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Thread: Glitch to get all 3 starters?

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    Default Glitch to get all 3 starters?

    I was looking up the duplicate glitch on and it said "You can also get all 3 starters this way" Can someone tell me how to do it?

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    Default dont need a glitch to get the 3 starters f you trade with a friend....
    ( cause the duplicate glitch is when you trade right?)

    You just start the game 3 times...-.- lol and trade the starter to ur firend and then u trade them

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    I can remember most of it.

    First chose one of the Poke Balls. Next go save in front of the door. You must be outside. Then play through the game till you get to the part where the Aid gives you Poke Balls. Catch a Sentret and put your Starter in the box. I think when it says, Don't turn off the power, turn the power off. Then chose the other stater and do that again. Your first starter should be in the box. Do it one more time with the last starter and go to your box. The other two should still be in there.

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    Thanks! I'll go try now.

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    You bascically got to do the Duplicate trick.

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    1)To get all 3 starters start a NEW GAME then go to professor elm and save.

    2)Choose a pokemon then go to Mr. pokemon’s house then go back to prof elm get 5 pokeballs.

    3)Catch a pokemon and give the pokemon you started with a pokeball.

    4)Put the pokemon you started with in the PC then change box. When it says SAVING...DON’T TURN OFF THE POWER,turn off the power.

    5)Then choose a new starter then go to the next town and take out your pokemon and use the pokeball.

    Put both your STARTERS in the PC then change box. When it says Then choose the last starter and the other 2 will be in the PC. NOTE:The first 2 will not be in the pokedex.Save Only before you choose your pokemon

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    Post This is how you do it.

    Step 1
    Start new game.
    Step 2
    Go to professor Elm's lab. He will ask you to go on an errand and will let you take one of the Pokemon.
    Step 3
    Now save the game. Take Cyndaquil( because it's first in the line).
    Step 4
    Go to Mr.Pokemon's house. Get the egg. Get out of there. Professor will call you. So go back to New Bark town.
    Step 5
    You'll encounter your rival on the way to New Bark Town. Defeat him and continue your journey.
    Step 6
    When you get to the lab, name your rival. Get out of there. Before you do, one of Elm's aid will give you 5 Pokeballs.
    Step 7
    Go to the grass and catch any Pokemon.
    Step 8
    Go to Cherrygrove Pokemon Center. Turn on your PC. Deposit your Cyndaquil. Click on CHANGE BOX. Click on SWITCH. It will ask you to Save your game. Select YES. It will say: SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER. Turn Off your game before the word POWER ends.
    Step 9
    Re-open the game. Select Continue. You might be infront of the Pokeballs . Take Totodile. Now go to Cherrygrove Pokemon Center and click on Withdraw Pokemon. If you've done it correctly, Cyndaquil will be there. Don't Withdraw it yet. Do the same thing you did with Cyndaquil. Re-open the game again. Take Chikorita with you. Now go to Cherrygrove Pokemon Center and click on Withdraw Pokemon. Cyndaquil and Totodile might be there. Take them with you.
    Step 10
    Now you can save that game whenever you want. Because you got all the Starters

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    omg after like 9 years only now i knes this glitch o.o
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    It's basically the duplicate trick, but you can use it to duplicate more than one Pokemon, so you're essentially duplicate one, and then 2 next time, and whatnot.
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