I thought of some new ships, but feel free to correct me if I made a mistake or if such ships are already in existence.

Kyubi X NarutoUzumaki94/Naruto/Naruto Uzumaki = DemonInsideMeshipping

^ I think it makes a little sense, since the Kyuubi is the name of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox that happens to live in Naruto's body...

NarutoUzumaki94/Naruto Usumaki/Naruto X Sasuke = HeyItSortaWorksInTheAniméWhyNotGiveItaShot?shippin g

^ Wow, that ship name is long, and it pretty much gives the explanation.

Nara_Shikamaru X Temari = HeyItSortaWorksInTheAniméWhyNotGiveItaShot?Version 2.0shipping

^ Wow, longer name, and explains as much as the original.

More when I think of them.