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Thread: Odd Pokémon Out! (438)

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    Nice little episode.
    Grovyle and Meganium should've been together. I don't see what that Meganium saw in that Tropius...

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    Huh, a Grovyle episode, and it was actually good. But why didn't they make this one take place in the Safari Zone for us here in the U.S. who never got to see the Kanto Safari Zone? Boo. Anyway, I was glad that Grovyle was taken down a peg in this episode. It always acted so cool and then it gets it's Poke-heart broken when the Pokemon it had a crush on, moved on to another Pokemon. I loved it. Grovyle's evolution was sort of unexpected though. Evolution always makes even the worst episodes good. 6/10.
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    Not a bad episode, it was nice to see Troipus have an episode for once (It was in the League though too), I want to see it fly though.

    How it is everytime one of their Pokemon falls in love it evolves? (Lombre being one and another Pokemon too. Then there's Zubat to Golbat when Brock wanted to stay with that doctor), nice for Groyvle to evolve even if I am not a fan of Sceptile.
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    Y'know, Ash can be a real dunce sometimes.
    Brock: Grovyle won the battle, but lost at the game of love.
    Ash: How can you win and lose at the same time? Make up your mind, Brock.

    Also, that combination Tropius and Meganium used at the end... the Gust & Razor Leaf... could that have been a predecessor to Leaf Storm? It seems logical...

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    Just saw the pics of this episode and I have a feeling that this episode is going to be a hoot! Can't wait to see it in motion!

    Edit: Grovyle is officially my newest favorite Pokemon! His antics in this episode were just hilarious!
    That was cute when he first saw Meganium in the Pokemon Center! Awwwwww! I've always wanted to see a Pokemon like Grovyle fall in love like that!
    That sucks when he was dumped for a Tropius! Poor Grovyle!
    I hope Ash can get Sceptile's attack power back!
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    I thought a tough pokemon like Grovyle should not go so crazy in love..... very odd but at least it evolved into Sceptile and got rid of its silly crush

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    This episode was ok... It was great to see Grovyle finally evolve into Sceptile. Too bad Sceptile ended up really struggling to be able to use its attacks after being heartbroken by Meganium. It was cool to see Meganium and Tropius again. In a way, Tropius and Meganium really do look like a cute couple.


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    my most time favorite episode of all times! poor grovyle got its heart broken but did his ultimate best to help Meganium..Sceptile is one awesome Pokemon!

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    An uninteresting episode. Grovyle evolved but it wasn't very interesting because it isn't an interesting Pokemon.

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    I liked this episode, Grovyle's evolution was pretty cool. It reminded me of Meowth's crush in Kanto for the other Meowth, where he beats Persian and the female runs to Persian. It was a cool episode, imo

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    I liked this episode.

    I found it to be one of those comedy-romance episodes just because of Grovyles reaction near the end (I loved that face!)
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    Poor grovyle. Though I really loved the episode.

    I personally loved the part where Mime jr. was stealing all of mewoth's lines to a point meowth said "Mime, mime mime"
    Then he realised and yelled at mime jr. XD
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    First off, Ash's voice is just terrible. Hey, I gotta say it.

    Conversely, Meowth's voice is really good, though. I really liked Jimmy Zoppi's voice here more for Meowth than in DP or BW. He sounds more like Maddie than ever before here, and I find it a shame he didn't keep this voice. I'm sure with time he could've been just as great with this voice. *sigh*

    Nurse Joy's voice actor isn't putting any emotion at all into her performance. Michele Knotz is going for Erica Schroeder's work in S7 and S8, but it pales in comparison to that. It's just so emotionless, IMO.

    Everyone else ranged from passable to good, though.

    I liked the episode, and I liked the plot. Grovyle evolving into Sceptile was cool to me. Poor Sceptile...fell in love with a Meganium, and had its heart crushed.

    That Tropius was a prick. xD.

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    This was a pretty good episode. Grovyle appears to be in a love triangle, then evolves when Team Rocket captures that Meganium and Tropius, but can't use any of it's attacks.
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    Default "Odd Pokémon Out!"

    I thought This was an OK episode. Seeing Ash's Donphan being playful was nice, too bad the Rhyhorn misunderstood its intentions and started chasing after the gang. The Nurse Joy in this episode was awesome, I liked how she came to the rescue and clamed down the Rhyhorn with her Meganium. She reminds me of the Nurse Joy from "The Joy of Pokémon". It's funny when Brock fell in love with the pretty Nurse Joy and grasped her hands, imagining her as an angle princess. As usual, Max pulled him away from her. Meanwhile, Ash's Grovyle picks fight with a wild Tropius. But that Tropius was so strong that it managed to beat Grovyle up, causing Joy's Meganium to calm them down.

    Team Rocket planning to send a Pokémon to Giovanni was not surprising. This time it's the wild Tropius they're aiming for. So they tried to ask Tropius to come along with them, But It appears that Tropius has fallen in love with Meganium and it was willing to go with them— if Meganium comes along! But Tropius wasn't the only one who was in love with Meganium. After Meganium took care of Grovyle at the Pokémon Center, he was in love with her as well! Grovyle wanted to proved himself a strong Pokémon to impress Meganium, but since Tropius defeated him before, he wasn't happy about it. So he left for a rematch with Tropius. It's awesome when Grovyle beat Troupius in the rematch, sadly Meganium was love with that wild Troupis.... not Grovyle. It totally broke Poor Grovyle's heart. All of a sudden Team Rocket kidnaps Tropius and Meganium, and it causes Grovyle to evolves into SCEPTILE?! Whoa, it sure was an unexpected evolution. I didn't see it coming in this episode. Oh well, It's great that Grovyle finally evolved into Sceptile, but at the same time.... it's pretty depressing to see Sceptile being unable to use any of his moves. It's pretty clear that Sceptile's heartbreak was the reason behind this. What did Meganium saw in that stupid Tropius anyway? Grovyle was clearly stronger than Tropius and he liked her too... but Meganium HAD to go with that jerk Tropius! *Sigh*... I guess it was done for the plot's sake. Oh well, at least Ash showed some concern over Sceptile's condition. Even Nurse Joy assured him, that Sceptile will get over it at some point. Before saying goodbye, Brock took Nurse Joy's hands and tried to hit on her once more..... only to be pulled away by Max again! Sometimes Brock's flirting gets annoying, but hey, that's Brock for ya.

    In the end, Ash was standing at the front of the boat and looking at Sceptile's Pokéball. Maybe he realized why Sceptile can't use its moves anymore. Poor Sceptile.
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