The Battle as a whole was okay I guess...

Whoever called May/Max/Brock/Scott watching via Hot Air Balloon was right, they were in a Pokeball one that had a TV screen. A floating judge/camea [wtf?] would fly around with the battle and give the TV a picture.

Okay, is it just me, or does a robotic Frontier Judge ruin the whole 'Jungle Theme'? Here we have a remote island seemingly filled with Pokemon and one human, Spenser. Then we have the 'Battle Palace' designed like old, ancient ruins to further the effect. And then we get a floating camera judge. Honestly, that's like taking the grunge out of the 90's D:

I don't really want to comment on the episode right now because I've only seen pictures, but at the end Heracross is still with the Group. I know Ash could easily send it back between the end of this episode and the start of the new one, but Charizard returned to his crazy-ass Valley during the end of the Factory episode, so maybe there's some hope? Or maybe I desperately want the writers to pull a Phanpy on Heracross...oh that would be heaven.

Oh, and I don’t mind Sceptile learning Solar Beam. Yes, it’s overused, but this is the newest attack it’s learned in a LONGGG time [we’re talking early-mid Hoenn] and from pictures, it looks rather cool *shot*