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Thread: Pokémon - The Indigo League (01)

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    Putting nostalgia aside, I think the reason this season is one of the more popular ones is because its main focus was on the world of Pokémon and the adventures Ash and his friends go through. Like people have said, this is the season that started it all. Obviously at this point, the writers had a lot of ideas on the table. Things felt original, they felt fresh and the unique plots they came up with were very good. It was almost like you didn't care that Gary was underused, that Team Rocket outside of the TRio wasn't used to their full potential and that many of the battles weren't as good as they would later become. Each episode felt like an experience. The characters were very likeable. It was a fun ride to go on and because of it being a fun ride and the fact that it was the first season, I think a lot of people can forgive the fact that maybe it did have some flaws.

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    my grandma bough this on dvd, and i started watching it a while ago.
    it was the only seasoni watched all the way through and i think it is the best season of pokemon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post
    Honestly, it's a bad season because it was rather badly written. It might be because it's pretty much advertising the games and thus there wasn't enough time to produce a proper plot, 4KIDS refused to remain true to the script at times (though they made the Team Rocket trio one of the best characters in the show, I'll give them that), jelly-filled doughnuts, Pikachu the horn, Ash didn't really win all of his badges properly, Brock's mother is "dead", the infamous Porygon episode, there's a lot.

    However, even with the bad writing and plotholes, and the blinding nostalgia, I do have a soft spot for it. If anything, I like it for the lulz, and also to see just how much has changed since the beginning. I won't watch it all the time, but if I buy the first season boxset, it'll be for my own kids to watch.
    I'd go with "campy," instead of "bad." The original writers were trying to be silly and funny. In a comedy, Plot, continuity, logic, and the rest can be easily dropped to maintain the proper mood, to be funny. 4Kids changed things, but that's why they were hired. 4Kids had never re-dubbed anime, but they had marketed products in the U.S. successfully. Nintendo hired them for that. If Nintendo had wanted an accurate translation, they would've gone with a company experienced with re-dubbing.
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    If this was the first series you watched then it would surely be your favourite. It was so good to watch as a kid and a great way to start of the dynasty I suppose. Anyways I have a question in episodes 65 and 66 Ash's Charizard has somehow turned into Charmander again. Does anyone know the reason for this? Because the episodes are holiday ones (Holiday high-Jynx and Snow way out) I was thinking that originally they had the episodes planned for before but wanted to use this for Christmas but surely they could of done something better. Just want that to be cleared up.
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    ^Basically, your correct. They were aired out-of-order to coincide with the holidays.
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    Indigo league ... this is the season that started it all. There are some memorable episodes like 'Pokemon I Choose you','Snow way out',' Bye bye Butterfree' and there are also some controversial episodes like 'Holiday-hi Jynx',' the Legend of Dratini'. Overall this season is great in my opinion, because it introduced many anime fans to Pokemon.
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    Ah, this seried brings back so many fond memories and is definitely one of my favourites.
    The best bits:
    > The dynamic of the first trio was perhaps the best. Who didn't love Ash and Misty bickering about whether they should go left or right while behind them Brock sighs, pulls out a map and tells them that they should instead go straight forwards?
    > Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. For anyone who ever watched the original series, this group of four will always hold a special place in their hearts and memories, particularly the bromance between Bulbasaur and Squirtle, and the foursome's interactions with each other and Team Rocket's pokemon when lost on the island of giant pokemon.
    > Pidgeotto/Pidgeot. I'll admit, at first I often forgot about Pidgeotto. Then it took on Giovanni's Rhydon with a fantastic Double-Edge attack, turning the tide of the last Gym Battle in Ash's favour. And then it evolved to take on Fearow. Okay, so maybe Staraptor, Swellow and maybe even Noctowl (during the Sinnoh league at least) have gone on to become better than Pidgeot, Pidgeot was still pretty awesome, way outclassing Unfezant imo, and I'd love to see Ash keep his promise and go back for it.
    > Episodes that made you cry (almost!) Maybe its because I'm older now, but pokemon doesn't make me tear up anymore. Bye-bye Butterfree! is probably the first time that anyone was moved to tears by pokemon, and Pikachu's Goodbye certainly did well in getting close to the same, but I don't think that we ever truely get episodes like this (though the episode where Misty leaves at the end of Johto came close, especially if you were a pokeshipper!)
    > Ash's Charizard battling Blaine's Magmar is still, to me at least, one of the most fun-to-watch battles in the entire series. What could be more entertaining than watching two powerful fire types sparring above an active volcano? Very little, that's what!
    > Despite the bad way it ended, the league wasn't all that bad. Not only did we get excellent performances from Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, we also got to see just what Krabby/Kingler and Muk were made of, and the result was not too shabby!
    > Ekans/Arbok and Koffing/Weezing. Before they became as tired characters as their owners, these two pokemon were a fun addition to the series. They are the quintessential pokemon for Jessie and James, and far more memorably than anything that the dimwitted duo have caught since.
    > Decent fillers. Okay, maybe the problem with more recent filler episodes is that they can feel like re-hashes of old ones, but I still feel that some of the ones from the Kanto series were the most memorable. There were decent side adventures that our heroes went on, such as their trip on the St Anne, is subsequent sinking, their escape and their being marooned on the island of Giant Pokemon. The P1 Grand Prix was their first attempt at producing a side tournament for Ash to compete in and the results were good, even though it all happened in one race. And episodes like the Flame Pokemon-athlon, The Song of Jigglypuff, Clefairy and the Moon Stone, and Attack of the Prehistoric pokemon were just outright enjoyable. Not only that, but a fair few Characters of the Day were memorably - A.J. Samurai, Giselle, Joe, Damian, Suzy, and the Eevee Brothers stand out as vividly in my memory as the main cast from this series.

    However, my mind isn't entirely clouded by nostolgia, and I do recall the bad bits as well!
    > Charizard not listening to Ash went on for a bit too long in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, the episode in the Orange Islands series where Ash finally gets though to Charizard is one of my favourites from that saga, as well as the series as a whole, but it should have come a lot sooner. The battle of Blaine's Magmar was the time to do this. Afterwards, any time that Charizard disobeyed, I just wanted Ash to send it to Oak's lab and bring in Krabby, Muk or Tauros, just so he's have something half decent to back up Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.
    > Lack of development for Misty. Yes, she caught several pokemon, but nothing all that spectacular, with Horsea, Goldeen and Starmie spending about 90% of all episodes locked in their pokeballs whilst Staryu did all the work, Togepi looked cute and Psyduck did his running gag. I awlays thought it a shame that Misty did not get more to do, and that she should have only had her Staryu, allowing it to evolve into Starmie when it was good and ready.
    > Pity badges. Everyone has differing opinions on which ones were pity badges and which ones were proper wins, but whatever your take on them, there is no denying that there were several instances where Ash got his badge out of pity.
    > Lack of Gary. This guy was meant to be Ash's rival, but he was barely seen. Ok, so some instances like the taunt Gary left for Ash on the sign at the foot of Mt Moon were fun, but I always wanted to see more from this guy and never got it in this series.
    > Lousy final league battle. As noted above, Charizard's behaviour got old, and there was no better example that this battle. It's a shame really, as I would have liked to have seen Ash go out with more of a bang!
    > Leaving Pokemon behind. Ok, so Bye-bye Butterfree was one of the more tear-inducing episodes ever, but it still stands that Ash left four rather good pokemon behind him in this series. Butterfree, Pidgeot, Primeape and Haunter (whether Ash technically caught you or not), I miss you all, would have loved to see more of you, and sincerely hope that one day you will come back!
    > Bulbasaur didn't evolve. As much as I love Bulbasaur, I always felt a little sad that it didn't evolve. After the disasterous result of Charmander evolving into Charmeleon and then Charizard, Ash could really have used the confidence boost that would have come had Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur and still obeyed him. It's not a massive issue, but I've always felt that Ivysaur has been an overlooked pokemon as far as the anime goes.
    > We didn't get to see the other Pallet Town Trainers. I think that it was later mentioned that they gave up training, but I would have really loved seeing both of them.
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    Probably my 3rd favorite series. It gives me nostalgic vibes and it was pretty interesting and entertaining. Misty and Brock were at their best in this series imo, the battle's weren't that great though, with a few exceptions. The fillers were also interesting and sometimes kinda weird. I give this series an 8/10

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    A few here may have seen my reviews for the first 32 episodes, and perhaps one or two of those few are probably wondering why I never did the rest. Next to real life kicking me in the shins, it's because the reviews had slowed me down from watching the episodes. I had started rewatching it from the beginning back in October of last year, and I thought it was ridiculous how I only watched 32 episodes within several months, mainly because I knew that I was going to write out a review over it because I wanted to—or so I thought. So, instead of playing “catch up” on reviews, I figured I might as well gather my total thoughts of the Indigo Plateau season here. Probably should've done that from the start. The post I made here in the past is old shame, and I'm here to rectify that because my “views” then don't match my views now.

    Nostalgia and memory are like comparing apples and oranges. They seem to work hand-in-hand, but in reality, the two are different, as one is more of a manifestation and the other is a sensation, if that makes sense. Memories have happened, but they're no longer occurring presently, they're just like pulling up a PDF file on your computer, or using the Internet Wayback Machine to view old websites. Nostalgia is upon thinking back to it sometime later down the road, and you feel like you remember how it felt, and long for it to happen again. In the meantime, as memories start to fade or lose information, nostalgia is there to fill in gaps, because that's what you want to remember the most. You want to remember how it felt to have been there, and that is what sticks with you longer.

    Pokémon is like that for me, personally, as I'm sure it is with other people. I remember when it first came on, and I had felt intrigued by it. I remember waking up in the mornings to watch it on Kids WB before school, and I remember running back home from the bus stop to watch it—at least for the weekdays, waking up early on Saturdays by then was second nature. (Quick note: I wanted to make sure I was correct in the timing, so a quick Google search pulled up an actual schedule for Kids WB. Strangely enough, it says Pokémon aired on Kids WB in 1999, but Bulbapedia says 1998. Hmm...) I bring this up because that was how I felt as a kid, and I remember some good chunks of my childhood. However, I didn't always remember the shows I watched in great detail, and Pokémon wasn't entirely exempt from that.

    But I digress. Because of the repeats, prior to the rewatch I did remember many, if not all, of the episodes of the original series up to some of Johto. What the episodes were about, I had forgotten parts of over time, but I never forgot that feeling of enjoying each episode. So as I revisited the Indigo Plateau after all these years, memories came back (sometimes verbatim), but it also felt new to me, somewhat. I was able to catch on to dialogue and the writing—which was something I never fully took heed of as a child even though I caught on to the comedy—admire the background artwork, and now that I know more of the Japanese culture, the more I was able to see it in the episodes. 4KIDS never did take all of the Japanese culture out of the show. It's one of their bigger notorieties, but there were scenes that were still left untouched, believe it or not, usually in the background. My guess is it's because they're not explained/nothing to explain, there wasn't anything questionable involved, or they just weren't translatable, but they just couldn't edit it if they wanted to. Who knows at this point. Funnily enough, rice balls were correctly brought up by name in “Pokémon Paparazzi” despite originally being called doughnuts in episode 25, so I guess they just were lenient some times than others, or they couldn't get away with it because Brock was making them on-screen. Or maybe the decisions were all on the episode director. Again, who knows.

    Regardless of what I bring up here, I will always praise the first episode for being a wonderful introduction to Pokémon. It sets everything up nicely, and it shows us what Ash's journey, and ultimately the franchise, is all about. It also captures a childhood dream of adventure and wonder, thus why many children were able to jump in so easily and why adults were so easily confused. It wasn't anything new, per se, but it was indeed different from what we mostly saw on television. Not saying it was something every kid was looking for in a cartoon, but it sparked something deep inside us that allowed us to latch onto it at the time, and thus why it became such a world-wide phenomenon—something that not many franchises out there can vouch for, even if they're similar.

    If someone were to ask me about some of my favorite moments from the Indigo League, I probably could make a top ten or even fifteen favorite moments list. But I'm not going to do that, because that's too tedious, and my memory is not that strong. So instead, I'll have a list of five aspects I did enjoy from the original series that I bothered to remember, in no particular order.

        Spoiler:- the good:

    The Indigo saga is not perfect, however. In fact, once you dig down into it, you're bound to find numerous flaws that kills the magic. Even on the surface, there are just as many problems as there is greatness that cannot be overlooked. This is more-or-less me beating a dead horse at this point, since chances are everything I'm listing has been brought up, but I can't leave this review unbalanced despite how biased I am towards this season, because yes, there were things that I didn't like.

        Spoiler:- the bad:

    So Pokémon is a show for kids, and I can see why adults never really got the appeal of it. But ignoring the fact it's still on-going to this day, why is it so memorable after all these years, mainly the early seasons? It's a colorful show, the characters are easy to remember and have good chemistry, the humor's not too far out there (it's a bit down to earth at times), the music is wonderful—the theme song in particular is just so iconic that you can belt it in the middle of a crowded building or street and someone will sing along with you—the nostalgia is clearly strong here. While the show has problems, it's not harmful in what it teaches to children (all claims of it being pro-cock fighting/animal abuse is a steaming heap of Tauros-crap, every sane person knows this), it does keep their attention, and there are instances of parental bonuses strewn about. For a company that liked to edit things out to make the shows more “kid-friendly”, they sure liked to insert things into the dialogue. Not that things still weren't in the original to begin with, but it's just all over the place in the dub.

    So why did it get as popular with the kids as it did? My guess is with all of these elements combined, it's something that children have dreamed about. Some kids like to say they're going to run away from home and do things their way (if not joining the circus), that's just who kids are. But how cool is it to leave home as a kid, but be able to have a buddy or two be with you? Companions who will be at your side to keep you company, protect you with all their wellbeing, and just love you for being you? Oh, and these companions have these awesome powers that can be of wind, water, fire, electricity, grass, psychic, steel, rock, earth, anything you can think of, and when they grow, they grow into something more awesome and powerful. And you and your companions can travel through many towns and cities across the country, or even across the globe just looking for a good challenge. And along the way, you can meet other kids or people just like you with their own special companions. If you're lucky, you and your companions may end up taking down an evil organization single-handedly or even saving the world. And you can walk into other people's homes without repercussions.

    Okay, that last one probably won't do you any good, but for everything else, that sense of adventure just hypes you up. That kind of imagination is ideal, and is something that will never happen outside of that make-believe world without reality delivering a Mega Punch directly to your face. But if it was something that existed, who of us wouldn't want to take on that challenge? Apparently we do, because why else do we keep coming back to Pokémon, whether it's with the games, the manga, or the anime? It may have faltered in grace over the years, and it's just like every other kids' show out there, but even with all the problems, there's a special charm to the first season in particular, and it could be the amount of care that went into it. Yes, the Pokémon anime is nothing more than one big commercial for the games, but was it really at first? The fact that many kids in America never really knew of Pokémon prior to being exposed to the anime says to me that enough care went into the Pokémon anime that it can stand on its own without the games, which I feel helped contribute to its world-wide success.

    And I'm glad that it did.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to the Orange Islands, because I'm hoping that the season really wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe over the years. And something tells me it's better than I remember.
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    Honestly, I dont labor nearly as much love and nostalgia for this saga as I used to. Before you say"Oh well, you''re just an angry BW/AG/DP/XY fanboy, you werent there to see it while it happened" I ve watched season 1 more than Ive watched any other saga, including XY. I had all the episodes on VHS, and Ive watched them through at least 7 times iirc. All the more reason why Im annoyed at just being unable to see how on earth this is the best saga whatsoever.

    90% of battles were honestly just terrible, Brock and Misty are overrated as hell (I really do not why people honestly think losing Misty was such a huge deal tbh). Awful league with BS evolution, culminating in a loss so forced that the suspension of disbelief can be used as a bungee cord afterwards. the dub was certainly better than newer sagas, but the shipping hints are still so unbelievably painful, and the donut stuff is just kinda dumb, but not really a gripe tbh. The handling of Misty and Brock's pokemon are literally beyond trash, and they might as well not have bothered. In general I dont care as much for Misty and Brock as I used to, one being the token girl and love interest, and the other being comedic relief, and while Brock still hasnt been surpassed in his role (mainly because 4kids are really good at writing comedy), Misty has just been surpassed by every girl since her in terms of development and watchability. there were also just plain dumb moments like gastly turning into a mangoose, and mentioning minnesota for some reason?

    God, I just needed a good rant, so I guess I should clarify (little late for that maybe), but I still do a lot of stuff about Kanto, like I do with every series of pokemon:

    -Bulbasaur and squitle's friendship was really awesome to watch.

    -Pikachu was still his own character, instead of being an Ash expansion pack.

    -Bulbasaur in general was a showstealer to me.

    - while his evolution was BS, kingler pulling a 3-0 at the league was badass.

    -The dub is still great at this point, despite the first episodes being pretty meh.

    Overall, I still enjoy this saga, just not nearly as much as some of the other ones 3/10.
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    I really enjoyed the old school Pokemon. What I got to say is that there were a lot of good for the whole series. Ash Ketchum got Pikachu because he overslept. He met Misty when she was fishing. Then Ash stole Misty's bike. Misty later finds him at the Viridian City Pokemon Center. Team Rocket makes their first appearence with Ekans, Koffing, and a talking Meowth. Team Rocket failed. Ash catches 1st pokemon. (Freaks Misty Out) and so on. I enjoyed "Island of the Giant Pokemon" because its the 1st time that the pokemon got separated. "Pikachu's Goodbye" was a very emotional episode with "The time has come" The memories from this series when I was young.

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