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    Default May it be- a try at Minamoshipping!

    Sometimes love isn’t always there the FIRST time you look

    This fic is rated PG-PG 13 it may contain mild sexual references or swears.

    Ever since I saw the idea of it in Cybercubed’s sig I’ve been totally intrigued by it, and thought it was a great idea. This story follows May returning to Lilycove as it is her last hope to enter a contest before the Grand Festival in Kanto. She is able to stay at Kelly’s house and as the contest begins, their feelings for each other grow. Though it is only probably thirteen chapters, and no matter how little posts it gets (just as long as there’s no triple posting) I’ll keep on writing it. SO ENOUGH WITH THE CHI-TCHAT AND ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

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    “May it be,” Chapter one: Journey to Lilycove

    It was a warm and sunny day in the Hoenn region and in a sun battered meadow, a large train pulled into a train station letting its horn sound. As the doors of the train opened, floods of people walked out going separate ways and causing a cloud of chatter. One girl in particular stood at the train station and sighed. None other than are favorite gal pal, May from Petalburg city. The distress girl searched for a sign and found on pointing out “Lilycove city, 50 kilometers>”. “Humph.” May grunted “You’d think they’d have a train station like this in Lilycove city.

    May began to venture out of the station and along a dusty brick path through the plains. As she began to walk thoughts of her reason for being here entered her mind. ‘May. We don’t have any more time for you on this Journey. If you want to go find another contest in time you should go to Lilycove, that’s the only one yet to hold a contest before the Grand Festival. Also you shouldn’t f lost so much. Geez. Well were throwing you on this train so Bye’. The voices of a thoughtful Ash and Brock and a Snickering Max caused her to sigh again.

    “Well, they weren’t all wrong. This could be an opportunity to extend and train my Pokémon,” May thought. “Anything if it means I’ll be to top co-coordinator!” She exclaimed accidentally stepping on a caterpie. “Ewwww not now!” She screamed. As he journey continued the sights go less interesting and the furry of the sun took its toll on May. Fortunately, May was passing by a luscious row of trees and to a lay down under one. Panting, May took out a pokéball and released her squirtle. The baby turtle Pokémon let out a cute cry and smiled. “Squirtle could you please cool me off with water gun?” May asked. Squirtle nodded and blasted out a cooling Jet on May’s face. As the jet subsided, May wiped her face in refreshment. “Thanks squirtle. Remind me that I owe you!” She exclaimed, recalling squirtle into its ball as it smiled once more.

    Meanwhile in Lilycove city,

    Kelly wore her casual outfit with her favorite pink ribbon despite having her hands mould around a bowl of mashed up berries. With pushes and turns, the berries wound up in a purple custard-like state. “There, now just a few more little touches.” Kelly announced. Her partner in crime, grumpig sat on the floor and watched in awe. Kelly sprinkled on a pinch of Pokémon food and poured the mixture slowly into a metal holder. The batter rolled in like sludge and then was put in the oven. After gently closing door, Kelly sighed to see that she was covered practically from head to toe in flour and the pokéblock mixture. “I guess I need a bath, but first in need a lay down and…”She said collapsing on the floor. As grumpig crawled up to investigate her. He jumped back at the sound of her eeriee snore.

    In the plains near Lilycove, May had come up with the “Excellent (or unique)” idea of hitching a ride on a swellow in turn for giving it her lunch. “IT’S TIME FOR MORE OF MAY’S EXPEDITIONS!” May shouted pretending to act like a cameraman and reporter. “Today, May and Her crew travel to Lilycove city on a swellow! You heard it right viewers and you get to see it here today! Also were will May stay to train find out! And now, a word from our sponsors.” May sat back smiling but then a disturbing thought struck her. “O By were can I train and stay before the contest, Brock would know but it’s partially his fault I’m here,” She said turning enraged. After another ten minutes On Swellow flight, May had a bird’s eye view of the luxuries city, and was lowered down. As she jumped out Swellow, she landed roughly on the grass and caused a large bumping sound. May leaned back on a near by tree and looked around. “There’s got to be somewhere I can Stay,”

    As the Day continued as her four Pokémon munched delightfully on their lunch. “At least you get to enjoy your lunch,” May said remembering her little flying escapade. She walked up to a nearby path and stood there. Then all of a sudden, She turned to see an elderly woman tripping over a phanpy. The distress phanpy ran around, which meant to woman would fall over and drop all the groceries she was holding. “Pokémon Get over here,” May called. Her pokémon took immediate alert and dashed over to her. “Squirtle Get Phanpy out of the way, Combusken make sure the lady doesn’t fall. Munchlax catch the groceries and eevee ummm, you help munchlax I guess.” She commanded. Her Pokemon leaped into action except for eeeve who smiled and trotted over. Despite that, May’s plan Worked. Squirtle and Phanpy moved out of the way while combusken did it’s job. Munchlax collected the two bags of groceries while eevee dragged over another bag with it’s mouth.

    With that, phanpy walked away as the Woman regained her footing. “O thank you so much,” She cried “Any person could have easily ignored me but you pulled out all the stops just for one person.” May smiled back at the lady as she walked away, holding on tight to her groceries.

    May turned around and giggled “Well viewers, May’s got a lot going for her eh? Stay tuned Until Next Time for May’s Expeditions” She said happily. She turned again were her Pokémon approached her. “You guys all did great!” Just after May finished that sentence, something hit here. Remembering saving a lady dropping some grociers reminded her of how she met Kelly. “That’s It! I’ll go to Kelly’s house!” She exclaimed.

    While My searched for Kelly’s home. Inside Kelly’s house, Kelly pulled a shower curtain stretching around her bath and turned on the shower. Grumpig was in the room but looking at the mirror as it became covered in vapor. May had now entered the house and searched from door to door of the house until she opened the bathroom one. Grumpig was head first looking through Kelly’s cupboard so it didn’t notice. “Hello, anybody home?” May called out.

    Kelly obliviously pulled back some of the curtain. “How is it?” She asked as the girls both realized what was going on. After five seconds of fearful gasping they both let out giant and led screams. May turned her head and Kelly hid behind the curtain again. Grumpig out of shock leaped out of the cupboard and screamed too.

    “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry,” May repeated over and over again. Kelly covered up with a towel and continued to shuffle out of the way.

    “May is back,” She said very softly with a big blush and a cheeky smile as well. With the towel now wrapped around her, Kelly turned off the shower and stepped out. “What are you doing back here?” She said still blushing.

    “Well Maybe I should explain over a late lunch, with clothes?” May Joked. Kelly nodded in agreement. “Okay then,” May announced “At least I now were to kitchen is how could I forget the fun we had in there!” she finished leaving the bathroom.

    Kelly smiled “How could I forget May,” She said to herself. Later on that day, May and Kelly sat and ate around the kitchen, nodding, laughing and chattering. “So the elderly woman drama reminded you of me?” Kelly asked.

    “Yes. But now the lilycove contest is my last chance to win a contest before the Kanto Grand Festival.” May replied. “So I’ll train for a while, and I also figured you’re excellent Pokéblock making skills could make me a great recipe for my Pokémon.”

    “O sure thing May!” Kelly said. “And I’ve got some interesting news too!” She continued pulling out a ribbon case. “Since you’ve been gone I’ve taken my contest battles up a notch.” As she opened the Case, she revealed five whole ribbons in the case!

    May jumped back in shock “O wow! I can’t believe you managed to do that!” May said in joy. “But I guess this means you won’t be going in the contest,” Kelly looked at May and it hit her.

    ‘This is the perfect time to put a plan together to ask May if.’ Kelly began to think. “But May, Hold on A second here. Just because I have five ribbons doesn’t mean I can’t try to get another one for the sake of it!” Kelly exclaimed.

    The two girls both looked happy. “O this will be so Much fun!” We could even battle Again imagine that!” May exclaimed clapping her hands. “Infact for the sake of training we should have a battle now!” Kelly looked a bit uneasy “Come on for old times sake we may not get to battle each other if you enter the contest,” May pleaded.

    Kelly stretched a little “Okay then, for old time’s sake and look before you go I have to tell you,” She said before being interrupted by May jumping out of her seat.

    “Okay come on then it’ll be soooo much fun!” May cried running around happily to the door. “O yeah and Kelly, were are your parents, I’ve never seen them, do they live here?”

    “That’s the thing,” Kelly replied. “I’ll tell you what my parents did if one you can beat me and two…………………if you actually can beat me!” Kelly exclaimed looking pepped up for a match. Kelly opened the door and rushed out. “Come on then, you were the one so excited! I’ll even show you my new Pokémon” Kelly continued to run around laughing and smiling. May nodded and began to laugh and run along with her. As the two girls ran alongside each other and laughed. Kelly stared blankly at May’s face and blushed.
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