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Thread: MTG COTD: Gruul Guildmage

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    Default MTG COTD: Gruul Guildmage

    Gruul Guildmage - Guildpact. Uncommon
    R/G R/G: Creature - Human Shaman
    (R/G can be paid with either R or G.)
    3R, Sacrifice a land: Gruul Guildmage deals 2 damage to target player.
    3G: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

    Since guildpact is released, might as well start it with the release card they gave us. Obviously the worst of the 3 guildmages in the set since it's the one they gave us. Anyway.

    4 mana for a wanna be growth ability or 4 mana for a half assed shock that requires you to sac a land. Aint that great for aggro purposes but lategame, this could potentially be a game winner.

    The Duck's Rating: 2.5/5
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    The first ability is great in the late game when you need to deal those final points of damage, the seconed ability is meh. 3/5

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    It's a 2/2 for 2. Selesnya > Gruul.

    Selesnya can produce a saproling or give +1/+1 to all your stuff for 4.
    This 2 damage for 4 AND sack a land? Nuh-uh. And a half-witted Gather Courage for 4? PFFTT.

    2/5 at the best. It's better than One With Nothing but that's about it lol
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    It's balanced. If it didn't have the sacrifice land cost, it'd be too easy for people to burn people to death early in the game.

    It's second ability is understandable. While it's a bit pricey for +2/+2, it's infinite.

    As it is though, it doesn't fit the guild too much. With cards like Burning Tree Shaman, this creature is counter productive and the need to sacrifice lands is also a bit counter productive for Green in general.

    So far, as it is, this is how I rank the Guidemages:

    1- Selesnya Guidemage
    2- Golgari Guidemage
    3- Izzet Guidemage
    4- Gruul Guidemage
    5- Orzhov Guidemage
    6- Dimir Guidemage
    7- Boros Guidemage

    Well, Izzet is questionable, as it's strength is dependant on how many instants/sorceries of cost 2 or less you control, but it's reasonable to see it just above the middle.

    Anyway, it gets a 3/5. It's not overpowering like Selesnya but doesn't suck as bad as Boros.

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