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    Default X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion

    X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity

    In this RPG, you will be divided into the three groups you have chosen. In the plot itself, your characters are randomly sorted into your groups. So in the beginning your character knows nothing of the Groups. Most don't even know of the X-Men. After the introduction, the characters in their groups will study at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where depending on their groups, they will get timetables and will study different subjects. All the subjects, due to the emergency situation, will be about how the thwart Magneto and his evil Brotherhood. But only after three weeks, the studies will stop and each group will be lead by their group leader in missions of defeating and protecting Humanity from the Brotherhood. This will be explained in more detail later in the RPG.


    During the course of this RPG, your character will be confronted by the Brotherhood, sometimes even the Government and using their powers, will be expected to fight. I will control the opposition (Brotherhood and Government) and you will control the government. Your character must use their powers wisely to beat the opposition. I will send some sentinels and sometimes even the main enemies themselves in and you try to kill and/or defeat them but you will have to take care of that, personal issues and character development. I will not interfere in the battle but I will PM you if something neccessary needs to happen (such as not beating Magneto so easily ^^;. If you ignore me, I'll just post MY version of the battle. I reserve all control over the Brotherhood and the Government but mostthe time I will not interfere. When I'm bored, I may act as Magneto and fight you but that will be VERY rare as I hate godmodding and bunnying. But most the time, the outcome of a battle really depends on you.

    Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

    Regarding tech learning in this RPG, your character will attend a variety of classes for three weeks. This is like boarding school. Due to the emergency situation, there will be different classes from the original ones. There are twelve classes: Swordmanship, Archery, Magic, Military Training, Power Control, Espionage, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geneology, Mathematics and Physical Education. In your classes, the X-Men teach you new skills and abilities you will be needing in the mission to spare the world from the Brotherhood. It is not compulsory for students to attend the classes but it is wise to do so. The good thing about these classes is if your character is paying special attention in class, they may able to learn new special skills and abilities every once in a while. These skills are called TECHS as you were only allowed 2~4 skills in your sign-up. You CANNOT learn new skills in this RPG apart from in this method. I´ll send you a PM when you have permission to learn a new tech, at which point you can do use it in your next post. Most techs are learned after careful attention in classes, but sometimes special events trigger new tech spontaneously outside classes. Techs are special abilities and skills and there is no limit to how many you can learn. The only limit is the three week period in class, the only time you can learn TECHs apart from special occucations and/or events.

    Weapons, Accessories and Items

    Every once in a while your group may stop in at special location such as Latveria, where your mission requires you to visit there and do what is required (such as inflatrating the CERN) When your group goes to a special loacation, you will receive weapons and/or accessories. I choose what these are. But the rest is up to you. You can make up that your character had pciked a card key off the ground, etc. As long as it is in reason. It is probably a good idead to PM me first before you make your character picks up any accessories off the ground.

    Sometimes we´ll find Items or Weapons/Accessories (such as Shot Guns, Smoke Bombs and card keys) during our travels. Regarding Items I´ll just post when we find something, and regarding Weapons and Accessories I´ll tell you when you have permission to find one, as with special locations. Be within reason. Be logical.
    Post here for any questions and inquiries.

    The actual RPG has now officially started. Direct yourself to the RPG. X-Men: the Extermination of Humanity
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