash, Max, and Brock. Why does it feel weird with....Drew?” she thought to herself. Suddenly the Ed’s came by and happened to have a room across from them.

    “Well my luck is kind of good seeing how you two like to argue. Heh maybe that’ll help me too,” taunted Eddy who was full of himself. Double-D then said, “Don’t count your Torchicks before they hatch Eddy. Those two are very good coordinators,”

    “You mean I’m a very good coordinator while May is just your run of the mill girl attempting to be like me which makes her a copycat,” answered Drew. “Hey! Take that back!” snapped May.

    “Like I said they’re bickering like....Ed come up with something,” Eddy mumbled. “Umm....the dark side and the good side?” answered the big loaf. “Mm...good enough and with that I say see you two later!” joked Eddy as the Ed’s went into their room. As they both bickered Harley happened to be nearby and said to himself,

    “Just like the good old days”

    Wakana also happen to be nearby and sighed with curiosity on her face. As she was about to ask something a very loud announcement came up.

    “Attention! Attention all you contest suckers....I mean coordinators! Please proceed to the Contest Hall in the Mirage Road Zone! Your first crazy contest is coming up by me! The great Dr-“ but for some odd reason it got shut off as the scientist was about to gloat his name.

    Drew and May stopped and looked at each other straight in the eye and Drew said quietly,

    “Well get ready at the crazy contest!”

    “I sure will!” May answered back with a smirk of confidence. With that said they along with many other coordinators proceeded out of the hotel and proceeded toward the contest hall.

    Meanwhile we check the hall out which itself was huge! It was a five floored building decorated with an Egyptian design and style to fit in with the location they stayed at. Even the inside itself looked like it was from an Egyptian ruin. Very Middle East like. Inside we see a stage already set up with audience seats also ready but not filled with people. We see three peculiar figures being spoken to by Dr. Eggman.

    “As you can see I am quite busy for something else so I need Wave girl here to be the host of my first crazy contest,” asked Eggman. The three he was talking to were the infamous group from Babylon. The Babylon Rogues.

    (Hawk wild...) Pummel out the sun...
    (Get my...) Comin' out to stun...
    (Hawk wild...) Your chance is none...
    (Get my...) Nothing can be done...
    Catch me if you can! (can... can....)

    “Let me get this straight. You want Wave. The mechanic and the smart gal of the Babylon Rogues to be a host for some crazy contest,” asked their leader. Jet the Hawk. He was famously known as "The Legendary Wind Master" for his superb and very good skills with Extreme Gear.

    His physical appearance consisted of: Emerald green feathered body with flame-shaped highlights of a darker emerald shade on his arms, jagged, golden yellow beak with two nostril pits, cobalt eyes and red and black bordering at the edges, five contoured spikes of feathers sticking out from his head with two thick tufts under the back his head, each tipped in a darker shade of emerald, excessively tufted, triangular patch of white, fluffy down feathers on his chest and finally, several long feathers tipped in a darker shade of emerald serve as a tail.

    His attire consisted off a pair of white gloves with red and black accented, sock-like cuffs fastened with a dark gray metal hoop, a pair of red boots with white accents and complex black designs, durable gray soles and white collars notched in the center that probably serve the purpose of socks, a pair of thick-lens, white goggles with high contrast yellow lenses and gray segmented strapping for the sport of Extreme Gear.

    “Correct,” answered Eggman.

    (Take the world...) There's no turning back!
    (Change the world...) Reach but never catch!
    (Break the world...) You can't fathom that!
    (Make the world...) Wonders you can't have!
    Catch me if you can! (can... can....)

    Then Storm of the Babylon Rogues asked, “Are we going to get paid for the s...s...s....service!” Storm was the muscle and strength behind the Babylon Rogues. Is a grey albatross who was very loyal to Jet. He stutters when he’s excited or angered by someone, something, or whatever. He wore black shoes with a single yellow stripe running horizontally on them. Wore gloves similar to Jet except had a grey and black cuff. Was the tallest of the group and a bit fat but was very strong as well. This guy could even punch a train away! Now that’s tough and hefty!

    “Ah of course. Your services shall be paid,” answered Eggman once more.

    No one here, in my class of heap.
    The ruler of the winds, could never be beat!
    Don't mess, don't mob, you're put to test!

    “Fine then. Just tell me the rules!” asked Wave. She was the only female member of the group and was a bit of a....well how can I say it...okay I’ll get to the point. She was a bit of a smart ***. She was one who loved to show off her skills and knowledge of many things. She wore a white bandana and loved to taunt anyone she considered not at her so call league. She was a swallow, purple feathers, wore yellow tinted sunglasses, and white pants. She also wore gloves and her cuffs were purple and black. She was a very very good mechanic and also a good fighter with a wrench. Wrench fu?

    “Done!” grinned Eggman evilly and gave Wave a list of rules for this contest. Jet and Storm said goodbye and headed out of the hall only for Jet to bump into...

    “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” shouted Jet as he and Drew both bumped into each other.

    I never come down, high, low,
    A breath on my chimney with wings enthroned.
    All for the speed I was born to be!

    Both got up and Jet shouted, “You people better watch who you’re walking into!”

    “Me? It’s you bird brain who better watch where he’s going!” Drew shouted back. Both noticed they had something in common. Arrogance and the fact that green was the color of their hair/feathers. Jet just shouted back with a smirk,

    “Whatever punk. I hope you kiss the floor and lose badly in this contest thing. But that’s me. But hey good luck nonetheless,” and with that Jet waked past Drew while storm eyed Drew as well. When they were out o view Drew mumbled,

    “Who does that guy think he is?”

    “...He seems to be familiar. Have we seen that guy before somewhere?” asked May. Drew shrugged and then muttered,

    “Well whatever too. Good luck with whatever he’s got!”

    May couldn’t however. She kept on thinking that both were very...similar? Maybe they were. “Well we better go in. I got myself a contest to win!

    Now to take a look through Drew’s point of view.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

    “Hmm....not bad place actually....for an Eggman Empire place that is,” I just thought. There was something...I don’t know really familiar about that guy. But I guess that doesn’t matter since I got me a contest to win against Harley, Wakana, Eddy, May...oh what is it about her is so....special? Well whatever. Today I’m going to learn the rules and then go back and take care of that special rose I found earlier...that pallid rose of a beautiful rose. I sighed quietly to myself and May then looked at me.

    “Something wrong?” she asked. I shake my head in a way that answered no. She then looked away. I feel...weird when around here. Like if I were sick with...warmth. I shake these thoughts away. I sighed again and decided to walk faster down a hall that looked like if we were exploring an Egyptian pyramid. Dr. Eggman...what an inane person. Really why is that guy setting this thing up? Obviously he’s up to something but what? Well I better figure this out later as me and others have arrived in the audience seats and sit down. I then felt angry as I saw who was up at stage. Eggman.

    Chaos and the Emeralds, life as a federal,
    Whatcha' gonna do when nothing is perpetual?
    World domination, the best technology;
    Haven't got the interest in that former glory.

    “Ladies and gentlemen! Boy and girls! Welcome to the first crazy contest! I right now must leave matters and will now leave a host here who shall explain the gimmick of this contest. Everyone please give a hand to Wave!”

    Now we go to May’s point of view.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    I couldn’t believe that earlier! That green jerk! No not Drew my head corrected itself. That other guy! He was so rude to Drew...wait I’m defending Drew? Well I guess we are sort of friends...sort of...anyway I now see this girl that oddly looks similar to the guys from before. Wore a white bandana, white top, and white pants, She took the microphone and began to speak.

    “Hello everyone. Well unlike that Eggman guy who left I’m just going to get straight to explaining this contest gimmick!” and with that she took out a remote that looked like a remote with a button on it. She pressed and the next that happens is a bit...weird. The battlefield turns into...a stage like Jeopardy? Except up to eight can participate. I was really...confused. She then started talking again.

    “Here’s the gimmick folks. Eight of you at a time will compete for an appeal you’re pokemon will use by answering...well trivia questions abut anything. So all I have to say is if you’re real smart you have a better chance to win it1 Tomorrow we’ll hold this contest. Also you can do anything to interfere with your opponents while you’re on. Heck even the audience can interfere. From vegetables, to pies, to whatever you can think of. Guess that Eggman favors to play bad as well. If you get a question wrong you also lose the chance that round to answer and appeal and someone else can get a chance to answer. Tip is to make sure you make your appeals count since you have to answer a question to get to appeal,”

    And with that she took out her own pokeball and opened it. Out came a Tailow she petted who smiled back to her as she smiled to it. She then shouted “Well if you coordinators still have any questions I’ll be at the Pokemon Center,” and with that she walked away while her Tailow followed.

    Drew looked towards me with a smirk and said, “Well May. Good luck. With your low intellect I’m sure you’re going to need it,”

    Put me in the air and my speed will lead,
    All in the shine like a miracle weed!
    I just won't stop till the treasures of me,
    Set it before I was born to be!

    I immediately got annoyed. Yet sometimes when he teases with me it’ he’s actually playing with me in a game of...well I don’t know. Better ask the Ed’s since they are the experts of talking. That and being weird, crazy, original, and so on and so on. I shouted back,

    “Why you...oh yeah!”

    I then heard Eddy shout, “With Double-D’s help I’m sure to win this contest!” I ignored him and then shouted to Drew,

    “We’ll settle this at the crazy contest tomorrow!”

    “Looking forward to it!” answered Drew back with a confident smirk.

    Catch me if you can...

    To Be Continued
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    So, you're featuring Team Babylon from Sonic Riders, eh? I just beat Shadow the Hedgehog yesterday, and I like the references to that game (the Black Arms reference was funny XD)

    I don't have a DS, though, and I haven't played Sonic Rush (or whatever game Blaze and Eggman-Nega are from) or Sonic Riders (don't have it yet).

    Anyway, onto the fic.

    It's pretty good. I found that you placed a "1" instead of a period when Wave was making that speech. Fix that, 'kay? I'm not real good with proofing, so that was the only error I found.

    Keep up the good writing!
    Current fanfics:

    Proving Grounds

    How far will one boy go to prove something?

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    Me love. I saw some minor spelling errors but that's okay. Me love the CSy things in it. ^o^
    I can't wait for the next chapter. And PM it to me when its done. =)

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    Thumbs up

    A great story so far Wes, I'm a fan of your work! Keep up the good work!(personally I never played rush but this story might convince me to get it!)

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    Thanks. I'm guessing not many people....I don't know am I doing something wrong? I thought I get a few more responses due to the story being more....well out there but thanks nontheless. Anyway the next chapter!

    Chapter 4-Mirage Road-Act 2-IQ Test

    It was that same day that Wave announced the gimmick of the first Crazy contest and the coordinators already rushed to the zone’s library to get their brains checked for intelligence.

    “Heh I wonder why everyone else is so worried?” mumbled Drew as he was walking toward the elevator. Drew himself was very smart and knowledgeable in many areas of education. He was sure to win.

    “Still....better safe then sorry,” he said quietly to himself as he walked through the sand and with that he just sighed. He had a feeling tomorrow was going to be a very tiring one for him.

    Meanwhile we see Xigbar from before from a large distance away crouching on sand still wearing his organization ware holding binoculars and was spying on Drew. He then quietly mumbled,

    “After a ton of research, you are done kid. I’m sure you’ be sniped down so easily it won’t be so funny,”

    Xigbar then took them off and took a notepad and recorded somethings about Drew. One being he was very calm, can be serious when situation calls for it, and has a thing to be sophisticated. He stopped and watched again.

    “I should have got Vexen to do this job. Damn hot place,” mumbled Xigbar who felt like cussing more and more every moment he was there. “I have to know everything about the kid before I can see him again,”

    And with that the member of the Thirteenth Order just kept on spying. Meanwhile we see the evil dastardly yet at the same time mysterious and far more evil Eggman Nega at his base and he was watching from a high viewpoint and had a very evil smirk on. His Egg Pawn robots were repairing something and he said out loud,

    “Tomorrow night we establish a base in Mirage Road’s ruins and one of many parts of the Eggman Nega Utopia will be established!”

    His robots saluted and a roaring metal growl was heard. Eggman Nega sneered with delight. One of his deadly battle creations was later going to get a test drive. Eggman Nega looked back at the map and then held the gold Sol Emerald with a look of pure intimidation which looked very bloodcurdling when compared to the normal Eggman.

    “My calculations and planning will not fail this time!”

    Back to the coordinators and we find May and co in the restaurant at the hotel reading a book on trivia while Drew was reading an encyclopedia while Eddy jus read....comics.

    “Eddy...don’t you think you should be reading something from the library like what May and Drew are instead of...comics?” pestered Double-D in an effort to help him. Eddy answered back,

    “Relax Double-D. It can’t be that hard? Besides it’s not just plain smart stuff. That girl said it can be on anything so pipe down,”

    “Whatever you say Eddy,” Double-Danswered back with a sigh. Double-D just went back to looking at Drew and May and mumbled,

    “Well best of luck to them as well,”

    As the day went on the eight coordinators furiously and at most worked hard to study as much knowledge about the world and things as possible as the first crazy contest required the use of knowledge to win. From the readings of Shakespeare to a book about cheese the competition was heating up! We now check upon Drew and May again reading a different book.

    “I wonder just how weird this contest is. It doesn’t seem that hard,” mumbled May out loud. Drew just gave her a look and then responded with, “True but still....the contest is no holds barred. Anything can happen,”

    “Yeah I guess you’re right. Well I think I read enough. Best o luck to you I...suppose,” and with that May promptly placed her current book down and went to get herself dinner. Drew just sighed. It got closer to next day and he along with the other coordinators were going to deal with one weird event after another. His guess was so right beyond relief. As he was thinking to himself he decided to get dinner and when there heard,

    “Well tomorrow is the big day! I sure can’t wait!”

    Drew saw May bragging as usual to her friend coordinators and Drew just sighed. He then decided to taunt for some fun.

    “Well May it seems you’re feeling confident,”

    “What’s it to you Drew?” mumbled May back.

    “Well you know you might have a chance in the first crazy contest but the way I see’ll lose to me so badly it will not be funny. So save yourself the trouble and well pack your bags or face a humiliating defeat,” Drew taunted again. May’s face was starting to get a bit red and if this were a cartoon she be blowing steam out of her ears. Drew just ouldn’t help to laugh. Seeing May like this made him feel....well I aint him so I'm not sure but are you? Moving on.

    “And as usual you seem flustered. But hey good luck,” and with that Drew passed may who seemed to calm down a bit and stare back at Drew and she then couldn’t help to stare back at him and she just sighed.

    “Well May it seems...well,” one of her friends Grace started but started to laugh. May confused turned toward them with an expression that clearly said, “Huh?”

    “Well May it always seems that Drew does that and-“but Kelly started to burst out in laughter too and May annoyed couldn’t find what was so funny.

    “Come on! What’s so funny?” asked May. Her coordinator friends couldn’t stop laughing but eventually calmed down enough and Grace said,

    “Well May Doesn’t it seem odd that you both always argue and two enjoy it?”

    “I do not enjoy arguing with Drew!” shouted May at once. “Sure you do May. Sure you do,” replied Kelly sarcastically.

    “Well we might as well get dinner. I hear the robots hear can make great banana cake,” suggested May and Grace and Kelly immediately agreed. When they arrived at the restaurant they saw drew being ...well let’s just say harassed by Waken who kept on wanting to talk to him. Harley just kept on taunting Eddy because of his height and Eddy kept on growling and the robot Egg Pawns were already cooking food for them.

    “Well at least he has a weakness too,” thought May as she stared at the two. May couldn’t help too feel annoyed. It just didn’t feel right....then her stomach growled and she decided to get a big dinner in for her. Suddenly someone else entered the room and all went silent.

    “Ohohoho! How’s your first night staying at one of my hotels?”

    “Fine just fine,” said Drew back as he hated that evil annoying Eggman.

    “Well you eight better get ready! The crazy contest is going to start tomorrow and I can assure you coordinators that...will it’ll feel a bit insane once competing. Hehehehe!”

    The man started to leave but quickly turned a sharp glance at Drew and then proceeded to leave. Once gone every coordinator sighed with relief. After all the man was very notorious.

    “Well best of luck to you all,” shouted May. They all turned too her and gave her a thumps up in response except Drew, Harley, and the reluctant Eddy. May smiled. Hopefully tomorrow was going to be a good new day. As they all ate their favorite dishes of varying kinds from the fancy to the simple they all got ready for the next day. Took a shower, brushed their teeth, hopped to bed, and take a long rest.

    The next day...

    “Welcome everyone! To the first crazy contest sponsored by Robotnik Inc. I’m your host Wave and we’ll be starting the first competition here at the Mirage Rad Zone! Our three judges today are E-10000G, E-10000R, and E-10000Y, or you can just call them Go, Slow, and Stop! “

    The media were already there recording the event to show. The coordinators were in their Ancient Egyptian based lockers waiting for the event to begin. Eddy was being filmed by Double-D in the locker-room and began to boast,

    “I Eddy am about to win one of many crazy contests just to show Mr. Green Hair and May the bunny that I Eddy the cool guy out of this remotely trio is the most obvious to win!” and with that he put on his black sunglasses he wore for contest and put on a v for victory sign and Double-D then turned off the camera. Back to Drew and May and May asked,

    “So unlike other contests it all takes place at once?”

    “Yep one round but it’s pretty long. That and we can do anything to distract our opponents as well as the audience form pies, to finger poking, to whatever you can think of,”

    “ looks like were all on!”

    The eight coordinators walked out and got on stage to their assigned spot and it seems Dr. Eggman was holding a speech before he was going to leave. The press and media waited and he stood at a podium in front of the stage preparing. When all was quiet he began.

    “Muhahahaha! Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome everyone! I hope you’re all waiting for a show. We got an exciting event just for you! Ohohohoho! Since you seem so bored I put a little something to spice things up! I call it the Crazy Contest Tour! A tournament to see who’s the best of the best with pokemon contests. Not just a contest tour... a special contest tour to see who’s the best of the best! And... these contests are hold no barred! All contestants will deal with my insane twists and turns this tour holds and the best will win! And for now I bid adieu!”

    The scientist left and Wave replaced his position. Drew couldn’t help to think again what were Eggman’s true motives? Well for now he was going to have to ignore them as he was ready. Each stand they were in had a buzzer to answer. They all got their top pokemon out ready for the contest. I only note the some. Drew had out his Masquerin, May her Beautifly, Eddy his Meowth, Harley his Cacturne, Grace her Medicham, Kelly her Grumpig, and Wakana with her Surskit.

    “Alright you coordinators. Let’s start with a question for fun. Who is the best boxer in the world?”

    Eddy already slammed down his button and yelled out, “ROCKY MARCIANO!”

    The other just stared at him and suddenly a cabbage hit Eddy right in the face.

    “HEY! What gives?” and then Wave pointed to the audience behind her. They were all Egg Pawn robots holding various vegetables and some had other food to toss as a means to humiliate. Eddy shouted,

    “Am I right?”

    Wave was feeling annoyed by that answer. She suddenly shouted,

    “Oh there he goes! There he goes! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano was good but when compared to Joe Luis is.....well a bit crappy if you ask me,”

    The sudden outburst was awkward and then Eddy said, “But he beat Joe Luis’s ***,”

    That comment was then met with a baseball flung right into Eddy’s face and he fell over in a comedic fashion. The rest of the coordinators sweat dropped and Wave then just scowled, “Shut up! Shut up! And shut up! Who’s next?” And all the coordinators just swayed their heads. “Good now let’s get this contest really started,”

    “Question one. What is a rose?”

    May buzzed in and answered, “It’’s....darn....a flower?”

    “NAH! WRONG! Anyone else?” asked wave and May just sighed with embarrassment. Drew then buzzed in and answered,

    “A rose is a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa and the flower of this shrub. There are more than a hundred species of wild roses, all from the northern hemisphere and mostly from temperate regions,”

    “Very good! Alright make an appeal now Drew,” responded Wav.e Drew just shouted,

    “Masquerin use your whirlwind and silver wind attack as one and toss the other eight pokemon high in the air!”

    Masquerin nodded and began a whirlwind filled with the beauty of silver and it swept up the competition and they had no clue why he does this move and then Drew shouted,

    “End it by with one more whirlwind and make it that it makes them slam into the ceiling!”

    The other coordinators tried shouting to defend themselves but then Wave took out a picture that read,


    Disappointed they just hoped there pokemon manage to defend them selves. The whirlwind of silver blasted them to the ceiling and only Beautifly and Surskit avoided damage while the others got a minor but still annoying painful on the noggin.

    “Now judges say how was his first appeal?”

    “Well in my opinion it was very thought out but a bit on the slow side if you ask me since I personally thought he get the appeal down with only one attack but took an extra one for it but nonetheless okay,” answered Go the speed general of the Eggman Empire.

    “Now that was good in my opinion! Very good as he brought out his competition high n the sky! Smart move!” answered Slow the flight general of the Eggman Empire.

    “Nice boy! You put some attacking aggressive ways in your strategy combines with that pretty silvery wind that give computer pixels a run! But put some more damage on your foes for a better score though,” answered Stop of the Eggman Empire.

    A monitor shown for every contest showed Drew’s points going up a bit. All eight had a bar and the objective was to fill that bar to the end to win the crazy contest opposed to normal contest were you have to have the most at the end.

    “Next question. What is the United Kingdom name for a jawbreaker?”

    Eddy immediately buzzed in and yelled, “GOBSTOPPER!” The other annoyed looked at him and mumbled why couldn’t the guy just talk softer and not talk much.

    “Correct but don’t scream your answers please....we need food thrown people!”

    “What!” shouted Eddy. He was then receiving a bunch and bunch of tomatoes this time and he was dodging every one of them. When no more was thrown he taunted,

    “Ha! Missed me audience!”

    Then out of nowhere a football smashes against his nose and he falls again in a comical sense. He got back up holding his nose and now sounded a bit nasal like if he got a cold did his appeal.

    “Meowth use your pay day attack then use blizzard on them and then icy wind to blow them at your competition!”

    His Meowth nodded and it’s forehead glowed with silver and gold coins started popping out in front of it like if Eddy won the lottery or at Las Vegas. Then it blew a blizzard of pure ice and the coins were like frozen gleaming beautiful treasures. Then it used icy wind and it blew the coins right at the other coordinator’s pokemon and bam did it strike Cacturne and ...well that was pretty much all it hit since the others dodged.

    “Nice not bad but let’s get it down. It gets to the point, doesn’t make much use of the sky, and was kind of wimpy comparing to Drew’s attack but beautiful nonetheless,” stated the three robot judges.

    Eddy’s points were two bars lower then Drew’s but still pretty good.

    “Next question. This one if answered perfectly can get bonus points. Name at least five different types of candy from nestle and if you get at least ten you get bonus points.

    Everyone except May had no clue on this. Usually Eddy would know this since he had a thing for snack food but it was Double-D who usually knew everything. May answered and smiled and answered,

    “I’ll name my favorites. Let’s see...there’s Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Oopas, my favorite being the pixy stix, nerds, Nestle Crunch, Smarties Butterfinger, Fun Dip, and well Wonka Bars!”

    The others just stared at her and then Eddy mumbled, “Damn. It’s like the girl one day experienced her first Halloween and she went candy crazed or something,”

    “Correct and well appeal girl!”

    May decided to improve upon May then tried to improve Drew’s act a by adding sleep powder and stun spore into the mix but failed when it combined too many things and backfired but in a elegant way but still nonetheless backfired on the two.

    “Loser!” shouted all three judges simultaneously. May just sighed.

    “This is not going to be as easy as I thought,” May distressed.

    “Alright let’s relax people. Here’s a question for fun and not for points. What is a game show where Regis hosted?”

    “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” answered Eddy confused along with everyone else. Then Wave grinned as she held a remote. She pushed a button and suddenly the music theme form Who Wants to be a Millionaire started to play. Suddenly the whole room darkened and the spotlights shined on the eight coordinators.

    “Sorry but you have to admit the theme from that game show just rocks compared to other game shows on cable these days,” said Wave and they all just shrugged. The Egg Pawn audience started to clap louder from before and the media from before had a look that made you think of three words. One started with a w. Another with t. And the last with an f. Anyway let’s move on.

    “Alright here’s a question. How many wins did Ken Jennings have on Jeopardy?”

    They all began thinking. Eddy began counting his fingers and boy was this question a toughie. They all remembered watching Jeopardy for a while due to the guy winning a ton in a row. Then again a lot of people were watching for a while. Finally Harley buzzed in and shouted,

    “Seventy five runs!”

    Correct! Now-

    Suddenly he was interrupted as the whole Contest Hall just shook a little bit and they all fell down after the stumble.

    “WERE ALL GONNA DIE!” Screamed out Eddy. Everyone frustrated and annoyed by Eddy just told him to shut up. Then as he was about to retaliate with another answer he was pelted with various fruits.

    Wave now back up started thinking about what to do. “That seemed mighty suspicious. Maybe I need someone to check it out,” she thought to herself. She then yelled,

    “Alright. Anyone of you want to check out what happened? I smell something fishy is going on and well would it hurt if one of you volunteered?”

    They all looked reluctant and then May decided why not?

    “I’ll go!” she shouted out loud. The others just looked at her confused while eddy just mumbled, “Less competition works for me,” May called back her Beautifly and was on her way.

    “Good luck,” shouted Wave as she ran out and Drew just sighed. That girl was always doing things her own way he thought.

    Outside we see May looking around and it was now nighttime and she was wondering. “What exactly am I looking for?”

    She walked around the contest hall a noticed a hole near the top of building which was also part of the ruins of Mirage Road.

    “Something tells me a little investigation from May the reporter is in need,” she thought. She then decided to head back fast to her hotel room to get equipment needed.

    Meanwhile...the mysterious person who decided to come by was non other then the devious Eggman Nega. The white mustached madman was gleaming with joy as his robot solders were already at work building his favorite parts when he built new bases. Torture chambers...egh creepy. He was seen holding a remote. One button being red and one being black.

    “If there were only test subjects to test this chamber for misfits. Oh well...once I’m done building my base here...there will be plenty of misfits to be taught!” mumbled the cruel Eggman Nega.

    Back to May who was now ready in her Chaos Form. She was wearing boots with hearts imprinted on them, still her regular dress tough but she had bat wings sprout from her back, held a rubber hammer known infamously as the Piko Piko Hammer, and had cream colored bunny ears . She looked pretty cute in this form but now was the time to investigate!

    May now back at the site from before saw the hole and decided to go up with the help of her flapping wings. Once up she slowly went through a passageway.

    “Wow....this place really is old. I wonder what happened earlier?”

    She sighed and as walking down suddenly her infamous Skitty came out.

    “Nya?” murmured the cute pokemon who wanted to play with her owner at the moment. May sighed and said,

    “Skitty! I’m sorry but I can’t play with you right now,”

    May then tried to return Skitty into her pokeball but the kitten pokemon just kept on dodging it and then it started to run off.

    “Skitty wait for me!”

    And soon May chased after the pink cat fall into a chamber of traps!

    As May suddenly chased after the pokemon she soon slipped into a room lit with torches and fell into a circular arena where she saw her Skitty playing with...decorated fake treasure that surrounded a big hole?

    Now for May’s point of view


    “ I?” I said out loud to myself. Suddenly I saw a ledge on the other side and it looks like....Eggman who was facing the other direction of the hall. I without thinking shouted out,

    “Dr. Eggman! So you are up to something no good!”

    This Eggman turned around and then noticed May.

    "......... Ha ha ha."

    "Hey, what's so funny?" asked me confused.

    "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed, but you... you're so cruel... you taunt me by not using my full title. Ha ha ha." responded the Eggman.

    "What? I don’t get it. Isn’t Eggman is what you call yourself?” asked me confused more then ever. “And....since when did you get a white mustache? Not to mention freaky clothes that looks like they belong to an alternate version of you or something,”

    "Ha ha ha. There you go again. You are what I now deem...a misfit. You should always properly call your adults by their title. It seems I should do what I always do to misfits right now. Punishment,”

    “Oookkkayy. You’re starting to scare me,” I said out loud “Is it me or are you more...evil, nice, mannered, and yet shockingly intimidating then usual?”

    “Heh. How rude of me. I am....Doctor Eggman Nega!”

    “Eggman.........Nega?” I was seriously confused beyond relief. Then the guy starts a evil chuckle and then says,

    “Why yes. I Eggman Nega will turn this world into my Eggman Nega Utopia!”

    “Utopia? Don’t you mean empire?” I asked still confused. He starts to laugh again and says,

    “Well that would be the term my can I say....other self would use. Now time for a test run. Nega Scarab! It’s time for a test run!”

    Other self? Did Eggman have a split personality like syndrome? Because this was really making me nervous.

    I then heard a growl and suddenly a machine drops from the ceiling. It looked like a mechanical Heracross with Egyptian designs and red ruby eyes. It had legs and wings as well. It was slightly bigger then me and landed on Eggman Nega’s side. I was immediately afraid. For one that was not the usual Eggman robot you expect. Then I realized I had my pokemon with me and was about to shout an order to my Skitty who was now aware of this guy and this robot when suddenly,

    “Sorry miss but no help from your creatures,” and suddenly his Egg Pawn robots which are black run behind him jump on the battlefield and suddenly throw a net over my Skitty! I rushed over trying to save her but suddenly I felt my fanny back moving and suddenly it busted right off my back! I looked behind and saw a robot holding a magnet and back at Eggman Nega and his robots behind him holding Skitty.

    “Now now. No pests to help. Besides you should be able to defend yourselves and not rely on inferior pests,”

    “Give me back my friends!” I shouted angrily.

    “Heh. This world already amuses me,” and I was I had no clue of what he meant. Then he said,

    “Now...Nega Scarab! Teach that misfit a lesson of those who don’t use my full title!”

    I heard it roar at me now that robot and I had no choice but to stand my ground.

    To Be Continued
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    It is a crazy contest... O__O;
    “WERE ALL GONNA DIE!” Screamed out Eddy. Everyone frustrated and annoyed by Eddy just told him to shut up. Then as he was about to retaliate with another answer he was pelted with various fruits.
    LMAO! xDDD
    Anyway... it was a good chapter. Funny too, IMO. Saw some grammar and spelling errors though. Your fic seems to amaze me all the time.
    PM for next chapter. ^__^

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    ____behind you :OO


    Eddy already slammed down his button and yelled out, “ROCKY MARCIANO!”

    “Oh there he goes! There he goes! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano! Rocky Marciano was good but when compared to Joe Luis is.....well a bit crappy if you ask me,”

    Then out of nowhere a football smashes against his nose and he falls again in a comical sense.

    “I’ll name my favorites. Let’s see...there’s Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Oopas, my favorite being the pixy stix, nerds, Nestle Crunch, Smarties Butterfinger, Fun Dip, and well Wonka Bars!”

    The others just stared at her and then Eddy mumbled, “Damn. It’s like the girl one day experienced her first Halloween and she went candy crazed or something,”

    “WERE ALL GONNA DIE!” Screamed out Eddy. Everyone frustrated and annoyed by Eddy just told him to shut up. Then as he was about to retaliate with another answer he was pelted with various fruits.
    -bursts out in laughter-
    Can it be anymore funnier? XD
    98% of laughter...99%...100%!
    -Explodes of laughter-
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    Thanks to you two. I'm thinking though my fic feels something is missing...well reguardless thanks. I think I focus too much on the comical moments but that's just me...right pointless rambling got to learn when to stop that. Well next chapter I hope those reading will enjoy...hopefully. Metal....right won't say. Well thanks...I just hope my fic isn't that...out out of wack...*Smacks self for more pointless rambling*.
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    -laughs at your pointless rambling post-

    I think I focus too much on the comical moments but that's just me...right pointless rambling got to learn when to stop that.
    XD Don't stop! -breaks into unstoppable laughter of your post-
    -neighbours thinks I am crazy-
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