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Thread: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pokemon Version)

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    Default A Midsummer Night's Dream (Pokemon Version)

    This story is rated PG

    Yes, I have done another story that involves Pokeshipping and Contestshipping. This is basically a remake of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, (and don't worry it's set in the present time)

    Part One:

    It was one early evening in a Pokemon Center. As Ash, May, Brock, and Max were talking to Nurse Joy, Drew entered the Pokemon Center and saw May.

    Drew: May, is that you?
    May: Drew! (She runs over to see him) What are you doing here?
    Drew: Well, I’m here to meet someone. (He pulls out a red rose)
    May: (Thinking) A red rose.
    Wakana: Drew! (Wakana runs to him) You ready to go?
    Drew: Oh, um, May, Wakana and I are going on a little date.
    May: (Slowly) Well, I’m sure you two will have a great time. I have my own plans for tonight with um…(Looks at Ash and Brock over and over)…um, Ash.
    Ash: What?
    May: Um, yeah, Ash and I have dinner plans tonight.
    Drew: Well have fun May. (Drew and Wakana leave)
    Ash: May, we really have dinner plans tonight?
    May: Not on your life! I’m going to bed. (May walks off)
    Ash: I wonder what’s wrong with May. (Brock and Max look at each other and then sigh)

    When May entered the room, she was in a jealous rage. And without thinking, she accidentally hit her head on the bunk bed and fell down onto the ground. When May woke up, she found herself in her room back in Petalburg City.

    May: Huh? What am I doing back home?
    Drew: May! May!
    May: Huh? Could it be? (She goes to her window) Drew, what are you doing here? (Angrily) Won’t your girlfriend be jealous if she saw you here with me?
    Drew: Hmm? What are you talking about? You know that you are my girlfriend.
    May: I’m his…girlfriend?

    In another room of the house, Norman was pacing back and forth as he spoke to Caroline, Professor Oak, and Delia.

    Norman: I just can’t believe this. I cannot let this continue.
    Caroline: Norman dear, don’t you think you are over-reacting?
    Norman: I don’t care! May is my daughter and I want what is best for her.
    Oak: Um Norman, we came so that you could help us with our wedding.
    Caroline: I still can’t believe that you two are getting married.
    Delia: Oh come on Norman, it can’t be all that bad.
    Norman: No? (Looks out the window) See look, there’s that little hoodlum Drew. I don’t want my daughter to be around him.

    Outside the house, May and Drew were taking a walk.

    Drew: I know your father isn’t too thrilled about us together. But I just can’t go a single day without seeing you. (He kisses May’s hand)
    May: (Thinking) I can get used to this.
    Norman: May, come inside. I want to have a word with you. (The two go inside) May, you know that I love you very much and I think it would be best if you and Drew would never see each other again.
    May: What?
    Norman: Oh come on May. You see how he is with the other women around. It won’t be too long before he breaks your heart and goes to another.
    Drew: Please sir, I love your daughter very much. Name me one person who would love her as much as I do.
    Norman: Come on out Ash. (Ash comes into the room)
    May: Wait you want me to be with Ash?
    Norman: Of course! Ash is a fine boy to be with. Nice, well mannered…
    Delia: And he always changes his underwear.
    Ash: Ah! Mom!
    May: Please dad, I love Drew.
    Norman: I SAID NO MAY! Now my decision is final.

    May then started to tear up and ran outside. While running, she bumped into Misty and her bike.

    May: Misty? What are you doing here? (Thinking) With the way things are now, I’m not the least bit surprised seeing her here.
    Misty: I was wondering if you saw Ash.
    May: (Angrily) He’s inside with my father.
    Misty: Why all the hostility?
    May: My father doesn’t want me to be around Drew anymore and he wants me to be with Ash. (Misty gasps and then has a worry look on her face) But I don’t care what my father says; I’m going to be with Drew no matter what. (Drew comes outside)
    Drew: May, even though your father forbids our love, I will always love you.
    May: Oh Drew! (She blushes) Let’s run away together. Away from my father’s control, so we can be together.
    Drew: Oh May, you really mean it? (The two hold hands and run off)
    Ash: May, where are you? Oh Misty, have you seen May? She ran off in such a hurry.
    Misty: I just saw her walking off with Drew.
    Ash: I have to stop her before her father catches her with him. (Ash runs off)
    Misty: Wait Ash! (She rides her bike after him)

    Somewhere in the woods near by, Jessie, James, Butch, and Cassidy were arguing.

    Jessie: You are such a Prima Donna!
    Cassidy: Takes one to know one.
    James: (sigh) Oh, here comes Meowth.
    Meowth: Hey guys, I’ve got some great news. That old coot Professor Oak is getting married.
    Jessie: Now who would be that desperate to marry him?
    James: I believe it is the twerp’s mother who will be marrying him. Ew!
    Meowth: It gets better. We are going to do a performance for the newlyweds.
    Butch: I thought you said this was good news.
    Meowth: Keep your pants on I’m getting to it. After the performance, we come right out and steel their pokemon.
    Jessie: Meowth, I love your idea. Wait until they see our wonderful performance and then we rob them blind.
    James: Wait, what kind of performance will we be doing?
    Meowth: It is the love story of Pyramis and Thisbe. And I have each of your parts figured out. Jessie, you will be the strong and handsome Pyramis.
    Jessie: Hey, why can’t I be the lovely heroine?
    Meowth: Because that goes to James. Let’s face it, he’s girlier then you are. Now let’s move on! Cassidy will be the moon and Butch will be a…wall.
    Butch: Hey, why can’t you make that blue blob Wobbuffet the wall?
    Meowth: Because Wobbuffet is going to be the lion. (Wobbuffet pops out of its pokeball) Plus Wobbuffet’s voice is less offending to the ears. (Butch grumbles) Now let’s begin rehearsing!

    ...To be continued tomorrow...

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    Sorry about the late review. SPPF was down yesterday so I couldn't post. ;;

    And I knew it was going to be great. Loved the whole thing. Funniest would be Team Rocket's argue. xD
    Now I will start reading Shakespeare's plays. Lol. x3
    Great job, Medea. =)

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    That was really good. I agree with s h u u l l xXx. The funniest bit was team rockets

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    Oh thank you guys for reading this!

    Part Two:

    As the group began rehearsing, Max popped out of the bushes.

    Max: Hmm…this seems very interesting. I better go inform the others. (His wings spread out and flies away) You guys, you guys…
    Gary: Max, where have you been? The king has been looking for you everywhere. (Brock appears)
    Brock: Ah, my loyal fairies are all here. Tracey, Gary, Richie, and Max.
    All: How may we serve you our king?
    Brock: I have an assignment for you guys. Soon, four lovers will enter the forest. Tracey, Gary, and Richie, I want you three to take that bottle over there. When you pour it on somebody, they instantly fall asleep. But the moment they wake up, they will fall in love with the first person they see. (Looks around and sees May and Drew) Ah, and here’s two of them right now. (Tracey, Gary, and Richie leave)
    Max: Um, what assignment do you have for me?
    Brock: Max, you have a very important assignment. I want you to go and find me some women.
    Max: (Sigh) Again? Why can’t I go with the other fairies?
    Brock: Oh Max, Max, Max, you are far too young and inexperienced to go with the other fairies. Now go and find me a woman, and make sure that this time it is a REAL woman. Not a guy impersonating a woman. Harley was not a woman! Now then, here’s the bottle that just makes people fall asleep. I can’t really trust you with the love formula yet.

    In another part of the forest, Ash and Misty were walking along.

    Ash: Why are you following me?
    Misty: I just want to help find May. Is that a crime?
    Ash: Look, this is between May and I. Now why don’t you just go back to the city?
    Misty: (Angrily) Fine, if you don’t want my help you can find May your own. (She rides her bike off)

    In another part of the woods, May and Drew were sitting by some trees.

    Drew: Finally, we’re alone.
    May: Drew, I’m sorry about my father.
    Drew: Oh don’t worry about it. We’re away from your father and his demands.

    In the bushes, Tracey, Gary, and Richie pop out.

    Tracey: Okay, these two must be the ones that the king was telling us about.
    Richie: So all we do is pour some of this stuff on them and they’ll fall asleep.
    Gary: I think I can do that. (He flies up to the tree and pours the liquid on top of the two)
    Drew: (Yawns) Oh boy, I feel pretty sleepy. (Lays down sleeping)
    May: (Yawns) Me too. (Lays down sleeping)
    Gary: Well that’s all taken care of.
    Richie: Wait a minute didn’t the king say that there were supposed to be four people that we’re supposed to put under the spell?
    Tracey: Well there’s nobody else here in the forest so I guess we did our job.

    As the three fairies flew off, Misty came riding on her bike.

    Misty: I can’t believe Ash sometimes. He would actually want to be with May than with me. (Sigh) I guess it was never meant to be. (Sees Drew) Huh? Isn’t that Drew? (She gets off her bike) Drew, Drew, are you okay? (Drew wakes up) Oh thank goodness, you’re okay. I was worried for a second.
    Drew: I’m more than okay. (Takes Misty by the hand) Did anybody tell you that you look beautiful?
    Misty: Huh? Excuse me?
    Drew: I love you Misty!
    Misty: Whoa, wait a minute! What about May? Don’t you love her?
    Drew: Not as much as I love you Misty.
    Misty: I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE! (Misty gets on her bike and rides off)
    Drew: Wait Misty! (Drew runs off and May wakes up and sees Drew running off)
    May: Huh? Drew, where are you going? (Screams out) DREW!

    ...To be continued tomorrow...

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    I read "A Midsummer Night's Dream" last year. I got the main idea of it, but the words he used... I couldn't understand it. >_<

    This is good, though. ^_^ Even better than Shakespeare, if I do say so myself.

    I know how it's gonna turn out (I hope), but I'm not saying a word.

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    OMFG! That was so much drama there. Mostly at the end. =o
    Poor Kasumi... and Haruka too. ;;
    Can't wait for the next part. ^^

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    Kyaa, I love this play! It's one of my favorite plays of all time! ^___^

    Poor Misty, I can understand her feelings. Now that Drew woke up to Misty, he is now in love with her. The trouble begins. =D

    Keep it up, you got yourself a reader! You're doing just fine! =D
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    This will be a good fic, I can tell xD Seriously I love it so far. I haven't read AMSND, so I'm unaware of how this will finish, and I'm pretty grateful for that. I definantly can't wait for the next part, great writing as well!

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    This is really interesting, and amusing! I honestly never thought A Midsummer Night's Dream could work so well with Pokemon... but you really pulled it off!

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    Thank you all for the comments. I myself love AMSND (mostly because I have the movie, seen the play, and have been in the play) But I digress...

    Part Three:

    In another part of the forest, the members of Team Rocket were rehearsing their lines for the play that they are going to perform.

    Jessie: Oh, my darling Thisbe. How I love thee. Ugh, who wrote this crap?
    James: I still say that it is a bad idea for me to play a girl. (Meowth slaps him) Ouch!
    Meowth: No one is changing anything! Now go with your line James.
    James: (High pitched voice) Oh my dear Pyramis. How I’ve longed to see you.
    Jessie: (Deep voice) Dearest Thisbe, I promise you that we will be together…
    Meowth: Hold it! Jessie, please, your acting is worse than Tom Cruise.
    Cassidy: I’ve always said that Jessie should stay backstage doing the costumes.
    Jessie: WHAT DID YOU SAY?
    Cassidy: We can’t all be pretty and talented.
    Jessie: Oh and I suppose that you can do better?
    Cassidy: Better than you! (Max pops out of the bushes)
    Max: (Groans) Why am I always the one to find women for the king? Hmm, now let me see, two guys, a cat, and a big blue blob. Oh, here are two women! (Takes out a bottle) Now to put you all to sleep! (Pours the liquid on them all)
    Jessie: Yeah, you know what you are? (Yawns) Ooh, I feel sleepy! (Falls asleep)
    James: Night, night! (Everyone falls asleep)
    Max: Perfect! (Flies over to everyone) Oh great! I can’t carry two people with me. Oh well, I guess the King will be satisfied with only one woman.

    Max then picked up Jessie and flew away. Back in the deep part of the forest where the fairies live, Max returns to Brock with a woman.

    Max: Well I have done it. I’ve brought you a woman.
    Brock: (Looks at Jessie) Wow, you actually did it Max. Yes this is indeed a woman. Good job Max! (Jessie starts to wake up)
    Jessie: Huh? Hey, where, where are James and Meowth? Where am I? Who are you?
    Brock: Relax young lady! Here, we shall treat you like a queen. Max, prepare a drink for the lovely lady. (Max leaves)
    Jessie: Huh? Well, that’s more like it. I should be treated like a queen.

    Brock takes her by the hand and he flies off with her into a deeper part of the forest. In another part, May was walking around looking for Drew.

    May: Drew! Drew! Drew, where are you? Answer me! Where could he have gone off to in such a rush? Drew, are you here? (She bumps into Ash) Huh? Ash! What, what are you doing here?
    Ash: Thank goodness I found you. Come on May, we have to go back to your father.
    May: GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! I’m not going anywhere until I find Drew.
    Ash: Look May, I know how much you love Drew, but I can’t stand to see you get in any more trouble with your father. (A bike bell is heard) What was that? (Misty rides her bike and then stops) Misty? I thought I told you to go back to Petalburg.
    Misty: Somebody stop him! He’s chasing me!
    May: Stop whom? Who is chasing you?
    Misty: It’s your stupid boyfriend May!
    May: Drew? It couldn’t be! (Drew comes running up to Misty)
    Drew: Misty dear, you ran so fast I thought I was unable to catch you. (He kisses Misty on the hand)
    May: Drew, I thought you loved me. (She starts to tear up)
    Ash: See, that’s the exact thing your father was talking about. It wasn’t long before Drew has moved onto another girl.
    Misty: Drew, I’m not interested in you. May is the one you should be with.
    Drew: I don’t care, as long as I’m with you Misty.

    ...To be continued tomorrow...

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    I've seen the moive, myself. Made MUCH more sense then the book. =P

    Then again, this version makes even MORE sense. ^^

    I do suggest adding some more narrative to the story. Otherwise, you're doing just fine.

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    Default nice ^.^

    I studied A Midsummer Night's Dream last year and watched the movie...I also acted a scene with my friend for a competition...we didn't get in the finals xDDDD

    Anyways, I really like this version better...the original was confusing >< This is just sweet xP

    *Waits excitedly for update*

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    But you can still find me here yo~
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    Damn you Medea you never told me you were making another fic, Good chapters so far, this is more advancedshipping then pokeshipping for right now
    & this is more Waterflowersshipping then Contestshipping
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    Don't worry AM2K, it'll get better. And I'm pretty sure I mentioned something about a few more fics coming out when I finished A Series of Strange Events. Well anyways, I'm putting up the next part now just in case the forums go down for most of the day again like yesterday and I don't feel like posting this during the night.

    Part Four:

    Back in the deep part of the forest, Brock was flying around with a sad look on his face as all four of the fairies return.

    Max: What seems to be the trouble your highness?
    Brock: Oh Max, it’s that woman you brought back. It’s only been five minutes and all she ever did was talk. I want commitment! Where’s my backrub? Why don’t you work out more? I want to talk about my feelings! And it went on and on and on! Luckily, I was able to put the sleeping spell on her just in time.
    Max: Hey, you just said you wanted a woman, you never said what kind.
    Brock: Well anyways, Tracey, Gary, Richie, were you guys able to complete your mission?
    Tracey: Yes we put the spell on the two just like you said.
    Richie: So no need to worry your highness.
    Brock: Very good. (Hears bickering near by) Wonder what all that ruckus is about? (Sees Ash, Misty, May, and Drew arguing) No need to worry? IT’S ALL RUINED!

    In his rage, Brock picked up one of his bottles and threw it. The bottle cracked on Ash’s head, with some of the liquid spilling on him. As Ash fell down to the ground, Misty ran over to him.

    Misty: Ash! Ash! Speak to me! Are you all right? (Ash opens his eyes) Oh Ash, I’m so glad you’re okay.
    Ash: Huh? Oh Misty, I’m more than okay if you’re with me.
    Misty: Huh?
    Ash: Misty, you are my one and only. (Misty blushes)
    Misty: Oh Ash! I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for you to say this to me. You are my one and only. (As the two go in for a kiss on the lips Drew pushes Ash aside)
    Drew: Hey back off punk, Misty loves me.
    Ash: No she doesn’t, she loves me. Tell him Misty!
    Drew: Yeah, tell him Misty who you really love.
    May: I’ve heard enough. Misty…YOU STOLE DREW AWAY FROM ME!
    Misty: I didn’t do anything! You have to believe me May I would never do anything that would tear you and Drew away from each other. (May slaps Misty in the face)
    May: How can I believe you Misty? (Misty slaps May in the face) If you want to play rough…I’LL PLAY ROUGH!

    As Misty and May continue to hit each other, Brock and the other fairies were watching from a safe distance.

    Brock: YOU IDIOTS!
    All: Sorry!
    Brock: I give you a simple assignment and you all end up screwing it up anyways.
    All: Sorry again!
    Brock: (Sigh) What did I do to deserve this? Okay, I can fix this. Tracey, Gary, Richie, and Max I want you all to take one of these little bottles. This is the same liquid from before. Once they touch the liquid, they will instantly fall asleep and when they wake up they will fall in love with the first person they see. And just so we don’t have a big screw up like last time, I’m going to be monitoring you guys. Now everybody ready?
    All: Yes sir!

    Misty and May continued to fight each other, while each of the fairies split up. First, Max and Gary poured the liquid onto Ash and Drew and they fell asleep. Then, Tracey and Richie flew over Misty and May and poured the liquid on top of the girls. As the girls fell asleep, Brock appeared.

    Brock: Well at least they stopped fighting. Next, I want each of you to grab a human and I will tell you where to put them. Max and Gary, I want you two to get the humans Ash and Misty and put them facing each other on that side of the tree. Now Tracey and Richie, I want you to grab the humans Drew and May and put them facing each other on the other side of the tree. (Ash, Misty, Drew, and May were then put into the places Brock ordered)
    Tracey: The deed is done your highness.
    Brock: Good! When these four wake up, they will be with their true love.
    Max: So what do we do now?
    Brock: Now, we get rid of that pain-in-the-*** girl.

    In another part of the forest, Brock and the other fairies dumped off Jessie.

    Max: Wait this isn’t where I found her.
    Brock: Who cares? She’s somebody else’s problem now.
    Tracey: But aren’t you afraid she won’t find her way back to where she came from?
    Brock: Nah, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Now come on, I want to see how this thing plays out with the four lovers.

    As they fly off, Norman, Caroline, Professor Oak, and Delia were walking around the forest looking for the four lovers.

    Norman: May! May! Where are you? Answer me!
    Delia: Ash, are you out there?
    Caroline: I wonder where Ash and May could be. (At the tree, Ash started to wake up)
    Ash: Whoa, what a weird dream. Huh? Misty, are you okay? (Misty wakes up)
    Misty: Oh Ash, I’m so glad you’re okay. (The two embrace and May starts to wake up)
    May: (Gasp) Drew, are you okay? (Drew wakes up) Oh Drew!
    Drew: May…(He embraces her)…I love you so much! (May blushes)
    May: Oh Drew, I love you too. (Norman clears his throat) Huh? (Gasp) Dad!
    Norman: May, I thought I made it very clear that I didn’t want you being around Drew.
    May: Please Dad, I love Drew and he loves me. Why can’t you just accept it?
    Caroline: I’m afraid she’s right Norman. May and Drew love each other very much and wouldn’t want to be away from each other.
    Ash: As I don’t want to be away from Misty for even a second.
    Misty: Me neither!
    Delia: Oh this is so sweet!
    Oak: I hate to interrupt but don’t we have a wedding to get ready for?
    Norman: You’re right Professor. Drew, I want to apologize to you. I should know that you care for my daughter as much as I do. But speaking as a father, if you do anything to upset May, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. (In the bushes)
    Brock: (Sigh) Everything worked out just like I planned.

    In another part of the woods, the other members of Team Rocket were sitting down quietly and wondering where Jessie was.

    Cassidy: Ha! Good riddance! We’re better off without her.
    James: I can’t help but wonder where she is.
    Meowth: (Sigh) Well I guess I can give her part to Cacnea. (James thinks about Cacnea hugging him)
    James: Eek! We can’t give up looking for Jessie! (Jessie comes out of the bushes)
    Jessie: Did you just call me?
    James: JESSIE! THANK GOODNESS! I don’t have to get squeezed by Cacnea.
    Meowth: But where did you go?
    Jessie: I don’t know exactly. One minute I was with you guys, the next I was being treated like a queen, and then ended up somewhere around here.
    Meowth: Well come on you guys, the wedding day is coming.

    ...To be finished tomorrow...

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    alright now this is the right way very godd chapter (reads to be finsihed tommorrow) FINISHED! why must the good, die young (refers to this fic)
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    Time to put in the very last part of this story. Thank you all for reading and reviewing. I'm putting this up now since I have to go to school in about 2 hours and won't be back for hours.

    Part Five:

    A couple of days pass and it is the day of Professor Oak and Delia’s wedding. After the two got married, it was time for the reception party. The two then entered the ballroom along with Norman, Caroline, Ash, Misty, Drew, and May. As they all sat down together, Misty and May were thinking about the time they were in the forest.

    Misty: Do you guys remember what we were doing in the forest the other day?
    May: Not really!
    Ash: Yeah, most of that day seems a little blurry to me.
    Drew: I guess it’s best not to think about it. (Meowth comes out wearing a toga)
    Meowth: It’s time for the show!
    Ash: Show? What show?
    Delia: Well, we ordered some entertainment for tonight.
    Oak: Apparently, they are doing this tragic story of Pyramis and Thisbe.

    Meowth runs up on the little stage holding a scroll.

    Meowth: Okay, everyone take your seats so we can get this show started. (Everyone sits down) Our story begins with our two lovers, the very strong and powerful Pyramis (Jessie comes out wearing a toga and flexes her muscles) and the dainty but beautiful Thisbe. (James comes out wearing a dress and giggling) These two were very much in love, but could rarely see each other. So at night, the two would go and speak to each other through a hole in a wall. (Butch comes out in a big rubber brick wall costume and Cassidy comes out wearing an all white costume holding a lantern)
    Cassidy: I am the moon; I shall shine brightly up in the sky.
    Butch: I am the wall! I am the most important of this story!
    James: (Whispering) You aren’t supposed to speak you little troll so stick to your own part. (Meowth groans) Oh! (High pitched voice) Oh Pyramis, where for art thou? Where, oh where is my love Pyramis?
    Jessie: I’m right here my dearest Thisbe.
    James: Oh how I love you. I only wish I can see you.
    Jessie: As do I! (In the audience)
    Ash: (Yawns) Isn’t it over yet?
    May: Seriously, I can’t follow this. (Back on stage)
    Jessie: I’ve got a plan to see you my dear. (Grabs a hammer) BE GONE YOU AWFUL WALL! (Hits Butch over and over)
    Butch: Okay, OUCH, I give up! OUCH! (Butch falls over and James runs over to Jessie)
    James: Oh Jess-I mean Pyramis, now we can be together forever.
    Meowth: Just as the two embrace, the lion comes out. (Wobbuffet waddles over wearing a lion’s mane) The lion attacks! (Thinking) And here’s my chance to steal Pikachu! (In the audience)
    May: (Laughing) Oh…my…(Laughing)...this is too pathetic that I just have to laugh.

    As everybody started to laugh, no one noticed when Meowth was under the main table and grabbed Pikachu and throwing it in a bag. After that, Meowth quickly ran to the stage.

    Meowth: Uh, and uh, the lion mauled both of the lovers and they died. The end! Let’s get out of here. (Ash looks over and noticed Pikachu missing)
    Ash: Ah! Pikachu! Where’s Pikachu?
    Drew: It’s those crappy actors!
    James: Hey, we were good!
    Jessie: Prepare for trouble!
    Cassidy: Hey, that’s my line!
    Butch: And make it double!
    James: COPYCAT! (Misty brings out a pokeball)
    Misty: Go Corsola! (Corsola comes out of the pokeball) Corsola, use your Tackle attack on Meowth. (Corsola rammed Meowth, causing him to drop the bag with Pikachu)
    Ash: PIKACHU! (Pikachu got out of the bag and ran over to Ash) Are you okay buddy?
    May: Go Combusken!
    Drew: Come on out Roselia! (Both pokemon come out of their pokeballs) Roselia, use your Petal Dance!
    May: Use Fire Spin Combusken!
    Misty: Water Gun Corsola!
    Ash: Pikachu, THUNDERBOLT! (All four pokemon unleash their attacks, blasting Team Rocket off)
    Oak: Well this has been one interesting day.
    May: Yeah, we did it!
    Misty: Good job May! (Drew takes May by the hand) Oh Drew! (She starts to blush)
    Drew: Oh May! (Echoing)

    As the two go in for a kiss, everything gets all white and May is back in the Pokemon Center surrounded by Ash, Brock, and Max.

    Ash: May, May, are you all right? (May opens her eyes)
    May: Uh, oh, where am I? Huh? Ash is that you? Uh, where’s Misty and Drew?
    Brock: Misty? And Drew?
    Max: May, Misty is back in Cerulean City. Remember?
    Ash: I guess you really hit your head hard.
    May: Well either way, that was one weird dream. Ash, I dreamed that you and Misty were a couple.
    Ash: A couple of what? (All groan)
    May: (Thinking) How dense can he be? (Out loud) Oh nothing! But also, your mother married Professor Oak.
    Ash: (Flinches) Ew! Why?
    May: Max, Brock, you guys were there too. You guys were fairies. (Brock and Max give confusing looks) And Drew was…Oh! (Thinking) That’s right, Drew likes Wakana.
    Ash: Drew was what?
    May: Huh? Oh nothing! Come on, don’t we have to head for the next town?
    Ash: Uh, yeah that’s right! Let’s get going!

    As Ash and the gang were leaving the Pokemon Center, May heard her name being called. So she turned around and saw Drew.

    May: Oh, hi Drew.
    Drew: I’m glad I got a chance to see you before you left.
    May: Oh, how was your date with Wakana?
    Drew: It was okay! But of course we’re just friends. (May smiled and Drew gives her a red rose)
    May: Huh? Is this for me? (Drew blushes)
    Drew: Something like that. (He walks outside) See you later May.
    Ash: I don’t get him!
    May: That’s okay! You don’t have to!

    As they left the Pokemon Center, May was blushing as she stared at her rose.

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    Wow! Just got done reading the story, and despite it being a dream it was quite good.

    I have half the mind for slapping you in the face for that Drew & Misty moment, (I hate that shipping just about as much as I hate Advanceshipping.) however I will refrain from that seeing everything worked out like it should.

    Yes, I am a hyper Pokeshipper, and I could care less who knows. ^_^

    Anyways, this was a great story. You did very well.

    Five stars! ^_^

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    well that was an okay ending, good fic overall, Delia & Prof. Oak, WTF!!! not that's werid again good fic
    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxpsyco
    Ok, I'm out, this is turning into a game of spin the bottle O_o.

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    Awwwwww.... I love A Midsummer Night's Dream. <3 It's my favourite Shakespearean play and I once played the part of Helena. ^_^

    Anyway, I think you did a very nice job of it and congrats on the splendid work! ^______________^

    Take care


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