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Thread: The Naruto debate thread

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    Default The Naruto debate thread

    Well, I first thought of specifically naming the ships to be debated in question, but since there are alot of ships in Naruto, I decided to keep the thread general... for now at least

    First Off, I suppose, is..

    Naruto/Sakura vs Sakura/Sasuke or Naruto/Hinata

    So, which do you think will happen?

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    NarutoXSakura. Why?
    1. There are many hints. When Naruto, for example, retreives his forehead protector from Zabuza and introduces himself. Sakura blushes madly in this scene thinking: 'What...? What is this feeling? Was Naruto this...?'
    2. Naruto would do anything for Sakura
    3. With Sasuke, Sakura tries to be someone she is not. If you notice, she always tries her hardest to say things she thinks he'll like, and Inner Sakura pops up much more frequently whenever she's around him. However,
    With Naruto, Sakura and Inner Sakura are the same person. She doesn't feel the same need to pretend. All of her thoughts and feelings come out in the open.
    4.Naruto and Sakura have the same humour, they both have the same determination, both behave naturally around each other, and both worry a lot about each other
    5.Naruto and Sakura cancel each other out. If Naruto get's out of line Sakura is there to whack him over the head and put him back in his place. If Sakura is feeling emotionally down Naruto would be there to pick her up.
    Now about Naruto part two (The anime isn't this far yet).
    I'll just quote something from Wikipedia 'cause I'm lazy:
    Now about why I think NaruXHina could never work out:
    Hinata is much too shy around Naruto, and barely talks. Naruto is the type that talks too much and is much more active than Hinata. The relationship couldn't work out.     Spoiler:
    Naruto and Hinata just don't work together. She's shy, timid, and has low self-esteem drives that point even more. She wouldn't even be able to tell Naruto how she feels and if she actually did get with him then they would have one really awkward relationship.
    This is mainly because Hinata would just go along with Naruto's every word like a robot. I believe this is why Naruto could never fall in love with Hinata because if you look at episode three or ummm the same chapter of the manga when Naruto in Henge says "I think I'm starting to see why I like her" it's because Sakura isn't like Hinata at all and is in fact more like Naruto.

    Now about why I think SasuXSaku couldn't work out:
    1. Sasuke turned to the 'Dark Side' and won't just go back that easily
    2. Like Kakashi said: 'Sakura never criticizes Sasuke.'
    3. Sakura's feelings towards Sasuke in Naruto part 2 seem more platonic.
    4.Quote from Wiki:
    Crying and desperate not to lose Sasuke, Sakura does anything she can think of, confessing her love for him and even offering to join his twisted journey so they at least can be together. Sasuke's cryptic last words before swiftly knocking her out and departing are "Sakura... Thank you". The databook elaborates on this a bit, saying that "Sasuke is unable to answer her feelings - At the end, he leaves her with only a word of gratitude rather than words of parting".
    5. In the long run, you need to be with the person whom you can be yourself with. If Sakura and Sasuke ended up together, their relationship would be turbulent. They would not have much communication, I don't think, and communication is a vital aspect to a relationship.

    Sorry if there are any grammar problems.
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    IMO, everyone is in love with someone, and that someone is not. For example:

    Hinita likes Naruto. Naruto likes Sakura. Sakura likes Sasuke. And Hinita gets no love because her eyes are all white ;/ XD J/k

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    You could say that, but the the series so far suggest that Sakura is developing a crush on Naruto. See my evidence above.
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