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    Default Special Energy Card Tutorial

    Sorry for the long delay - better late than never though :P. This tutorial covers just about everything, fom the placing of the text to the card art now .

    Some important notes: This Special Energy Card Tutorial is adapted for Photoshop 6 and up. Of course, this tutorial may not necessarily be 100% correct - I could be wrong. As for the Special Energy card blank, there isn't anywhere else to get it other than Pokebeach. To access the link, click here and scroll down until you see the link to the Special Energy card blank. Also, all fonts are the standard fonts used for making other fake cards.

    All ready? Then let's begin!

    Before we start, we’ll need to change the foreground colour to white, since all text will be white in colour. To do this, hit D on your keyboard to select default colours, and then hit X to switch Foreground and Background colours. You toolbar should look something like this:

    Figure 1

    First, we’ll start with the name. The name uses Gill Sans MT Bold, size 20 at 100% width. Put it 5 pixels from the top of the black line and 2 pixels on the right from the left edge of the black line.

    Figure 2

    For the text ‘Special Energy card’ (to the right of the Energy card’s name), use Gill Sans MT Regular, size 14 at 96% width. Place it 2 pixels on the right from the left edge of the black line. Put it 5 pixels above the black line.

    Figure 3

    Things get a little complicated here. For the Energy’s effect, draw a text box by drag-clicking to create a box. Align the box so that it is exactly the width of the black line. The text box should be about 5 pixels below the line. Open up the Paragraph window, and click ‘Justify last left’. (If you can’t see the window, click ‘Window’ on your menu and select ‘Show Paragraph’.)

    Figure 4

    For the text, use Gill Sans MT Regular, at 96% width. Your text can range between the size of 11 and 15. Set the leading (the distance between two lines) 1 point bigger than your font. (For example, if your font is size 12, then your leading should be 13.)

    Figure 5

    The final parts are similar to Fangking’s tutorial for Pokémon cards. The 9-digit ID is placed 15 pixels from the right of the yellow border, and its bottom should be aligned with the Nintendo copyright. Use Futura LT Medium Regular, size 7 at 89% width.

    Figure 6

    The rarity symbol goes about 25 pixels from the left of the yellow border. Put the card number 3 pixels to the left of the rarity. For the card number, use Futura LT Medium Bold Italic, size 7 at 89% width. Align the bottom of the card number with the Nintendo copyright, then shift the rarity symbol 1 pixel up from the bottom of the card number. The set symbol should go roughly somewhere between the rarity symbol and the yellow border.

    Finally, for the illustrator, use Futura LT Medium Italic, size 7 at 100% width. It should be aligned to the left edge of the black line. Put it about 23 pixels from the top of the yellow border.

    Figure 7

    And that's about all for the text part. Easy, wasn't it ?

    Now, if you can't make an authentic-looking Special Energy card if you don't have authentic looking art now, would you? Here's a basic tutorial on how to create your very own Special Energy art from scratch:

    Art Tutorial

    The tutorial also covers some other things that I missed out earlier. To download it, just click 'Download to Desktop'. You'll need Winzip to open the files though .

    That is all for my very basic Special Energy card tutorial. I hope you've found it useful :P
    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I will try to help you...just don't expect a reply too soon OK :P?
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