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Thread: Bo-Bo-Bo Rpg (Help me out.)

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    Default Bo-Bo-Bo Rpg (Help me out.)

    Hey yesterday i just started to think of a possible Bo-Bo-Bo rpg. But i decided to let other Bo-Bo-Bo fans help develop it. And i've been here long enough to know what makes a good Rpg. Heres the basics of what i have alrready.


    You either play as someone whos traveling the world in an attempt to destroy the Bald empire.

    You play as A bald soldier and try to destroy all hair.

    You may be something very strange like Don patch. Or what ever.

    Powers: You may make of your own fist of power. As in Bo-Bo-Bo's Fist of the nose hair or Gasser's Fist of the Backwind.

    (It dosent follow the anime storyline just to let you kniw)

    The evil leader is Mr. Megadeathdestroyer.

    The good leader is commander Stache

    Commander stache is the one who gives out missions and bounties. Most of which will earn you money.

    I'll be controlling The good and evil leaders along with my own.

    I prefer people to travel within a group. You may make up your own group of up to 3 people. (You must ask first cuz i can deny that request.) but i much prefer you team up with actual rpgers. If you must make up a team. They cant be as powerful as your main char.

    Even though this is a humor rpg. Like the show, You actually do sustain damage from enemies.

    Remember these are just ideas and not what the actual sign ups withh be like. This is just the first ideas of the game. Plz help me develop.
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