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    Default The place were at (Pokeshipping)

    Rating: PG and mabye sometimes PG-13

    “Hello” A voice asked as a picture of a girl popped into view. Her long blond hair was in a sloppy ponytail that rested on her right shoulder. Her Blue pajamas pants stuck to her thin legs and her blue top hug a little loose.

    “Misty” The girl cried.

    “Hi Daisy” Misty said with a smile.

    “I’ll go wake up Violet and” Daisy began.

    “No don’t let them sleep” Misty said interrupting her sister.

    “Okay, Oh Misty, can I ask you a big favor” Daisy asked?

    “Sure, what” Misty asked sweetly?

    “Will you come home to Cerulean to watch the gym” Daisy asked hopefully?

    “But I was going to go back to Pallet Town with” Misty began.

    “With ash and Brock, yes I know, but we need you here Mist” Daisy said Cutting into Misty’s sentence

    “Why do you need me to watch the gym, aren’t you guys going to be there” Misty asked?

    “Your sisters and I are going on a cruise and we need someone to watch the gym, please Misty, we have no where else to turn to” Daisy asked pleading.

    “Okay, Okay, I’ll come home” Misty said with a sigh.

    “Yay thank you so much” Daisy said happily “Where are you?”

    I’m in the city next to Cerulean” Misty said.

    “Oh so your close” Daisy said with a smile planted on her lips.

    “Yeah see you in about a day, say hi to Violet and Lily for me” Misty said.

    “Okay I will, bye sis, see you later” Daisy said and then the screen went black.

    “Pika, Po” Something said.

    Misty turned around just in time for ash’s Pikachu to jump right into her arms.

    “Is that you’re Pikachu” An angry out of breath voice asked?

    “Misty flinched a little and then looked up cradling Pikachu in her arms.
    “No he’s a friend’s” Misty said.

    “Well tell your friend to keep that Pikachu out of the kitchen” The voice said booming aging and waving a wooden spoon in his hand.

    He was a middle aged man. The top of his black hair was covered by a white Chef’s hat. Hid green short sleeve shirt and raggedy old blue jeans that looked like they hardly fit him were covered up by a white apron that had spots of orange and yellow spots, that came from who knows what. He was a little chunky and a scowl was playing on his lips. He’s Brown eyes stared angrily at Pikachu.

    “Uh...Yes...Sir” Misty said tickling Pikachu on his stomach.

    “Pika, pi, pika” He cried out in a giggling voice.

    The man stomped away mumbling to himself.

    ”Pikachu does Brock and Ash know your gone” Misty asked him?

    “Pika, Pi” Pikachu said in a low voice.

    Misty got up and walked the way the chef did and then stopped at the second door on the left. She moved Pikachu to her left arm and then knocked with her right hand.

    Brock answered the door, he was already dressed but he’s short dark hair was standing ever witch way. Misty held in her laughter and then swallowed it.

    “Pikachu, Ash, Misty found Pikachu” Brock yelled turning away from misty and looking into the room Ash and him shared.

    All of a sudden a pile of clothes that was on the ground moved and out popped ash’s head.

    “Thank you Misty” Ash said getting out of the pile of clothes and taking Pikachu from Misty’s hands.

    “Piiii” Pikachu said with a screech and hugging ash as tight a he could.

    Come on in Mist” Ash said hugging Pikachu and sitting on his bed.

    Misty walked in and leaned against the wall that was next to the door.

    “Oh yeah, Pikachu can’t go back in the kitchen, isn’t that right” Misty asked the squealing yellow mouse?

    “Pi” Pikachu said sadly looking down at the clothed on the floor.

    “It’s okay Pikachu you didn’t mean to” Misty said sweetly.

    “Pi” Pikachu said happily again.

    “Oh yeah, guys I know I promised to go back to Pallet Town but my sisters….need me back home” Misty said quickly and softly.

    “But Mist” Ash began.

    “I’m sorry, I said I would” Misty said interrupting him.

    Without Misty knowing it, ash had gotten up.

    “I’m coming with you” ash said.

    “But what about your mom, you said your go back home” Misty asked him a little startled by his reaction.

    “She’ll understand” Ash said.

    Then it hit Misty. “Maybe he does love me” Misty thought. But then she pushed that thought to the side. “He doesn’t he made that crystal clear, the night he became Champion” Misty thought to herself.

    “ty” Brock was saying but she only heard the last two letters of the last word.

    “Huh” Misty asked him?

    “Are you okay” Ash asked?

    “Yeah, I’m fine” Misty said.

    “Okay, I’m going back to the gym with you” Ahs said with a smile.

    “Don’t think you have to ash, because you don’t” Misty said.

    “But I went to” Ash said.

    “Okay” Misty said caving in.

    “I’ll go back home too” Brock said.

    “Let’s get going then” Misty said.

    They all thanked Nurse Joy and walked on to Cerulean

    A day later….

    The sun shined in the crakes of the closed windows in the pokecenter. It fell across Misty’s face and blinded her. She turned on her side to escape it, but she couldn’t so she got up, brushed her hair and put it up. She sat against the door and waited for the guys to wake up. Ash woke up first then Brock did.

    They walked to the front desk and got their pokemon back.

    “Thanks Nurse Joy” Ash said.

    “Misty let me go” Brock said trying to break free of her grip on his ear.

    “No way” Misty said holding on to his ear and pulling him away from Nurse Joy.

    Ash joined them and Brock stopped fussing.

    Well see you guys later” Brock said. “I’ll come and visit sometimes and I’ll maybe even bring my brothers and sisters”.

    Misty and Brocks hugged and Brock walked over to Ash.

    “You’re the best man” Ash said as they high fives each other.

    Ash and Misty waved until Brock was out of sight. Then they walked to the gym. When they got in, Misty yells “Daisy, Lily Violet”. And out of nowhere they appear and ran over to them.

    “Misty” Lily said hugging her.

    “Thank you so much for doing this” Violet said.

    “Oh, hi Ash” Daisy said as if she just seen him.

    “Hi” Ash said.

    “Well we’ve got to go” Daisy said hugging Misty.

    They said their good-byes and walked out.

    “I got to go feed the pokemon” Misty said.

    “I’ll he” Ash began to say but was stopped by Misty putting up her hand and walking away into another room.
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