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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmagius View Post

    "Ok Staryu, now douse that thing with a water gun" Billy ordered. Both he and the Starshape pokemon that was camouflaging them had finally reached the steel doored entrance into the Team Rocket base. Upon arrival they had been greeted with two security cameras, no more sophisticated than ordinary CCTV one of which Staryu was now soaking with a crystal clear water column as it was looking away from them so that it ceased functioning along with the one adjacent to it.

    Billy on the other hand was continuing to search the surrounding perimeter. Feeling along the door with his hands he found that, as he suspected, it was locked. He also found no key lying around anywhere that could have been carelessly dropped by a guard. Billy came to the conclusion that was probably why they had no guards at the post, so that mistakes like that weren't made.

    "So what now?" Staryu asked him telepathically as they both moved to stand in front of the metal entrance, remaining invisible in case there were anymore cameras or in case there were guards in hiding. Although despite this they were still able feel the presence of each others minds allowing one to know where the other was. "I could open it for you" it offered. However, as tempting as it sounded Billy didn't think that mentally ripping the door from its hinges was the best way of going about thing at the moment. It might even have been alarmed.

    "No, it has to be something subtle..." he though to himself.

    "I knew it; we'll never get in..."

    "Hey, I'll have you know I'm the king of subtlety"

    "And I suppose that drunken incident with that grunt at the Go-Rock squad hideout was just part of the overall plan, right?" Staryu retorted.

    "Firstly, I was totally in control of the situation the entire time and secondly how the heck do you know about that?"

    "What part of mind reading aren't you getting?" Staryu replied. As Billy tossed his head to one side in annoyance he noticed something about the door. At the base where the steel edge met the ground, he could see a tiny depression in the earth. It was barely noticeable, only about half a centimetre in depth, but that was all Billy needed.

    "OK, you want subtle, I'll show you subtle," The now smug Team Aqua member said as he focused his attention once more on Staryu after having moved them so close to the door that they were virtually hugging it.

    "Are you sure about this?" the water type asked cautiously asked

    "You read my mind," Billy smiled "Staryu, minimise!" Billy instructed. Immediately he felt a strong physical force grab hold off him, as if he were in some sort of invisible vice grip, pressing down upon him from all dimensions and angles. He watched as the world around him expanded and distanced itself from him. The operative could see the metal door slowly moving away from him. Details also became clearer; Billy could see what he thought was the relatively immaculate surface of the door becoming encased in grime and filth, panels of dirt clinging onto its vast surface like parasites. Then, the pressure released.

    As he looked towards his right he now saw that instead of the mountainside there was an enormous and seemingly impenetrable metal wall. It appeared to go on forever in every direction, except for straight down, where it connected with the ground. After walking about a quarter of a mile Billy and Staryu had nice again reached the door, or rather barrier. They stopped just of a gaping chasm which opened up just in front of the metal wall, the semicircular opening was just a little wider than Billy was tall, enough for both of them to fit into it, albeit one at a time.

    "Well here goes nothing" Billy spoke aloud, in a quavering tone "Geronimooooo!" He shouted as he leapt feet first, into the darkness.

    "Ouch!" Billy cried in pain as Staryu landed on his stomach. He seemed to have jumped into a rather large ditch of which he could barely see due to the severe lack of light. The only source of illumination appeared to be a thin shaft of sunlight, from the hole that they had just jumped through, piercing the inky gloom from above. "I can't see a thing" The young grunt complained, squinting in the dark "Staryu, could ya give us some light?" he asked as the Starshape pokemon moved to his side. Suddenly, a blinding red glare cast from the central gem of Staryu's body, exposing the environment to the two operatives and revealing to them that they were in fact in a ditch. Although it had a rather odd rectangular shape to it.

    After about several minutes of walking through the terrain they came to a steep earthen wall, at the top of which a pinprick of flickering orange light could be seen. As Billy clutched the water type in his arms he attempted to scale the muddy wall. Of course normally this would be almost impossible, however with his new height Billy was able to manipulate the miniscule holes and cracks in the earth, between particles of dirt that most people were too big to use.

    "OK, you can maximise us now" Billy instructed to Staryu as he lowered it onto the floor again. Now the shining red glow of Staryu's core began to dim and out of nowhere incorporeal hands began to pull Billy from many directions. A relieving, pleasant feeling then started to wash over Billy and suddenly the area around him shrank the walls and ceiling closing in on him like some sort of freakish nightmare come alive. Just when he was beginning to panic Staryu's core became dark once more and both it and Billy found that they had returned to normal size, though the Team Aqua member could still feel that they were camouflaged from any potential onlookers.

    "I always hated maximising" Billy mentally cursed. A swift cursory glance of the area told Billy that they had successfully managed to infiltrate the rocket base. The main clue was the fact that every burning torch that lined the dank, small corridor had a faint (and equally tiny) red "R" crudely painted beneath it. Although strangely they were all painted backwards.

    "Who'd want to make their base here? Its so depressing..." Staryu telepathically commented

    "I suppose Team Rocket don't like to shell out on anything when it comes to money matters" Billy replied, now walking along the corridor, looking for signs of a nearby door.

    "Dammit, dead end" Billy mentally cursed once more. "Maybe it’s a decoy, there might be another base somewhere else in Mt. Silver" He suggested scanning the walls and floors.

    "Then why do I get the feeling that we're not alone?" Staryu questioned in its unsettling tone.

    "Can you sense anything?" Billy said, swiftly turning is attention towards his pokemon.

    "Not really, just normal background stuff like insects, but it feels like there something I can't see nearby"

    "Well, stay sharp, you never know what you might find" Billy replied, pacing up and down the room for clues "Aha! Here we go!" He exclaimed, striding up towards the right hand side wall. It looked just like all the other sections of the wall, completely bare and earthen except of a burning torch with a faint 'R' painted beneath it. Completely normal, except for one thing. Where all the other 'R's were painted backwards this one was the right way round, very easy to miss. With Staryu at his side he excitedly pulled down the torch bracket lever.

    All of a sudden the ground fell away from the duo as both pokemon and trainer plummeted downwards with frightening speed. Billy's eyes snapped shut immediately as a fluorescent light flared all around him whilst the wind whipped across his body.

    When Billy opened his eyes he could see that he was now about thirty seconds from becoming part of the floor tiles. Instinctively he grabbed onto Staryu for safety, trying to hold back the almost irresistible urge to scream, after all that's not what the omega squadron were trained for. He knew that Staryu's psychic attack couldn't stop them crashing entirely, but the clever water type could slow the pair down.

    Finally a blue glow began to emanate originating from Staryu's central core and rapidly spreading all over both it and Billy's bodies. Then from nowhere a pain shot up Billy's legs as both teammates made impact with the ground, though strangely no sound whatsoever could be heard from the impact.

    "Couldn't you have put more effort into a smoother landing than soundproofing us? My legs are killing me" Billy complained, managing to stand up unsupported

    "Well if they'd heard you then you're legs wouldn't be the only ones killing you would they"
    Staryu retorted "Oh and don't mention the fact that I saved you LIFE, its no trouble, really"

    "Sorry my bad, it’s the pain talking, thanks" Billy apologised, scanning the area to get a better view of the new environment he had been catapulted into. At a glance it appeared to be a huge underground hangar. It was certainly large enough to be classed as one; there were even cargo containers scattered haphazardly around the place. However, on closer inspection it was much more. For example, when one looked towards the ceiling f the entirely white room huge mechanical clamps, probably used to move the massive containers around hung from the rafter. The hole which they had fallen through could no longer be seen. Presumably it was some sort of warp pad. Billy only knew of such things as they were often seen throughout the Team Aqua HQ's as a method of getting from A to B, knowing how one worked was vital in becoming a member, especially if one wished to access areas which required higher security clearance. For some strange reason there was a lone grey tile in the north-western corner of the room.

    Then he noticed it, his final and by far most impressive obstacle to overcome yet. The entire western wall had been converted into the monitor screen of a giant supercomputer. Scurrying around it were two male scientists. Several piles of paper were also stacked messily on two desks a couple of feet high. Stealthily, Billy crept over to the two scientists, attempting to minimise the amount of noise he made.

    “What do you think to them? Are they rockets or victims?” Billy thought towards Staryu whilst walking around them as they worked.

    “I can’t quite tell, I can’t sense any malevolent intentions from them, but neither can I get any good vibes from them, I keep drawing a blank” the Pokémon responded “I mean, I know I’m not a full blown psychic type, but I should get something from them

    Billy studied there expressions as he followed them, completely invisible to the naked eye thanks to his Pokémon. He was a ghost, drifting silently throughout the base, neither recognized nor acknowledged by anyone. They looked completely normal to him, no physical signs of abuse which would be typical of torture, which was often Team Rocket’s method of convincing people to see their point of view. Nor could he see ay type of electronic device attached to them like a bomb of shock-collar which would provide incentive for them to work for the Rockets.

    “Well they definitely aren’t part of Team Rocket themselves” Billy replied

    [I] “Hold on, how do you know that? I hadn’t even told you yet?”

    “Hey I might not be psychic but I can tell an evil aura when I feel it” Billy responded, still not taking his eyes off the two scientists “Besides, I’d have to be a pretty bad trainer not to pick up a few things after training so many psychic-esque Pokémon for so long like yourself and Lapras, not to mention Ginger and Mothra”

    “So what do you want to do with them?” Staryu asked, tensing up, ready for any situation that may occur

    “I have a plan,” Billy said, taking a pokéball from his belt and enlarging it “Ginger! Hypnosis!” He telepathically demanded, hurling the pokéball into the back of one of the men’s necks, knocking im out cold without a sound and without rousing the others attention who was immersed in his documents. Finally he spun round as the fox Pokémon emerged from its pokéball with a flash of light. Before he could even react, Ginger’s eyes had already turned icy blue. Instantly the pupils of the foe’s eyes rapidly dilated, swallowing his iris within seconds and soon his entire eye socket was filled with a perpetual darkness, his whole body now becoming slack in his chair.

    “Hmm that’s odd”
    Billy thought

    “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s just that they usually put up a bit more of a fight, he just let it take him” Billy replied, curiously scrutinising him to check he wasn’t faking it. Though, the fact that Ginger wasn’t focusing on nothing but him with her eyes aglow was really all the proof he needed. “Oh you can stop camouflaging us now, by the way”

    “But surely the CCTV will get us?” Staryu protested cautiously

    “Star, a Vulpix has just appeared out of the ether and begun attacking staff, I don’t think it matters any more,” The operative rebutted “Besides I can sort all of that out in a second, right now you just need to do as I say,”Slightly annoyed by how its trainer was keeping everything from the small water type, Staryu still obeyed. For a few moments the central gem of its body flickered and flashed dull red then quickly finished. Although Billy couldn’t really see the difference he could certainly feel it. It was like the whole world was staring at him and there was nowhere to hide.

    “Okay lets get this show on the road, Staryu, guard that other one,”
    He began, moving closer to the hypnotised scientist “Firstly I want you to pull up the master controls to the security systems of this place” Immediately the man turned his chair around and started typing away madly at his keyboard.

    “To continue please state your security clearance and user authentication code” The computer unexpectedly spoke, its feminine robotic voice making Billy jump.

    “Security level: nine, user authentication code: four, seven, three, zero, five, three, four, three” Replied the man. As the computer granted the request shivers were sent up the Aqua operative’s spine. The man’s voice was unearthly, deep and melodious yet also high pitched all at the same time. It sounded like a giant bellowing amongst the choir of a thousand angels. Suddenly the vast computer monitor had digitally split itself into millions of other tiny screens all depicting different places and people, sections of the mountain Billy never dreamed of existing. One such example was the screen just left of the middle. It showed an eye-catching cavern, easily ten times the size of the hangar he was currently monitoring it from. In the center, at the end of an internal mountain pass that had broken down to a large cliff was a trainer, dressed mainly in red standing right at the edge of the cliff. He seemed to be only a teenager but then again who knows who Team Rocket were recruiting or kidnapping to so their dirty work these days. There also seemed to be a yellow Pokémon with him but he couldn’t quite make it out on such a small screen.

    “Permanently disable all security devices and delete the files and records” Billy instructed. Straight away the man did just this.

    “Are you sure you would like to continue with this action?” The computer asked, a ‘yes or no’ box popping up. As he hit enter all the screens went blank, all previous images replaced by white noise. As he hit enter once more one could view the computer permanently deleting the files, folder by folder.

    “Is it possible that I can use voice control?” Billy asked him as the man now turned his attention to his present leader

    “Affirmative” The man replied tapping away once more on the desk’s keyboard

    “Voice control activated” The computer stated

    Thank god for that, all that click-clacking was getting on my nerves, Ginger put him to bed” Billy responded. Without delay Vulpix ‘s eyes shone brighter in response to his command forcing the man to slump in his chair as his eyelids closed.

    “Computer, find me any and all information about the project Team Rocket are working on currently, more specifically, the one they are using this base for that is stored on the database”

    “Information found: Project hidden power” The computer replied after the several seconds “A second attempt at the unnamed project leading up to the creation of Pokémon 150, specimen 5.”

    “And, isn’t there anymore background?”

    “Information not found, error code 494” The computer stated

    “So where is this experiment or whatever being kept?” Billy persisted

    “Central testing and experimentation for Project hidden power takes place within the laboratory, accessed by warp pad seven” The computer replied “Would you like to reactivate warp pad seven?”

    “Ermm, yes” Billy replied. Then without warning, the grey square in the north-western corner of the room lit up “Hello warp pad seven” Billy said walking towards it.

    “Hey what about us?” Staryu asked, his Vulpix carefully watching the two scientists

    Hmm, Staryu you can guard them, Ginger can come with me” Quickly Staryu swapped places with the fire type who more than happily leapt into Billy’s arms, happy to be by his side. “Oh and computer? Erase all data stored in your memory banks”

    “I’m sorry but that action is not permitted by any one under security level 10”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’m sorry but that action is not permitted by any one under security level 10”

    “Fine, I gave you a chance” Billy said, taking out another pokéball “Oh and I almost forgot” taking a random USB stick from the desks nearby and inserting it into the computer screen “Computer download all data stored within your memory banks onto this”


    “Staryu explain everything to Lapras m’kay? When its done downloading you can fry that sucker’s memory with psychic, and pretty much everything else too whilst Lapras guards the scientists, just make sure the warp pads still work”

    Just as he stepped on the warp pad he threw the transport Pokémon’s net ball towards Staryu. He had just enough time to see it materialise before the scene dissolved before his very eyes. All of a sudden he found himself somewhere else entirely. The hangar had totally disappeared now from his sight. Instead it had been replaced by a small dark room filled with many desks, stools and scientific equipment. In truth it looked similar to a chemistry classroom at his old school, when Billy was much younger and not old enough to train Pokémon. There was even a large blackboard at one end.

    “So where’s the project?” Ginger asked from her comfortable position in Billy arms. He too was also perplexed, he expected something more than this, something more sinister, that was after all Team Rockets style. With haste he walked up to the front desk, though he found nothing in any of the draws or cupboards. Then just as he was about to walk away he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A thin, dark line on the floor revealed the existence of a trapdoor. Quickly he placed Ginger on the desk and opened it to find several pieces of paper, similar to the writing of a journal, however they were all on paper. He read the most recent one.

    “July 17th

    Project hidden power is finally a success, after seven failed attempts we have finally managed to create the Ultimate Pokémon. For the next few days the subject will be kept in stasis in order for us to study it. Finally we are in possession of a being strong enough to allow us to reach our goals. Team rocket will soar!”

    “And?” Ginger asked, as she stood on the table, prompting Billy to read on.

    “That’s all for the most recent entry” Billy replied placing the pages on the desk. Then, abruptly, Billy’s hand slipped, pressing down on a hole puncher on the desk by accident. Suddenly out of the blue the blackboard changed colour. Now instead of black it was transparent revealing a room on the other side. Cautiously he went towards the screen. Inside the room were many test-tube shaped cylinders large enough to fit a human sized object in. They also seemed to contain some orange liquid though what exactly was suspended in the liquid was unclear due to the amount of grime and filth that had accumulated on the so called “blackboard”. As he pressed against it Billy also noticed that the screen contained one other surprise, it was not only a window but also a door into the other room. With ginger on his shoulder Billy uneasily stepped through it, into the unknown.

    Immediately he regretted his decision. Looking around he almost recoiled in sheer horror, trying to shield Ginger’s young eyes from seeing it. Billy now knew the full extent of Project hidden power. As he looked around the room he could barely see the floor for it was covered in body parts. Amputated legs and dismembered torsos were a common sight throughout the room, one desk even played host to a human brain. It was nothing like the movies. In the movies the horror is always dulled down just that little bit, the gory parts are never on screen for too long to see detail. Here was the exact opposite. As the horrified Team Aqua member walked over the pools of blood continuously spilling out from he copious loads of limbs scattered over the floor he could actually see the point where they had cut the organ from the spinal cord, the fleshy pink object just lay there sorrowfully for all to see. However that was not the worst of it.

    When he looked at the test-tubes he could see why they were human sized. Because they were for humans. There were seven cylinders in all and each contained something different but all were humanoid in shape. One was simply a person who’s arms had obviously been hacked off, replaced by those of a Khangaskhan. In the centre, there was a Pokémon that looked similar to the phantom Pokémon, Mew, but much bigger and in different colours. This cylinder was labelled ‘8’. The thing inside had stitching that circled all the way around the top of its head its head. Suddenly, Billy snapped out of his shock and pulled out the Aqua insignia air freshener.

    “Billy I don’t think it’s a good time to freshen the air”
    Vulpix told him as he kept her head close to his chest, trying to keep her from seeing the room, she was too young for it. With an unsteady, shaking hand he flicked off the cap and sprayed it all over the central test-tube, so much that the air freshener started to run down the tube as a liquid. He did this for the six other tubes in the area and when it was about half empty he put it back in his bag.

    “Ginger, This is very important so I need you to listen carefully” Billy asked her, trying not to lose it “I want you to keep your eyes closed as I lower you down to the floor, don’t open them for anything, just do what I say”. As he put her down on the floor, facing the centre tube he moved back to the door.

    “Heat wave” Billy commanded. Without question the small fire Pokémon loosed an overwhelming channel of superheated flames. The test tubes immediately caught fire, flames growing higher and higher throughout the room and the suddenly a strange smell began to waft through the air, like a Sunday roast. Then as Billy recalled Ginger into her pokéball the breaking glass could be heard amongst the inferno. Once she was safe and sound Billy dashed for the warp pad, dearly hoping it would activate as soon as he got on it as the flames were beginning to spread fast throughout the room. Just in time the scene before him once more dissolved just as a prominence of the blaze leapt forth to try and claim him, but too late as before he knew it he was back in the hangar.

    “Are you okay?” Staryu asked as he walked towards it, recalling Lapras

    “We’re leaving, now, and they’re coming” Billy told it firmly pointing to the two sleeping scientists and pulling the memory stick out of the computer screen, shoving it in his pocket. Throwing yet another pokéball into the air, Mothra appeared on the scene, still larger than life and eager to help. Quickly he loaded her up with the scientist and himself.

    “Computer” Billy addressed the mainframe from the insect’s ginormous back “status report of warp pad seven”

    “The final destination of warp pad seven is no longer available, please reconfigure destination setting for warp pad seven” The computer replied

    “Computer, reconnect warp pad seven with a warp pad on the base’s exterior that will take me as far away from this place as possible”

    “Granted, warp pad seven is now online and fully functional” The computer stated. Quickly, Billy recalled Ginger and Staryu to their pokéballs before Mothra could land on the newly connected warp pad. Instantaneously they were all transported outside into the freezing cold winds of the Mt. Silver summit.

    “Right now lets get the hell outta here and back to HQ, the sooner I finish this mission the better” Billy instructed. With ease the Giant Butterfree took off at speed, flying further and further away until mount Silver was nothing but a disturbing spec in the distance. As they flew towards HQ Billy looked forwards to his now much needed month long vacation.



    hey guys, finally did the mssion, sorry it took a while but I've been sortin lots O' stuff out or my expedition to Mongolia. This is going to be my last post for about 4-5 weeks I hope everyone will be okay and that you manage to get activity going again, I'll miss you all!

    bye all!

    P.S. @Paden: IIRC you need to have at least three water types in your team, try again
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    Credit to Missingno. Master for creating this lovely team snap for my sig

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    Mrmagius: Your mission work continues to impress the heck out of me.

    Paden: Actually, your team is just fine according to this part of the rules regarding joining:

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Latios View Post
    4. Your six Aqua Pokémon: They don’t have to be all water type. Just choose a party of six, (it must include at least one water type though).
    You're only required to have at least one Water-type on your team, and since you've got a Swampert, that takes care of that. Plus, you've got a potential future Water-type (since it'll become half-Water if it evolves someday) in the form of that Bidoof (who sounds awesome, by the way X3).

    So, since your team checks out just fine, as does the rest of your sign-up sheet, welcome to Team Aqua, and welcome to Omega squadron. ^^ (I apologize for taking this long to come in and approve you... ^^; ) As a token of gratitude for your joining, I now offer you this goody bag, which contains the following:

    3 Net Balls
    3 Ultra Balls
    1 Bond Ball (It's like a stronger version of a Luxury Ball. Any Pokémon caught with it will be instantly and completely loyal to you.)
    2 Max Revives
    And a complimentary Team Aqua-insignia air freshener.

    These items may come in handy in any mission you may take on in the future. ^^
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    1.rank:elite grunt Draskk (Dr-AsKK)
    3.fav water pokemon:FERALIGATR
    4.aqua pokemon team:Feraligatr,Sharpedo,Ludicolo,lanturn,Starmie, kingdra
    5.why i like aqua over magma or rocket:i love water types the best out of all pokemon
    6.why i want to join:my fav pokemon is a water type and the sea is awesome
    7.what i think of the uniform: awesomeness
    8.what squad i want to be in: omega squadron
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    1. Elite Grunt
    2. NaturalFugitive, or Natural
    3. Swampert
    5. Aqua was the team of PokemonSapphire, which is my favorite game, and it wanted control of Kyorge, which is my favorite Legendary.
    6. Same reason as above, TeamAqua is my favorite villanious team of Pokemon, especially with the showdown with Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza at Sootopolis City.
    7. I personally love the uniform. They have a head band, which I like, and it's Blue, which is my favorite color.
    8. Omega Squadron, The Brawns

    I think this is the correct way to sign up...

        Spoiler:- Credits:

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    Elite Grunt
    Milotic and Kyogre
    Medicham, Salamence, Claydol, Banette, Milotic, Swellow
    I like Team Aqua better because it suits my personality.
    The sea is my home, that's why I'm joining.
    It's a very nice uniform, suits Aqua perfectly.
    Reef Squadron
    Thank you for your time, I know this thread is old but heck, why not?
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    Life is good.

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    I think if a club was inactive since 2008 it is safe to say that it is inactive. Check the post date first, please.

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