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Thread: X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion

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    >.< Sorry I haven't replied lately. Not only have I been swamped irl with the final weeks of my school play and a huge research essay for my English class with my insane teacher, but I've been a bit confused with the RPG.
    I mean, the RP started going really quickly at one point, and I couldn't just jump in there because it was moving so quickly (and my post would have been missed/overlooked between those of people like Ledian_X, Nylf and PowerShot). Then when we srarted to slow down a little, I looked at all the posts and was really confused, so I started to wait until someone would explain things better or I could talk to L_X via MSN to sort a few things out, which I sorta did and sorta didn't.

    I also haven't replied much because there was just nothing to say. My character, SwiftShadow (but everyone knows her as Sayashu) isn't doing much- she sneaked into the Institue unnoticed and she waited for Xavier's speech. I just didn't have anything to post (but I did edit my first post so it was longer) so I basically decided to wait until asomething major.

    I am very sorry about this(/these) interruptions, but my life is just getting all weird. I'm confident that I can still RP, and I would have told you otherwise. I avoid dissapearing without telling people, so next time I don't reply, either I'm busy or I'm just being a lazy bum.


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    I'm also sorry for the delay. My exams are coming up at the end of this month and I'm studying for them. I have a post ready, but I'm still editing it, so it'll be up probably by next week. And due to me missing three days of school because of being sick, it'll be posted sometime during Friday to Sunday.

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