Hey, I've got a really stupid question about EV training and calculating IVs that I need answered regardless of its stupidity.

So I would like to raise a disgustingly strong Milotic. I've bred a bunch of Feebas, and have a few with beneficial natures that I think I would like to EV train. However, I kind of want them to be at a higher level so that they can do the actual battling instead of having to switch Pokemon out all the time. So, if I stuck them in the Day Care before EV training them, would the training process still go the same as if I'd just gone straight to EV training, since they apparently don't gain any EVs in the process? I know, kind of a confusing question, so I can clarify if need be.

Also, I would like to gain a better idea of what their IVs are, so if I stuck them in the Day Care for a few levels and then calculated their IVs, would the calculations still be accurate?