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Thread: Pokémon red/blue/yellow DS all Pokémon stats are the same!

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    Default Pokémon red/blue/yellow DS all Pokémon stats are the same!

    I started playing Pokémon yellow on 3ds xl, and caught 3 pidgey and rattata, all level 3. Every one has the EXACT same stats!? I thought they are supposed to be different stats I was looking to keep the strongest but they are the same!

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    At low levels, the differences between newly caught Pokemon of the same species won't be as apparent as they would if you caught the Pokemon at higher levels. The Pidgey and Rattata you're catching very likely have different IVs/DVs, but at level 3 the differences aren't as obvious since the actual stat values you see on the screen just don't vary as much at low levels.

    So, trying to determine which level 3 Pokémon has the best IVs is going to be difficult. You'd probably have to wait until you can catch Pidgey/Rattata at higher levels or just pick one of the ones you already caught and hope for the best (I've never tried looking for IV calculators for Gen I, but they might be out there).

    Anyway, you should use the help/FAQ sticky if you have more questions in the future.
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