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Thread: What I Did for Love! (444)

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    This episode was good. It was cool to see Brock enter the contest, and the May vs Brock Contest Battle. It was great to see Marshtomp learn protect, and Eevee learn Dig. Once again Squirtle does another Bubble+Ice Beam combo for the Appeal Round. It was cool to see Brock using baseballs for the Appeal Round. It was great that Marshtomp ended up defeating Absol. I'm glad May won the contest, makes sense with the final opponent being Brock.


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    Brock vs May was really cool =3 nice of brock to give the ribbon to may ^^

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    I know this has probably been discussed to death, but I'd still like to know where the first half of Brock's points went in the final battle. Did he just start at half? He PWNed the first part, I don't think May even got a hit in.

    What I love about Brock that is shown here is his reaction to loss. Before anything else, he thanks Marshtomp for doing so well. It's so clear how much he cares.

    It was also sweet to see Max seemed upset about the possibility of Brock leaving. What a bromance those two guys had.
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    Oh Brock. You never stood a chance in this episode. May's Eevee: I will not complain about it or the rest of this episode. It was all too expected.

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    What I Did For Love!

    This episode begins with May entering Eevee in a contest. We find out that Eevee learned Dig. Soon after, a woman comes over and adores the Bonsly that Brock is taking care of. She turns out to be a breeder, just like Brock. He impresses her in various ways, from showing off his Pokemon to knowing the right kind of food to feed them. She then asks him to enter a contest. Yeah, I know, I was shocked, too. After a while, he decides to enter it, basically saying he will win at any cost.

    The next scene is...typical Team Rocket shenanigans. Moving on.

    After some actually good appeals, we transition to, oh, come on! ANOTHER shoehorned Team Rocket scene? Haven't we had enough of those already?!

    Skip...Brock and May make it to the finals, Brock tries to flirt, he gets brushed off, final round begins. It starts off decent enough, with Marshtomp more or less outclassing Eevee. Brock seems to have a natural talent for coordinating (well, they did say breeding and coordinating go hand in hand), but then miraculously, May catches up, and by the time the timer runs out, somehow, May has more points. This, in spite of the fact that most of her moves were countered earlier, and Eevee clearly took a lot of damage. I suppose I should have seen this coming, but they could have done it better, and May just more or less took the spotlight from Brock. Though I did like how Brock was shown caring about Marshtomp. Well, after that's over, Yuma (the lady that was admiring Brock's Bonsly) explains that the girl Brock beat in the first round was her sister, who just started off as a coordinator. Brock is left speechless as his one chance to impress a girl is yanked from him by the hands of deus ex machina. He's told that he should consider coordinating, but of course, he was only doing this for love, and can't get over how cheaply he lost (he should be glad he's not Timmy).

    We then cut to Jessie- OH, NO, I am NOT watching this.

    IMO, May didn't have to get that DEM win. You could have just had Brock win, but decide to stay with his friends.
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    This was a pretty good and funny episode. Brock was hilarious in this episode and his battle with May was good.
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    Wow, Brock sure was determined for his love in this episode. It's cool how He made it to the finals and faced May. May and Brock's contest battle was good, but Brock should've won the battle. Honestly, I felt it was a cheap contest win for May, But it's nice see Brock entering a contest.
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    Gardenia Town. Foreshadowing maybe?

    Just watched this episode again, and I forgot that Brock enters a contest.
    Brock did pretty good for his first (and only) contest. I really thought he was going to win for a second.
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