Beast is Holy, DarkPersian479, thanks for finding those mistakes, I've fixed them.

Also, about Aron... are they spots or holes in its armor?
Dunno. Pokemon art is kind of bad with details. It's great for getting a general idea, but then you think something like that and go stare at the picture for five hours and wind up still having no idea.

And I'll be sure to use more speech tags during battles.

shadowlight, you'd have a good point 'cept you forgot about the second half of Pelipper's battle. The battle was five on five not four on four.

Absol beat Swablu but was disqualified. 1:1
Flare beat Tropius 1:2
Saurius lost to Pelipper 2:2
Raiden beat Pelipper 2:3
Flare lost to Skarmory 3:3
Raiden beat Skarmory 3:4
Raiden lost to Altaria 4:4
Silver beat Altaria 4:5

Anyway Lucki wasn't very lucky in this episode was she.
True. But then, she wasn't exactly unlucky either...

Well, you'll see.