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    Default Team Aqua Lovers Club V 3.0

    This club has been approved by PsiUmbreon!

    Since the Team Aqua Lovers Club V 2.0 has had the original Leader leave, with all of the appointed Co-Leaders in charge, we have decided to re-start the club with a new Leader..

    Anyone who likes Team Aqua is more than welcome to join! As you all probably know, the aim of Team Aqua is to expand the water masses of the planet to create more habitats for the water Pokémon of the world, which may seem odd to some, but is perfectly reasonable when you think about it!! Just fill out the form and you're in, but if anyone breaks the rules more than three times, you can't come back. I am a very law-abiding person... I'll be watching you like a hawk.... XD! And by the way, If you were a member of the original Team Aqua club you are entitled to membership here automatically.

    The Sign-up Sheet

    1. Your rank in the club: Insert your rank here. I have now added three new ranks, (only three spaces are available for each one). Note: All three of the new ranks' spots have been filled. I'll come up with more as our member list grows..

    2. Your name in the club: Insert the name you would like to be called by here. Preferably your real name, that way we don’t have to call you by your UN, (which may be veeeeery long).
    Once you join, you will probably be introduced to all of the other members and stuff like that.. This isn’t just a club btw, this is Team Aqua; so act like a real member would and try to make your posts long. You’ll get the hang of what we’re supposed to be doing soon enough.

    3. Your favorite water Pokémon: Easy enough, just tell us what it is; but it doesn’t have to be on your team.

    4. Your six Aqua Pokémon: They don’t have to be all water type. Just choose a party of six, (it must include at least one water type though).

    5. Why you like Aqua more than Magma or Rocket: Give us your full opinion.

    6. Why you joined this club: Same as above.. Make it good!

    7. What do you honestly think of the Team Aqua uniform?: Be as honest and nice as possible. Or you may offend one of us; which wouldn’t be good.

    8. Which Squad do you want to be in? This effects missions: Choose one of the below squads.
    The extremely covert operations department -> Echo Squadron (the sneaks)
    This group deals with the missions like sneaking into secure areas to battle and/or lay bombs/devices in areas like a rival base. All these places have been allocated.

    The mechanical operations and capture team -> Reef Squadron (the brains)
    This group deals with the mechanical and technical end of things, working up our main battle plans and creating the technology for it, and therefore go and capture pokémon for us also. You do the missions where technology is the key, and you also get to ride in my tank... More details as they come.

    The heavy artillery and strike team division -> Omega Squadron (the brawn)
    This is the division that does the main amount of hardcore battling for us. Everyone gets to battle, but the sole purpose of this division (under my personal supervision) is to purely locate and eradicate all enemy forces, taking you all over Hoenn, Johto and Kanto.

    The Rules

    1. No swearing
    2. No spamming
    3. No flaming
    4. No bashing the other team's threads. If anyone goes into the Magma or Rocket thread to start spamming and fighting with them you will be kicked out instantly. I take that kind of behaviour very seriously. It's only a bit of fun after all!!
    5. No outsiders. If I catch other clubs coming in and breaking my rules (pay special heed to No.4) I will get a Mod straight away. We're respecting your clubs, respect ours. I am not getting involved in some sort of gang-war here.
    6. Only Leaders, Co-leaders, and Admins may post missions.
    7. All missions must be at least 7 paragraphs long. If you can't do it all at once, just save it on MS word and finish the rest later. Try to make them descriptive people! We don't just want 'I did this' or 'I did that;' put some effort into it. -_-
    8. Try to keep your posts to the point, medium length, and non-spammy. Most of the members (namely me and the two CLs), cannot stand short posts with just two to three words. Also, PLEASE try to use proper grammar. No offense, but it just irks me when someone misspells a word.. Typos are fine though.

    The Members

    Aqua Leader Alyssa (Echo) – Dark Latios
    Aqua Co-Leader Aaron (Reef) - Oblivion0807
    Aqua Co-Leader Harrison (Reef) – monkeyspoon5
    Aqua Admin Brad (Reef) - SnowStorm92
    Aqua Admin Brute (Reef) - Brute Root
    Aqua Admin Revis/Sike (Omega) - Sike Saner
    Aqua Admin Sin (Echo) - Sinthirster
    Aqua Guardian Christian (Omega) - dark kyogre
    Aqua Guardian Kingdra (Echo) - Kingdra
    Aqua Guardian Rust (Omega) - rust
    Aqua Scout Arnie (Omega) - OtterPops
    Aqua Scientist Mitch (Reef) - diablo l.o.d.
    Aqua Elite Grunt Rinoa (Reef) - ShadowCloud62
    Aqua Elite Grunt Steel Umbreon (Omega) - Steel_fan_94

    Room for 3 more Elite Grunts, 2 more Scientists, and 2 more Scouts. Want to change your rank? PM me.

    Total Members: 13
    Echo division members: 3
    Reef division members: 6
    Omega division members: 5

    That's it! Have fun! ^_^

    Mission rules:
    1. Try to make them as descriptive as possible using fanfic type guidelines.
    2. Use actual paragraphs, and try to make them less just dialogue and more description.
    3. Do not use IM script no matter what.
    4. It’s preferred if you don't use Pokémon smilies to represent Pokémon.

    We now have team banners for our member's use only! If you are a member and would like to submit a team banner, PM me with the link and everything.

    Thanks to Brute Root for this one:

    And SilverFire for this one:

    If you would like one like this:

    You must PM me with your six aqua pokemon. Or, if you're like me, you can have a maximum of twelve on the banner.
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