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Thread: Songs for Ships

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    Default Songs for Ships

    I like to think that every Ship has the Perfect song but I don't know ones for ALL the fact I only have 3 s you can post your choice for a song to match your ship but be sure to post the lyrics...I'll post any I come up with later but right now I only got three...

    Advanceshipping- Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

    Orangeshipping- Every Time We Touch by Cascada

    Gymshipping- Just The Girl by The Click Five

    Now you guys pick your song choices^^

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    I actually think that "Beautiful Soul" is more of a contestshipping song but that's just me.

    Advanceshipping- "Loving You" by Jennifer Love Hewitt'm-Gonna-Love-You-lyrics-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt/3500BA3D728546BF48256BF40003D96F

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    If you want to make a thread for Shipping songs, then make a <insert specific shipping> song thread. >_>


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