Nah...Skitty v. Dusclops was worse. All Skitty could use (effectively) was Assist to hope for Ember, Silver Wind, or String Shot. Plus you had evidence that Timmy (yes?) had had Dusclops and was raising it for quite a long time since he met it as a Duskull. Ariados on the other hand had no evidence of being owned for any period of time.

Anyway, Yuma looked so much like Saori to me its unreal...I thought she had looked familiar.

I need to watch this again in Japanese...I feel like I missed a lot when it was dubbed due to edits. For anyone who does know Japanese and saw this episode in Japanese, were the plots at all similar? I remember when this ep first came out people didn't seem to know what was going on between Yuma and Molly (or whatever her Japanese name was).