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Thread: Love Dance : Music and Passion collide (Contestshipping) PG-13

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    Default Love Dance : Music and Passion collide (Contestshipping) PG-13

    Ha Ha Ha I finally Doing it, I’m actually writing and posting a CS fanfiction *dances* Now since I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Pokemon Battles, There probably will not be any, so don’t hate me ok? Before I forget I want to thank my editor Lara Lynx *hugs* Now, Clap for her now! I hope this is good enough... I’m so nervous but I must take the first step. As of Right now it will be PG but wll get PG-13 a little later for things like cursing and other stuff and that's about it. Be gentle it's my first posted fanfiction and I'm super nervous.

    Summary: Harley is sick and tired of Haruka being so lucky and winning all the time and can’t stand her cheerful, ditsy self. So he sends his brother Hiroshi , who he believes is gay but is acutually straighter than an arrow, to make her fall in love with him and then break her heart. The plan was perfect until Hiroshi falls in love with her. Then Hiroshi and Haruka are the invited to a dance competion to battle other dances for two million dollar and to top everything off Shuu is starting to get jealous of Hiroshi because he spends a lot of time with Haruka and Harley is upset with his brother’s sexuality and will do anything to make Haruka fail. All this going on and she doesn’t have a clue. Contestshipping

    Prologue- Harley’s Grand Plan; Enter Hiroshi

    “And the Winner of the River Wood Contest goes to Haruka ”Yelled Vivian, the announcer of Pokemon Contests. Haruka smiled, It was hard ,but she won and now she would be presented with her prize, The River Wood Ribbon. It was a solid blue ribbon with very frilly brown lace. In the center was a gold Center in the shape of a octagon. She smiled even more when the crowd started chanting her name. It was music to her ears. Everyone was happy for her except one person, Harley. He stood hidden in a passage scowling at Haruka, although she couldn’t see him. “ Why does that stupid little girl always win? She doesn’t deserve it. Every time she beats me, it feels as if she is mocking me. It’s enough to make my blood boil. There is gotta be away to bring that little twit down, but how?” Harley started to twirl his long purple hair around his finger. It then came to him. He smiled “ for once in my life, I’m happy to have a annoying little brother....” With one last glare toward Haruka he turned an headed out the door.

    “Congratulations on winning, Haruka” Haruka spun around “Shuu What are you doing here?” Haruka’s blue eyes had a look of surprise in them. Shuu did his infamous hair flip, “ I came to see how you will do. Why else would I be here?” His green eyes held an amused look, However Haruka wasn’t very amused. “ Well excuse me, I’d thought you’d be with your Pokemon in the Pokemon Center.” “They will be fine. Nothing to be worried about. There in the best possible hands right now.” “ I see. What I don’t see is how all your pokemon ended up in the Pokemon Center at the same time.” “ I’m still trying to understand how this girl was able to wipe out all my pokemon with only one of hers. Oh well, there is always going to be someone better. That is why I always train. I train to win and be top coordinator, but I guess everyone is doing that, regardless of what their goal is.” He smiled at her, a beautiful smile. Haruka smiled as well and thought , “ Wow, I never noticed how he looks really cute when he smiles like that and he sounds so wise and mature now.... Wait What am I thinking” She blushed slightly and quickly turned to leave ,”Well, I have to go now. Everyone is waiting for me. Bye” She was about to run off when Shuu called her back, “Haruka, wait” She turned around and caught a red rose, “huh? Oh wait, This is for Beautifly right?” “ Well, Something like that. See ya later Haruka.” He turned around and walked away. Haruka watched until she couldn’t see his bright green hair or purple jacket anymore. She sighed, It was odd, but whenever she was with Shuu she’d get all floaty and happy inside. It was a nice warm feeling that would instantly leave as soon as he did. “ Why do I feel this way?” She thought. She glanced at a clock and suddenly remembered she was supposed to meat Ash and the others. She turned around again and shot off like a rocket praying that they weren’t to mad at her for being fifteen minutes late.

    It was dark when Harley found a payphone. “ This city claims to have everything in an easy to find location, so why did it take me all day to find one freakin’ phone” He was quite irritable and wanted nothing more than to kill someone, namely Haruka. He then smiled “ but letting her die would be way too nice. I want her to suffer and suffer for a long time. After all, there are things far worse than death.” He picked up the phone and dialed a number and waited. After what seemed like a eternity he finally heard a welcome noise “Hello, This is Hiroshi, How can I help you?” “Long time no see little brother” Harley heard a started gasp on the other side of the line. He grinned , This is gonna be fun. “Brother? Is that you?” Hiroshi asked rather softly, almost inaudible “Of course it is. Listen, Have you changed?” “Changed?” Hiroshi asked getting more confused by the moment. His brother can be rather vague when he wanted to taunt him and he will not answer any of the questions he asked, but always asked a million questions. Hiroshi just sighed, all he could do now was hear his big brother out. “Yes, Changed.” Harley asked, his voice was starting to lose it’s overly fake happiness and getting very irritated , very fast. Hiroshi had no idea what his brother meant by changed, but he had changed in appearance and his dancing has improved. Maybe he wanted to see if he was still the failure Harley and his parents thought he was. That shy stupid little child who was, to them the ugliest creature on this planet and couldn’t do a thing right. Well, right.Well, that child was replaced with a strong and capabable dancer. He had a huge fanbase and girls chasing him all the time. He smiled slightly and with a lot of confidence said, “ Yes I have changed a lot. Is there something you want? Harley sighed, This was so embarrassing, asking his little brother for help. ‘I need your help.” Hiroshi ever since the start of the conversation has been silently sipping some coffee and spit it out when he thought he heard the words he’d never thought Harley would ever say to anyone, much less him , “ What... did... you just..say?’ Shock was clearly in his voice. Harley frowned. He’d never hear the end of it. He was already enraged, but amazingly kept his cool. “ I said I need help, your help.” Hiroshi was struck dumb. The great Harley, the invisible Harley whose parents regarded him as a child genius, was asking for HIS help. It was almost unthinkable. Hiroshi, for the first time in life felt needed. He felt powerful. He smiled again this could be his chance to impress his family but he took care not to let his voice sound eager. “ What’s in it for me?” Harley started to calm, his brother was getting interested. “ The thing you have craved ever since you were a little child , The acceptance and the respect of the family.” Hiroshi remained silent. He wanted to be accepted by his family but he didn’t want to be a pawn of his brother and whatever mean trick he had planned for his poor victim. He should know he was usually the victim. He didn’t want to do that to anyone but his desire to gain acceptance and respect from his family was higher than another’s feeling. “ Alright. Meet me in River Wood Park tomorrow at three. Tell me the details then.” “Alright good night” Yes, Goodnight” Harley hanged up the phone and smiled. Everything was going to plan. Operation “ Bring Down Haruka” Was about to begin very soon. By the time he was finished, Haruka wouldn’t know what hit her.

    Kinda short I know but it will get longer I promise. I'll try to update at least once a week however that IS NOT a garantee.
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    Yay, another contestshipping fanfic! ^^ The plot to this seems really interesting and creative, as well. I like how Harley thinks his brother is gay, but he's actually "straighter than an arrow" as you put. XD I'm very intrigued, can't wait to find out what happens with them.

    I just have one little minor suggestion, and that's to break up the paragraphs a bit more. Just because it's a little hard to follow, especially with the last paragraph I sometimes got confused with who was talking at certain points. ^^; But other than that, this was very good! Please continue... I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Hey...I like the story plot, but it's kind of hard to read. Everytime someone new speaks, press enter and start a new paragraph. Also describe the characters more. Even though most readers will know what Harley, Haruka and Shuu look like, describe them anyway, kind of like their clothes and appearance.

    Also describe Hiroshi, seeing as we don't know them. Overall, though, I like this story a lot. ^^ I can't wait to see it to develop. Keep going. I could also help you as an editor, if you want, because I saw many mistakes as I read offense to you or Lara Lynx.

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