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    Default Events of Drew?

    This story is on what may be the romance between May and Drew,from now to the future.It's rated G and can be read by anyone.

    May is reminising about her most recent contest.She wonders if she's in love."I feel strange.There seems to be freindship between my annoying rival.Stupid Drew!"Suddenly Celebi appears.It seems to want and show May her possible future.Suddenly she vanishes through time.

    Chapter I: Revealing the truth
    We are currently two years in the future.It appears May is still doing contests,but there's something wrong when she battles with Drew."Roselia,use Petal Dance!"However May does not seem to be helping out her Beautifly in the contest,but gaping at Drew."He's so dreamy.."she thinks.The judges soon declare Drew the winner."Why didn't you order your Pokemon May" said Drew."I don't know!" cried May and ran off.In Pewter City Brock was calming down May."Why are you being so nervous May.You used to try much more to defeat Drew.""Don't laugh Brock but I'm sort of in..I love Drew!!"

    "I'll help you!I am Brock,the love doctor!!"*huge sweatdrop on May*"I guess I have no choice."*even bigger sweatdrop on Brock*."First,you need to admit your love in a passionate way.Check my previous encounter with the ladies!"*VCR goes into TV*"Here you see how I express my love to Nurse Joy,Dianne,Officer Jenny ect".The May from the present has a godzilla-sized sweatdrop."Why can't Brock just give her some flowers for Drew!"

    May seems to be next to Drew's door.*thinking*"What if I can't say anything!"Drew opens the door and sees the flowers that May has brought."Oh so you brought these for Roselia May?"May gets mad and says angrily"No Drew,don't you realise that, oh what the heck,I love you!"Drew starts to blush." you too May."They then kiss.

    May,tired of this sees her future more.We go 5 years to May's first date{warning!some 4th wall breaking!False alarm,May{in the future} is just narrating}.Ash has caught 100 Pokemon,Brock has got a job as breeder and Pokemon Contests are now in couples.Speaking of couples:
    Chapter II:The Blossoming of Love
    "And another victory has been obtained by May's Metang and Drew's Persian!"The judges announce."Yes,we won!"cries May."And we did it together"said Drew,now wearing pink{weirdo}.

    "Oh,If you don't realise me,I'm May,the narrater.The previous one is dating Liza.I'm here to tell the story of my first date!"
    I was with Ash and Max discussing about our latest contest."You were awsome!"Ash said."I wonder if I should enter a contest with Crawdaunt{you guessed it!Id.}I replied'I know!Drew seems like the perfect soul-mate!"{Max releases his Slakoth which acts like Psyduck} then teases"Ha!I can't believe you love your rival.May and Drew,siting on a tree.K-I-S-S-I-N-G.First comes dates{Max is interrupted}Drew:Hey gang,May.I've got tickets for the Luvdisc festival."We could go for a date,I said."Cool"

    Later I was preparing to wear something.AFTER THAT I brushed my teeth 10 times to turn them blindingly white.'Preparing for the big date I see",Mom said.At the date I met up with Drew and wondered what to do."Nice weather"Drew said."Look what I got.A Skitty perfume'Suddenly the Skitty perfume smashes and shows what he only could obtain:A rock that looks a heart."That's the best gift ever"I say.I hugged and kissed and*Warning:You must be 21+to see this so I'll call in Block;blockblockblockblockblockblockblockblockbloc k(7 hours later)...block*Then we saw the most beautiful allignment of Luvdisc.{I'm back so I'll say id,whatever it means:ididididididididididididkwyjiboididididididi dididididididididididididkyjibo1111000011010101101 101010101010111000031010101}

    I'm back!Here is the next installment in this story
    Chapter III:Love has flowered
    It is now ten years after May first met Drew.Ash is still training to become a Pokemon master,Max has a Vigoroth and Brock is date crazier than ever."Another victory for Drew and May!"Vivian pronounced.The couple is very excited they one.As May returns,she wonders if to take here next step."Aren't we the dreamiest?",she says.Brock backs up the statement;"Yeah,you're a really great couple".Pikachu!Pika!"You know,if you are so great why don't you become engaged?",Ash said."That's a beautiful idea,after all I've fancied him since I met him.Okay,I'll do it!"But just before Brock can speak May exclaimed"...AND NO BROCK!!!"

    As she begins her proposal,she sets up the perfect spot,on the hilltops of Mt Moon."I cant wait for this proposal.Soon we will be the greatest co-ordinator team ever!"So I see your proposing"Wait,who are you?"May said.Oh,I am the narrator.I'm gathering stories on trainers for future generations to hear."So what do you think I should propose with?"Hmm,use you Pokemon and embrace your heart."I will!"Near to sunset May gets ready to propose."You know,I'm not sure you should go before practising for your attacks"."I've been practising for ten years Max!Oh well,what are brothers for?"Hey!I resent that remark!At sunset,the two lovers get ready."Drew,I want to show you something"May commands Blastoise to use Bubble Beam in the sky,creating a message:Will you marry m-Just beforeshe finishes E,it burst from Team Rocket{with Harley}!

    Jessie:"An evil as old as the galaxy"
    James and Meowth:"Sent here to fufill our destiny"
    Harley:And there's me!
    Jessie :To Protect the Evils of Truth and Love
    James:To Blast off beyond the Stars above
    "And Meowth's the name!"
    "Whenever the universe has harmony and peace,"
    "We'll visit,"
    "To make all of it seize!"
    *Wobbufett,Mime Jr and Cacturne{Harley's}appear*
    "Alright,hand your Squirtle over!"Harley demanded""Never!You ruined it!"*The next scene is battling,so you can use imagination*"Don't worry May,I'll handle this!Roselia,use Solar Beam!"*After attack*"We're blasting off again!"Drew realises what she was about,and says I do
    Alright!How's that for long!

    Chapter IV:The Beautifly takes the nectar!
    As the wedding is apporaching,May is beginning a great step in her life.Today she will become a wife to a great co-ordinator and Brock would still want to be married to Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny."Nurse,I've got a stomach ache".After analysis,Nurse Joy gives May the good news."Congratulations May,you have a pair of twins coming.""WHAT?"Meanwhile,Brock is getting his clothes on when he spots Nurse Joy."Well hello Joy!Seeing how they're getting married how would we like to?I know the perfect spot in happy ever after land!!"*Max pulls his ear*"If it was so happy why would you be there!"

    *In the crowd all of their friends,family,gym leaders and Fronteir Brains are there,with me also*May thinking:"remember what to say,just remember please!"Do you,May of Petalburg,take Drew to be your lawfully wedded husband?"I do"And do you,Drew take May to be your lawfully wedded wife?"I do"Does anyone reject?"I DO!" Brock said."I love Nurse Joy!I made a song for you!
    N is for nurishment,
    U is for univesal!
    R is for inreplacable.
    S is for smiling,
    E is for embracing,
    J is for jolly,
    O is for overcaring
    *Max pulls Brock's ear*
    And Y is for you are hopeless
    Anywho,I now pronounce you man and wife!

    "Drew,I have to tell you something"
    "Anything my love"
    "We will have twins"
    "Then our parents must be proud!"

    6 months later,Drew and May live in a nice apartment,but right now May is in hospital after giving birth to twins
    Drew:"What will we call this one?"
    "What of our daughter?"
    What do you think they'll be?
    "When they are old enough,our children will be co-ordinators Drew.Co-ordinators*faints*"
    May has now learnt her future,but one thing still remains a mystery...

    This was my first fan-fiction of Pokemon,done by RedJirachi,finished 21:13 on 31st August 2006
    Events of Drew by RedJirachi
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