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Thread: Official GSC Programming & Beta Glitch Thread

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    Default Official GSC Programming & Beta Glitch Thread

    This thread is for the posting of programming information regarding Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal. The information contained in this thread has been deemed important enough to be made a sticky.

    Hello! My name is Gulzar, and I am a Pokémon Programming Expert. I have always been fascinated with the programming of videogames, especially Pokémon. A few years ago, I became fascinated with “beta” programming. Beta programming is anything that was left in the programming by the original programmers that was not intended for the final product. As I have found, Pokémon games are filled with beta programming. This sticky pertains to the beta programming of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Some of what I have found can be seen in this sticky.
    In my search for beta programming, I have discovered maps, music, text, houses, and trainers that were not in the final release of the game. People have not always believed me, as some of my finds have been stunning. The first few posts in this sticky reflect the mood first felt when I displayed my finds. As the sticky goes on, you will see that the mood gradually changes from skepticism to praise. I hope you will agree that the finds here, found not only by me, are worthy of praise.

    (note: not all of the below items were found by Gulzar)

    Beta Finds:

    Mt. Silver
    Lake of Rage City
    Beta Town*
    Beta Town 2*
    Beta Town 3
    Beta Town 4*
    Beta Route 23
    Beta Team Rocket Hide-Out FB1
    Beta Team Rocket Hide-Out F1
    Beta Team Rocket Hide-Out F2
    Cinnabar Lab entrance*
    Cinnabar Lab room 1*
    Cinnabar Lab room 2*
    Cinnabar Lab room 3
    Cave 1
    Cave 2
    Cave 3
    Cave 4
    Cave 5
    *map’s in-game tileset was edited for ease of viewing

    Other Beta Threads:
    Beta Olivine House
    Beta Music
    Safari Zone

    Key Contributors:

    +--------------First Post------------------+

    After playing around with the programming of my Gold version, I came across two strange maps:

    Strange map 1

    Strange map 2

    These images are not made up or tampered with (except maybe the house roof color, because of the editing program I use). I personally wonder what they are doing in the game, and where they are supposed to be. What is your opinion?
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