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Thread: X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity RPG

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    Default X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity RPG

    OOC: It has begun! Just introduce your character and get the ball rolling. Your character has just arrived at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning at

    1407 Graymalkin Lane
    Salem Center
    Westchester County
    New York
    United States of America

    X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity


    “You are different from other people Daniel. It is almost as if you are not exactly one of us, something separates you from other humans, but yet you seem to be in all aspects, a human. I cannot do anything to help you. It is as if there is nothing that needs help. I don’t know what is different about you or why but I know that you are. I cannot explain for I do not know.”
    The doctor smiled reassuringly and looked at his notepad again. He muttered and took a few more notes then smiled at Daniel once more.
    “There is nothing more I can do. I cannot help but wonder for what the future holds for you.”

    Daniel listened to the screeches of the tyres of the taxi until it became more and more distant, until they faded from his ears entirely. It was replaced with the sound of the serene waters of Breakstone Lake, the wind whistling gently among the grass in the ground and the various sounds of the tranquil forest.

    He sighed and walked forward, grass crunching under his feet.

    I wonder if it was wise to have responded to that letter

    Grabbing his luggage, keeping his thought to himself, Daniel Fields continued, silent, walking down the paved path, thinking about the eleven people that had been “selected” for this seminar that he would have to meet and interact. He had already seen a few people, like him, grab their luggage and walk towards where this seminar was held. He hadn’t really interacted with any of them yet though. He was probably about to set out stay here for a few days, though the letter hadn’t told him much details. Though it was supposed to be some kind of “educational” and “academic” seminar, Daniel couldn’t help but be curious if this really was what it seemed to be.

    But Daniel just shrugged and moved on. Although he was curious, just exactly what this seminar had in store from him, Daniel had little real interest in finding out. He knew he already had great burden, being “special” was hard enough and hiding his “uniqueness” was even harder, such as now, he didn’t did to add some more onto his already heavy burden on his back.

    He sighed and stopped for a moment to feel the wind, which was gently whistling within his auburn hair. There stood the great Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, an architectural wonder by itself, holding great secrets inside its fabled walls. Daniel grabbed his luggage again and headed towards the Atrium, which was waiting for the arrival of twelve souls that will change the face of the world…

    ((OCC: The introduction and the opening of the “seminar” is held at the Atrium, which is where your character is going. DO NOT show your powers or use them for now until everyone is at the Atrium. Full and/or Part Mutations must either hide their mutations by wearing cloaks or hide your mutations some how. You are not ready to show everyone you are a mutant. Try to base your post off mine. The only people who are exempt from the normal introduction of their character are Ledian, Powershot and Nylf who have asked be specifically that they want to make a sudden “grand” entrance. Sorry, this is the only time I have to restrict you but it necessary for the plot! Sorry!))

    EDIT: I have posted a map of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in the Discussion Post for your own convienence. Check out the thread before posting. X-Men: The Extermination of Humanity Information and Discussion
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    OOC: And begin. You might want to pm the ppl who signed up that we started.


    "WATCH IT!" I heard a man with a Brooklyn accent yell. "You goin' to a costume party or somethin'?"

    "Guy must be drunk." I muttered. "I'm wearing my Starbolts uniform."

    Quickly, I ducked out of his way wondering how I got to New York City. It was night and the last thing I remembered was fighting some giant guy in Dastara City and that's down the coast in Florida. I also remembered a red energy beam striking everyone. I needed to get home before Ragnarok destroyed the city. I passed a television store and the news was on. Oddly enough, there was nothing about the goings on Dastara City.

    I grabbed my communicator in my right hand.

    "Jenna. Kevin." I began. "Come in! I'm in New York. That oversized devil knocked me clear from the action."

    I felt a burning sensation in my head and then I looked up to see a strange guy wearing red and blue swinging from webbing off in the distance.

    "A-Aquita?" I thought to myself. "The link's not.."

    I didn't have time to think further when the man returned with five of his buddies and they all look like they had a bone to pick with me. Granted I was the only one with wings in the area but still. Whoever these guys were, wanted to fight. But, my ring blasts would kill all of them if I used force.

    "You still here, mutie?" the man from before asked. "I brought some friends to come pluck yer feathers."

    "Mutie?" I flew into the air as one of his friends tried to grab me from behind. "What the hell's a mutie? I'm Quetzal. Are you drunk or somethin'?"

    "Never heard of ya!" The man tried to swing at my feet while his buddies cheered.

    "GET THE MEXICAN MUTIE!!!!!" One man called. "Rip that scaly suit offa him!"

    I looked down at my uniform. It was a gift from Aquita a few months ago while we were on Aquarius. The white scaly uniform had gold and black trims on the gloves and boots while the front had a similar trim going up my chest to the team's star-shaped logo. It was made from an alien metal but it was soft like fabric and just as malleable. My right ring finger had a ring that controlle my energy blasts and it began to glow a bright blue, like the top of my wings.

    "Never heard of me?" I asked as one of the man's friends pulled out a gun.

    "DIE MUTIE!!!" He fired and instinctively I shot the bullet with the ringblast and fired at the gun.

    "I'm so outta here!" I flew higher into the sky, avoiding the people, gunfire and trying to make sense of things. Who are those guys? Why haven't the Agents contacted me?

    I landed on a rooftop and turned on my homing device so any of my friends could contact me. Little did I know, I was joined by another man with wings similar to mine. But, they were pure white. He was about my age and wore a strange costume with a halo on his chest and a red and white bodysuit.

    "Nice job handling those thugs, kid." the blonde man chuckled. "But, you're going to have to come with me."

    "I'm not going anywhere!" I explained. "Who are you? You're not in any metahuman database we have."

    "Database?" the man tilted his head. "You sure the bullet didn't hit you?"

    "Positive." I explained. "The energy I release can be very powerful."

    "I saw that." the man responded. "My name's Angel. I'm one of the X-Men."

    "X-Men?" I asked, looking at the man as if he had two heads. "I never heard of them."

    "You haven't?" the man seemed shocked to hear it. It was if I stabbed him in the chest.

    "Should I have?" I shrugged.

    "Well, you better come with me to the Institute." Angel saw gathering police cars.

    "Institute?" I asked and the man sighed.

    Something was seriously wrong here. I was in New York talking to a man with wings like man yapping about some Institute. People calling me "mutie." and for some reason I couldn't sense Aquita, my wife. She and I forged a telepathic bond after her father died in Boston and now I can't sense her. I was growing impatient and this "angel" here wasn't making things better. I had no choice but to listen.

    "The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning." Angel responded coldly. "It's a place for mutants like us to learn about our powers and help humanity."

    "Mutant?" I cocked an eyebrow. "I'm not a mutant. I'm just one of the Agents of S.T.A.R."

    "Kid..."Angel remarked. "There are no Agents of S.T.A.R. You got hit in the head or something?"

    "No..." I muttered and opened my communicator. "Agents! Come in. Kevin, you better reply man or I'm gonna tell Angela you still sleep with a teddy bear!"

    "What is this thing?" Angel took my communicator.

    "I was trying to call my friends." I explained. "I need to find them. We were fighting some monster an-."

    "I'm beginning to suspect you're not from around here." Angel noticed the team's logo. "You appear to handle yourself in battle quite well."

    "Oh VERY perceptive!" I snapped. "Don't you think my uniform kinda gave it away?!"

    "Relax." the man with wings tossed the communicator to me. "Come with me and maybe we'll find your friends. Follow me to the Institute."

    It seemed like I didn't have much of a choice. I had to follow this winged guy to whatever this 'Institute' was and hopefully whoever these X-Men were could help me get home. But, I wondered if anyone from home is in New York too. Angel took off into the sky and I took off after him, pressing the homing device on my belt.

    "Hope someone out there finds me."I thought to myself. "I dunno if I can trust this guy."

    Moments later we arrived at a strange venerable mansion which quickly reminded me of Jenna's place. During the flight, Angel filled me in on some things the X-Men do. I faked listening to him as I habitually looked at my homing device, waiting for the red light to go off singifing that someone answered my distress call. I wasn't sure what was going on and who these "X-Men" were.

    "Woah.."I laughed as we landed. "Whose back did you have to rub to get this place?"

    "It's not mine." Angel replied. "Though I do have a highrise in Manhatten. It belongs to our mentor Professor Charles Xaiver and well this place is a school. I really should let him do the talking when you meet him."

    "Right..."I looked around and saw manyy people. Some looked like aliens or something while others walked around trying their powers.

    I walked into the mansion and saw more people in flashy uniforms like Angel's. Were these the X-Men? I saw a small man who looked scruffy looking come up to me. He was wearing some kind of yellow uniform.

    "Warren, ya got a sidekick now?" the man grunted. "Smells like he's been through hell."

    "Logan..."Angel responded. "This guy needs our help."

    "Perhaps I will render aid." a calm voice entered my head. I almost wished it was Aquita's.

    I spun around and saw a bald man in a wheelchair, tensing his fingers. He was flanked by a tall man wearing red glasses and a black woman with white hair and blue eyes. Both were wearing some sort of uniforms with an 'x' on them.

    "I am Professor Charles Xaiver, Mateo." the guy shocked me as he knew my name. "Behind me are Cyclops and Storm."

    "How do you know my name?!" I exclaimed.

    "Relax." Xaiver responded. "I merely scanned your mind a bit to access if you were a threat."

    "Right.." I looked around at the gathering students and these X-Men. I really hoped these people could help me.

    "I assure you no harm was done." Xaiver smiled warmly as he wheeled away. "I must go speak to the students in a bit. You're welcome to attend. We'll be in the atrium."

    I had to make he best of things. I simply nodded and folded my wings. Were these X-Men going to help me get home? Also, was anyone going to respond to my homing beacon? I could only imagine everyones' concern. We were fighting some monster and now here I am with these people who don't know who I am and probably think I'm crazy.

    "Come on, Agents.." I sighed. "Answer me, please. Someone find me."
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    OOC: Ok, its going to be difficult to figure out how to hide my mutant genes. I can try though.

    "Ok Damian, this is it. You've made it this far, now you just have to finish this." I thought to myself. I was at a new school, and I had a strange thing about me going.

    See, maby I should explain something first. I am a mutant. My skin is covered with bright orange feathers, and I have a duck bill. You can't see my eyes, as I have sunglasses on. On my head is a green and yellow had that I had since I was young.

    Anyways, right now I had on a jumpsuit that covered my whole body. On my head was a helmate which hid the fact that I had a duck bill. It was, you guessed it, green and yellow. So was the suit. I was getting wierd looks, but I didn't care. I was used to it.

    When I got inside, I was tempted to take the helmate off, but I saw a sign that said to leave all body mutations covered. Instead, I went to find somebody to talk to.
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    OOC: Get out, you're not supposed to be in the RPG.


    'Why is this flight taking so long? We should have reached there thirty minutes ago.' Sapphire thought to herself silently, before an announcement was made.

    "Due to bad weather, we are forced to stop in Las Vegas, we aplogize for the inconvienience and we shall be taking off for New York, tomorrow," The voice told everybody and Sapphire soon arrived in Las Vegas.

    'Nothing to do, I guess. Must as well have some sleep in the airport, afterall, it's quite late,' Sapphire debated on what she should do. Her luggage was in the plane still, like all the other passengers' were, and she fell asleep on a chair.


    The next afternoon...

    Sapphire had arrived at Las Vegas and she quickly took her luggage, heading out of the airport. She hired a taxi and muttered, "1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center, Westchester County."

    The taxi driver heard her and headed off for the institute.

    OOC: Rather short post, IMO. Ah well...

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    Ledian_X wanted me to post really badly, so I'm just posting what I have. I will either edit it later or just continue in another post.

    porygon2lover, you are acting like a real n00b- please read the forum rules before posting, as you don't seem to understand how RPGs work. You actually have to SIGN UP to be in an RP, but Sign Ups are closed, and no- nobody is going to insert a character for you.

    Damian the Duck, I assume you like Animorphs? No matter- we aren't RPing exactly like that. I know everyone has their own way of RPing, but yours is just...really unorthodox. o.O You don't have to introduce your character like that, and heck, you don't need to actually describe your own character- though providing descriptiion in RPGs is always great.


    Sayashu hugged her black cloak to her thin frame wither her gloved hands, dark eyes ever alert as they darted to and fro, scoping the perimeter. She was just outside the gates of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, and was still trying to come to a decision whether or not to go in. She pressed her body to the trunk of the sycamore whose shadow she stood in and inhaled the scent of the tree. She didn’t exactly have a problem with being out in the sun- she just felt very vulnerable out in the open where she could be seen by anyone. It wasn’t that Sayashu was afraid- no, SwiftShadow certainly didn’t fear human contact; she just always wanted to be on top of things, to know exactly what was around her so she could have the best edge. She needed to constantly know what was going on, who was around, their intentions and everything.

    Sayshu turned to the fence that bordered the Institute. She considered getting those inside to open the gates for her, but she didn’t want to make herself known at present, and she wasn’t called ‘SwiftShadow’ for nothing.

    SwiftShadow focused her gaze on the forest within the grounds of the Institute- almost like a garden of sorts, the canopy of trees blocked out a great deal of sunlight, which was just the sort of thing SwiftShadow required. She focused her entire being on the shadows- all the shadows around her, no matter how big, how small, how strong, how weak, how close or how far- she drew her power from all that was around her, even in the light of day. The shadows were all drawn to her suddenly, like a magnet, and they gathered at her feet, crawled up her body until she was covered in a mass of constantly shifting darkness with no true form- she existed only in shadow. She let herself collapse into herself onto the ground, and moves like lightning from under the tree, through the fence and across the grounds through the forest, heading for the main building to meet Professor Xavier.

    SwiftShadow was feeling much more confident in the shadows of the woods. She darted about with no true form, almost invisible under the deep foliage. She had a basic idea of the direction in which she was headed, knowing mostly because of the dim light of the main building, and the hustle and bustle of the many people within its walls and on the surrounding grounds.

    She found the building without a problem; there was another sort of barrier around it, but she ignored it, paying almost no attention to it, so she didn’t quite know what it was. She just kept going, out of the shadowy woods into the field surrounding the Institute. Here, the dark shadow drew much more attention, but she was quick to get into the shadow of the building. From there, it was a simple matter of slipping in through the tiny cracks of the building walls, even separating into multiple other shadows to do so.

    Once inside, SwiftShadow let the shadows slip away, though not entirely; she let the shadows cling to her body, so that her human shape was visible, but she could become entirely shadow in the blink of an eye.

    SwiftShadow eyed her surroundings quickly; she was in a hallway that branched off into several directions, with wallpaper and scattered paintings on the walls, and a table with a vase here and there. SwiftShadow retreated into a corner of the hall for a moment for a brief respite, and to get an idea of where to head next.

    Her dark blue eyes suddenly fell upon a sign hanging over one door in particular, labeled ‘Atrium’ in fine, bold print. SwiftShadow thought back to her letter, which she distinctly remembered saying something about meeting in the main Atrium. A small smile played across her pale face as she slipped back into her shadow form, and darted under the door into the Atrium.

    Once again, SwiftShadow rushed over to a dark corner of this new room, where she fully returned to her human form, shedding her shadowy skin. The shadows fell away and seemed to dissolve into the air, not giving away her position or drawing any attention. She wrapped herself in her cloak, allowing the combined darknesses to completely hide her in the shadows.

    Here, Sayashu waiting as mutants and mutates alike piled into the room, all the while never moving, hardly breathing, as she waited for the seminar that would be sure to change her life.
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    OOC: I know I'm not totally familiar with the X-Men, but I'll try my best...

    So now Celia's overwith, Silphia thought as she walked down the sidewalk towards the academy, yet still I feel that there's more down the line. I thought it would all be over after that battle... I thought I could relax for once.

    Silphia recalled the events following the battle in the next few moments. After she had turned back into a human, she and Celia left the ruined building where their battle had take place, both without hard feelings. Silphia had a smile on her face--she felt hopeful now that she was free from the curse, now that her life seemed much better. She thought of what wonderful things lay ahead, what life was like without being burdened by someone else's pain. And so she walked, right alongside her dad who had seen the battle and was immensely proud.
    "I always knew there was something special about you," Dan (her dad) complimented, putting his arm around Silphia's shoulder. "In that battle back there, I was surprised--you followed Celia's very advice--'open your mind and discover the secret inside'. I believe it was that action that freed you from that curse."
    When Silphia got home, she and Dan discussed the battle, and while Silphia described one attack she made on Celia, she ended up moving something with the same telekinesis she had before as a fairy. She discovered she still had those same powers! After thoughts of rest and relaxation, from there it started to go downhill into business again. For the next morning, Silphia got a letter from the Institute of Higher Learning, inviting her to attend and to go on a mission to stop Magneto and the Brotherhood. Silphia had no clue who Magneto was, but she was interested in joining the institute, and after getting beat down from the curse she now saw this as a chance to make a difference in the world. And so she set off on the long journey to New York--on her previous journeys she had wandered around Australia and the southeastern part of Asia.

    Back in the present, Silphia faded out of this recalling and looked ahead--the academy was only a few easy blocks away. Further ahead and across the street she saw a man with bright red horns, wings, and spiky tail, dressed in a peculiar black uniform. Certain psychic messages told that the man was headed to the academy as well.
    So this is where the strange people go? Silphia thought. I can only be "strange" if I have these powers, so perhaps he has some too... or maybe his draconic appearance makes him that way. Knowing this sort of thing would be a shock to an everyday person, but it didn't shock Silphia as much because she was familiar with the supernatural world already as well as strange creatures--she had had a "pet" space alien named Alphos in the past.

    Sure enough, after the last block, the dragon man flew across the street and landed at the front door of the academy. Silphia ran across the street and followed him, careful not to draw attention. After a few moments of admiring the large building, she started to open the door when...
    "Get out, ordinary girl!" It was the dragon man. "Only mutants are allowed in here!"
    Silphia looked at the man strangely. "What do you mean by mutants?"
    "If you don't know what one is, then surely you don't belong!" Upon saying this, the dragon man started to close the door.
    "Wait," Silphia blurted, holding out a piece of paper, "I have an invitation!"
    The dragon man had a puzzled look on his face. "May I see that?" He got the invitation and started to look over it, then frowned. "So another one has arrived... Welcome! I shall report this to Xavier immediately."

    With that, the dragon man led Silphia into the academy. There were a few people in the main room, obviously the "mutants" the man was talking about. One was flying in the air, enveloped by a tornado, another was throwing electric orbs across the room, one more was zipping around at the speed of light, and many more were using other powers. Some were just sitting around on certain benches. But one man was sitting in a wheelchair at the far end of the room, talking to another mutant. He had just finished dismissing him when Silphia and the dragon man approached...
    "Mr. Xavier, one of the new students has arrived," the dragon man announced, extending his free hand at Silphia.
    "Silphia, yes," Xavier replied, nodding his head in comprehension.
    Either he has telepathy too, Silphia thought at his understanding of her name, or my powers activated by themselves... As she tried to figure out the answer to this, she found that she could not probe Xavier's mind very easily. Feeling embarrassed, Kelsey stood still and awaited further response.
    "You and the other students will be meeting in the atrium," Xavier continued--Silphia was relieved that he did not mention her subtle use of her powers. "The opening seminar will be held there shortly."
    "By the way," the dragon man called as he walked away, "mutants are people with special..."
    "That will be enough, Draco," Xavier interrupted, turning next to Silphia. "This way."

    Xavier gestured towards the atrium, and Silphia followed, noticing a few other mutants going there as well. The time had come--time to figure what being a mutant was all about, time to get into full detail about this mission.
    OOC: I hope Draco being in there was OK... Though he's a made-up mutant, he works for the institute, basically. He's not that into the mission.
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    OOC: Yay, the RPG has started!!


    James looked out of the cab window, watching the trees and cars go past. I wonder if this is the right thing to do he thought to himself. He had run away from his home in Chicago after he got the letter from Professor Xavier. Yes, it is the best thing for me to do. James thought back to his life at college, where one kid in particular, Matthew, had always used James as the focus of his frustration. James thought of all of the times he had cowered on the floor, curling himself up into a ball. If only I could have used my powers on him. James knew his parents would understand, especially since they had helped him through with his tough childhood. He had talked to them about going to this "Institute", and they thought it would be the best place for James to fit in, since he had not made many friends at his school or university.
    He had caught a plane to New York, and had stayed at a hotel for a week or so, just so he could study the timetables for the buses so he could figure out which of them could take him to Westchester. But in the end, he couldn't be bothered, and he ended up calling for a cab instead.

    He looked out of the window, watching as number 1399 Graymalkin Lane went past. He was instantly snapped out of his thoughts.
    "Okay, it's down here somewhere." he said to the cab driver, an attractive looking young woman of no older than 21. She had red hair that had a streak of white down the left side of her fringe.
    Finally, they pulled up along a white stone wall that was at least 3 metres high, and it looked like it surrounded a compound of sorts.
    "Thanks." James said to the cab driver as she helped him unpack his suitcase and backpack from the boot of the car. Then, before James could say anything more, she swiftly walked back around the car to get into the driver's seat.
    "Hey!" James called after her, but she just got in and drove off. He slung his backpack over his right shoulder, and picked up the suitcase in his left hand, before strolling towards the gates. He tried it first with his left hand, but it didn't budge. He looked down and saw a big padlock on the gate, holding it shut. Hmmm James thought to himself. He looked back down the road to see if the cab had gone yet, and surprisingly fast, it had.

    James then walked along the stone wall, and looked around again,before extending his legs so that he was taller then the wall. Then, while maintaining balance, he stepped over the wall. Then once both of his legs were on the other side, James shrunk them back to their normal size. Luckily, he was behind what seemed to be a clump of trees, so nobody had seen him get over. Then, when nobody was looking, he ran out from behind the cover of a bush, and started walking when he was out in the open. He found a paved path, and walked along it, observing the other... Hmmm, what are they? James thought to himself as he continued to walk along. Fellow students perhaps? Yes, that seems to be the right answer for them. He noticed that some of them werestaring at him, but somehoiw he just knew that there had been even stranger people before him, so he shook it off, and walked into the entrance hall to the large building. Hmm, seems classic. Early eighteenth century perhaps?

    "The late seventeenth actually." James spun aorund, and saw a man, much older than him, sitting in a wheel chair. "The atrium is upstairs, on your left."
    "Uhh, thanks." said James as he turned to walk up the stairs, only just noticing the "Professor X" on the old man's name badge.
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    Psychic: This isn't the first time we've RPed together, so I'm kind of shocked that you just noticed. And I know I have an odd style of RPing, but I like doing things diffrent from most people. If my style becomes a problem, don't hesitate to tell me.

    I had been walking around and talking for a few minutes. Unfortunatly, nobody seemes to want to talk to me. I guess it was because of how I was dressed. If that was true, they just had to wait a bit.

    However, a new person had walked into the room. I was on the other side of the room, but the person looked like a girl. So, I went over to introduce myself.

    "Hi, I'm Damian Delgado. If your wondoring about the outfit, well, it said to keep your mutatuons covered. When we can reveal ourselves, you will see the real me." I said to her. I added the last bit because I was still certin that my outfit was turning peopke away.
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    Almost there...

    Cassandra was almost there. She had been traveling for quite some time now, having used up quite a bit of her funds to get here. Money was running low, and she had just enough to pay for the taxi towards what was known as the "Xavier Institute."

    Now, she was dropped off just in walking distance from it, muttering irritably as she parted with another twenty-dollars worth of hard-earned cash. She hoped that this seminar would be worth it - the letter had said things that, for her, promised hope. Hope was a thing not often found these days. Sometimes she wondered what place the world had for Mutants, if there were any at all. Sometimes, Cassadra felt as if the whole world was against her. She didn't feel depressed over the matter, but it left one with a feeling of helplessness.

    And, above all things, Cassandra hated feeling helpless.

    Rubbing her neck where the strange 'necklace' was worn, she could feel the strange, prickling sensation erupting again, and fought to hold down the rising beast. It wasn't hard to do so, the 'collar' helped in that respect, but the feelings did not settle well with her.

    Slowly, Cassandra made it to the crest of the hill, pulling out a map of the Xavier institute that she had been given. The Atrium had clearly been marked on the map, and Cass could see it from here, no problem.

    Taking a deep breath, Cassandra headed down the hill and toward the Atrium.

    Come what may, she would be ready.

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    "Ooyah(censored)" he yelled, as he landed 'area' first into a tree branch. He fell, bow legged, down to the ground, praying the underlining in his clothes held out and his bones didn't break. He closed his eyes, but the pain between his legs that had been distracting him vanished. He sighed, and spread his wings, launching a gust of wind, and righting himself. He landed, and checked his bones. Nothing snapped, but a heck of a lot of bruises. Great.

    He looked to the sky, and opened his wings. The winds told him exactly what he had guessed. This wasn't his world.

    "Ragnarok you daemonic (censored), you'd better get you're black and purple butt here and fix this or me, Tila and Galus will blow you right back to the sacred seal!!" Wait! Galus, Tila, Cane, Tila, Derek, Tila, the other Titans, TILA?! Where are they? Did Ragnarok send them here as well? He looked around. A bunch of people were staring at him, all in school uniforms. Nope, he was alone. Just grand.

    Great, Ragnarok must've seperated him from the others. He could be off now, picking them off one by one. Nah, Galus wouldn't let him. That dragon had way too much arrogance to let a pandimesional warp seperate him from a fight he thought he could win. Admittedly that was every fight, but it was also his most reassuring eccentricity.

    He checked his pockets. The communication device that Quetzal had given him was bleeping.

    "Yoh, Quetzal, you rang?"
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    "Yo Quetzal!" a familiar voice rang from my communicator.

    "Sieg?" I answereed loudly, causing some of the students to look at me like I had two heads. Oddly enough, one student DID have two heads. "Excuse me for a second, I need to take a call."

    I really hoped my imagination wasn't playing tricks on me. That had to have been Sieg, who was one of the Titans calling me. Quickly, I ran from the atrium to talk outside of the mansion. Once outside, I flew to a place I knew where I could talk in private.

    Those so-called X-Men and their students had to have seen me take off but I really didn't care. Sieg was my ticket home. Whatever they were talking about didn't concern me and obviously that bald guy didn't have time to help me.

    "Sieg." I began to look around. "Where are you?"

    "Well, I really wish I knew." Sieg began. "Place looks like upstate New York but the wind's telling me otherwise."

    "This looks like home doesn't it, amigo?" I asked. "But, this isn't it. I'm with some people called 'X-Men'."

    I sensed some tension coming from my winged friend's voice as he muttered something under his breath about Ragnarok. I remembered the battle. If I knew him, he blamed himself and the other members of his team. I had to meet up with him but the second I'd leave here, that angel guy or some other flier would come after me.

    "X-Men?" Sieg asked. "What the hell's X-Men."

    "I don't know but there's some kind of seminar or something going on." I replied. "I saw a kid with a duck bill and some weird lookin' girl. It's like some kind of convention and I've been called a mutant."

    "Well, I think I see what you mean." Sieg responded. "Some of these kids are lookin' at me funny. They wearing little 'x's' too?"

    "Yeah." I took to the sky, holding the communicator. "I think I see you by the lake. I'm coming in!"

    By the lake, I saw Sieg flag me down as several students scattered at the sight of me coming in for a landing. I figured the kids didn't want to see two winged heroes. Maybe they thought I was Angel? Who knows. Besides, I'm sure that Prof. X guy wouldn't have noticed me missing from the seminar. Whatever it was, didn't concern me as finally I stood eye to eye with Sieg.

    Sieg was holding his sword and looked around all tense. He finally sheathed it when he saw me.

    "Hope you didn't scare anyone with that thing, amigo." I chuckled. "So, now that I found you...we need to find anyone else who's here and get back home. This place just gives me the creeps and I think..."

    My head ached again and I winced in pain. Sieg took a look at me and I held my hand up.

    "My link with Aquita was severed." I gasped. "Head's been hurting since we got here. We need to get home. Any ideas how?"
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    Shouts issued from the command center of the Academy, sending the area into mass panic. Members of the X-Men were running towards the affected area in the north section. Mateo followed, shutting off the communication with Sieg to head towards the breached sector. An enemy had appeared in the midst of the seemingly invincible Professor X's buildings.

    "What is it?" he shouted through the confusion, making his way towards Angel.

    "Someone, or rather something, had broken through the walls in the north part of the Academy," he answered, rushing with the other X-Men towards the area. "Think you can lend a hand? He's managing to hold off Wolverine on his own!"

    "Sure thing," Mateo answered, though he had no idea who Wolverine was or who he would be fighting. The students seperated from the X-Men, running to Wolverine's aid.


    "Not bad," the Wolverine grinned, dodging a mass of metal sludge thrown towards him. The man who had through it retracted it inside his black trenchcoat, and rushed towards the smaller yellow-wearing hero.

    Wolverine's opponent showed no emotion through a mask made entirely of black, which covered his entire face save for the reddish-brown hair swaying in the air, somehow changing to gray with the breeze. Logan unsheathed his claws, cutting through his gloves to bring out six talons.

    "Let's see how you like these puppies," Logan proclaimed, rushing forth to strike the man dressed entirely in black. The giant man, well over six feet in height, sank to his knee. Raising a hand as the claw came down, metal began to flow from it, transforming into a curved blade. They collided, both pressing.

    Neither side beat down the other, leaving it in a standstill. "What the hell are you made of?" Wolverine asked, seeing that his unbreakable claws could not pierce the metal of the weapon, but neither could the blade break the claws.

    "If I knew that," the man grunted, "do you think I'd tell you?!" With a furious shout, he sliced, knocking back the X-Man. He stood to his full height, showing his belt. A green eye glowed violently in the small hanger.

    "Wolverine to the X-Men," Logan answered, looking down to his communicator. "I need backup." Both men sized each other up, before they charged again, a second blade emerging from the giant's other hand.


    "What's the intruder look like?" Mateo asked, as they neared the hanger in the north.

    "It doesn't matter, if he can deal Wolverine, we need all the help we can get!" Angel answered, leading the winged hero to the area of combat. An old man joined them, rushing as well in a wheelchair, his bald head almost blazing in the sunlight.

    "This warrior is quite unlike anything we have encountered," the old man said, concentrating. "For some reason, I cannot breach his mind, like there is some form of metal shield around it."

    Metal shield? I don't like the sound of that, Mateo thought, hoping it wasn't what he thought the intruder was. A memory triggered of a certain person who seemed to be made completely of metal, and was savage enough to attack a fellow hero.

    "Please don't let it be him," Mateo pleaded with himself, as they neared the door. "Anyone but him." Angel opened the door, exposing a Wolverine battling against a man in a dark trenchcoat.

    "STOP!" Professor X shouted, causing both fighters to turn to the old man. Professor X moved his chair, turning to the strange man in dark. "Who are you, and what is your business here?" he asked calmly to a man who was never calm with a team of heroes.

    The man raised a gloved hand, extending his blade to the neck of the old man. "I ask the questions," he growled, looking at the new people in the room. "Now where am I, and where is the-" His mask gazed at Mateo- "Starbolt?" The blade turned to the winged man.

    "Nice to see you too Chronos," Mateo answered, as the blade retracted. "What are you doing here?"

    "That's what I want to know."
    Zepther is not a perfect city, filled with crime and evil. Through its dark alleys and narrows streets, a silent watcher protects the people, calling forth the darkness of metal to defend them. Cloaked in black, shrouded in the mysteries of his past, his cold heart is true as steel. His name is Chronos. He is the Dark Eye.
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    "Another strange punk poppin' outta nowhere?!" Logan hissed. "What the flamin' hell's goin' on here?!"

    The man in yellow spandex known as Wolverine sheathed his claws and soon I was joined by Sieg and immediately he recognized Chronos. Chronos from what my sister Angela told me was a very fierce warrior but she couldn't sense any emotions from him. He didn't like a few of my teammates but, that was because the speedfreak Marcus got on his nerves and Dennis has powers similar to his own. He had one blade at me and aother trained on Professor X. I had to act quickly.

    "I told you before.." Chronos muttered. "If I knew.."

    "Chronos." I interrupted and ewas met by the front of his face. I knew he was glaring at me. "Sieg and I were just talking about where we were. We're not home. This looks like New York but this isn't our New York."

    "Mateo, what are you talking about?" Chronos asked. "How can that be possible?"

    "I don't know but you better let the bald guy go." I gulped as a large seven foot tall metallic man appeared behind him with muscles on top of muscles.

    Behind him were Cyclops and Storm with a few other X-Men I was unfamiliar with. The big guy seemed like he wanted to cream Chronos and I couldn't let that happen. Emotionless jerk or not, Chronos was a reserve Starbolt.

    "Chronos, perhaps the three of us should talk somewhere?" Sieg asked as the three of us were surrounded by people dressed in colorful uniforms. Apparantly the bald guy was important to them.

    "I don't think that'd be wise.." the big guy spoke with a thick Russian accent.

    "Look, we got this." I motioned to the people to back off and faced Chronos and Xaiver. "This guy's important to this team like Whitefox is to mine. They call themselves X-Men and -"

    "I don't really care for theatrics, Mateo." Chronos let the professor go. "But, the three of us should talk away from these people."

    Chronos backed off of the man in the wheelchair and went next to me, returning his hands to normal. As Chronos walked, the X-Men sighed with relief. Soon, I found myself face to face with Xaiver and he looked annoyed and yet relieved at the same time.

    "Young man, thank you for stopping him." Xaiver's jawline seemed tense. "Would you care to explain why you three are here?"

    "I have no idea." I shook my head. "You can read minds, right? Angel said you could. We don't mean any harm. Truzst me if we did, I don't think Chronos would have let go."

    "I see you have a history with him and this other winged man." Professor X nodded toward Sieg.

    "Yeah, well the three of us are good guys where we come from." I responded. "And we really need to get back home. Sieg's told me that this isn't our reality."

    "Save the small talk, Mateo!" exclaimed Chronos as his metallic arms became wings. "The sooner we get out of here, the better!"

    Sieg and I exchanged a look. Chronos was very impatient and quickly I turned toward Xaiver, extended my wings and the three of us were off. I heard one of the X-Men yell at the professor. The one named Wolverine.

    "Yer lettin' them go?!" Wolverine yelled.

    "They don't mean any harm, Logan." Professor X responded. "They're lost and confused. Perhaps we can help them."

    I didn't hear the rest of the X-Men's conversation but, there was a lot of shouting and disagreement over us three. That wolverine guy wanted another go at Chronos and Cyclops wanted us to be questioned. The three of us landed back at the lake after getting out of the hangar. and there was no one around so I knew it was safe to talk in private. I was not comfortable with these X0men and I really wanted a way home.

    "Okay." I sighed, looking at the homing beacon. "Anyone else from home here? I take it you followed the signal, Chronos."

    "Correct." Chronos nodded. "It was an easy task. But, how are we to get home?"

    "That's what I'd like to know, Sieg." I looked into Sieg's eyes. "One second we were all fighting Ragnarok and now we're with these X-Men weirdos. What now? I don't have any ideas. I'm not a leader like Jenna or M'anta."
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    'Curse you damn driver, you should have got there by now. All you're doing is turning around in circles, making a turn here, making a turn there, whatever, I so hate it,' Sapphire silently thought to herself, who was wasting pretty much a lot of time, as the driver was turning here and there. She decided to remain calm and took a storybook out to distract her from her thoughts. The storybook was apparently, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle, and Sapphire always had this book with her ever since young. She didn't have time to read it though, and she decided to read it now.


    'Wow, that was good. I can't believe I finished reading it already,' Sapphire happily thought, finally finishing the series. The driver, was still turning left, then a right, then going straight. How long would it take the driver? The fare was getting rather expensive and Sapphire felt like this was the worse day of her life. She was supposed to be at the academy by now.

    She didn't really mind though, as she never planned on making friends there. All she would do was keep quiet and pay attention, like she always did.

    'I miss the good old days. Stepfather... How I miss him... The Ninja training was awesome... No doubt I'll be the youngest there. My Sixteenth Birthday was two days ago... I'll be shocked if I find anybody younger than me... Gifted Students? Most likely those eighteen year-olds... I'd rather be practising at the academy now... I need to be accurate... Well... Very accurate... Though I can easily hit where I aim, but, when it's a moving target, I barely even hit where I aim. They miss or hit somewhere else. I would have come later... But stepfather called me to come... He had super speed and flight as his mutant powers. Different from me, Phasing. I miss him though...' And with that, Sapphire fell asleep in the taxi.

    OOC: Yes, I'm delaying the whole part... This Taxi Driver is a newbie Taxi Driver... Bleah...

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    "This is why I hate your teams, you are all useless without the others!" Chronos exclaimed, annoyed and irritated. The trio had found its way to a tower that would allow privacy for them to speak.

    "Shut up Chronos," Witherwing muttered. "Sometimes it's better if you just don't talk." Chronos cracked his knuckles in response, metal transforming and snapping like bone.

    "Chronos, please, we need to work together to get back to our world," Mateo butted in. "Try and behave yourself, we need to work together to get out of this."

    "I don't see why I should have to work with you two," he answered, his voice hard as the metal he was made out of. "I can handle myself enough, that little weasel back there wasn't much of a fight. This is supposed to be this world's defenders? They're worse then you Starbolts."

    "You are a reserve member of the team remember?" Mateo reminded him.

    "Do not insult me like that," the metalhead growled, lifting a gloved hand. "I take orders from no one, especially not you Starbolt."

    "Think you can get a lock on our world with your eye network?" Mateo asked, changing the subject.

    "You think I haven't tried that?" Chronos asked. "My network is being block between the worlds, so it's practically useless. All I can do is check on spots I have isolated on this earth."


    "What was that?" Wolverine asked, as his body fully healed to its orignal state. They were looking at a gaping hole in the north wall of the room that Chronos had turned into a door.

    "It seemed to be a hero named Chronos," Professor X replied calmly, moving his wheel chair towards the center of the wreckage. "It is rather strange Logan, isn't it?"


    "When I attempted to probe his mind, I found I could not," the professor answered. "Somehow, he has a perfect defense against anything, did you notice the metal he was wielding?"

    "Yeah, gave the adamantium a run for its money, plus he didn't seem to feel any of the attacks I was dishing out," Logan muttered, cracking his knuckles. "What do you think of it?"

    "Well, he'll make a fine addition to the team, as will the other two," Professor X answered, moving his chair out of the room. "When they return, have Dr. Gray put him through the exams. I wonder what he's made of."

    Wolverine followed the old man out of the room, to see the new recriuts that had been arriving.
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    Professor X. sighed. His comrade, Logan was getting angry and impatient and you do not want Wolverine angry.

    "The situation was stressful enough as it is, and now we have a trio of intruders, who had seemed to have appeared out of no where," growled Wolverine.

    The old mutant smiled mysteriously and suddenly called out "Susan, what is your oppinion on this matter?"

    Suddenly a grunt came from behind Professor X. Wolverine looked mildly surprised as a blond haired woman seemed to have materialised out of nothing.

    "How did you know I was here?" asked Susan, almost as surprised as Wolverine.

    "Have you forgot that I can sense the presence of mutants and mutates alike Susan?" smiled Xavier.

    Susan pondered for a second then replied. "I forgot about your ability to sense the presence of other mutants and mutates, even when I'm invisible".

    Wolverine recovered from his small surprise. "Why are you here? You should be with the rest of the Fantastic Four in the Baxter Building!"

    "Well nobody bothered to tell us that Magneto was planning to wipe out most of huuman life," grunted the woman as she continued on "We only found out when Captain America of the Avengers told us about this. The Fantastic Four decided to ask you why haven't you told us and what is this really about? Why are there new faces around here? I was particularly surprised to see a giant golem the size of god knows what, standing in these halls, insulting the X-Men!"

    Xavier smiled gently again. "Susan, we were planning to send Angel to inform you as he as going in that direction anyway to clear up some unfinished business. But Mateo, our winged friend, delayed things a bit"

    "But those intruders are so rude, and so mysterious. They may be spies from Magneto! I know you couldn't read their minds completely, I could tell by your expression," Susan replied

    "For once, I agree the woman! For some strange reason, you couldn't scan them completely!"

    "I admit, I could not completely scan their minds. I saw fragments of it and their name and that is it. Some strange telepathic force is blocking their minds off from me. It has something to do with that group, the Starblots," replied Professor X.

    Xavier them to keep on walking. "But they do not seem evil. The strangest part is though, for every minute that passes, their minds are less shrouded, the fragments join up, I could scan more and more. Soon, their minds will be completely scannable in a few days," said Xavier.

    "This can only lead to one conclusion," said Wolverine

    "They are from another world, an alternate universe," finished Susan.

    "We will recuit them as part of the Emergency X-Men Program, until everything becomes clear. I sense great power being emitted from the Atrium. Storm has done well"

    "Logan and I will now proceed to the Atrium. Susan, could you please inform Storm, Cyclops and Jean to also proceed to the Atrium. The Fantastic Four's help in this mission will be appreciated," Xavier said.

    "The Fantastic Four will be delighted to do so. After I tell Storm, Cyclops and Jean, I will go to the Baxter Building and come back with my comrades," answered Susan Richards

    "Then we better go now!" Wolverine growled

    "Have patience Logan"

    They then seperated, but as they went, Susan murmured silently.
    "The recruits are our only hope. If they fail, Humanity will be doomed forever"

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    OOC: IT'S WHIRLWING!!! And the team's The Elementans, the Titans is the term that Galus, Pyrus, Hydran and Terran generalise themselves with, being creatures of titanic proportions.

    BIC: "Y'know I just realised something you two," Sieg said, not caring the least for Chronos's temper. Mateo looked puzzled, but Sieg grinned.

    "You've shrunk, you barely older than me now, but also, this world is in a worse state than ours. I mean, from what the wind can tell me, it's worse than that alien situation from before. Maybe we should help out, I mean, it'll give us something to do till Ragnarok turns up," Mateo resumed his opuzzled look, as Chronos slowly calmed down, at first sight.

    "Before you ask what I mean, I know Ragnarok. He's purposely seperated the heads of the groups from the others, and if I know his startergy, he's thrown us into multiple dimensions, and will shortly begin picking us off one by one, making use of each's weaknesses and each world's strengths. That goes for you too steel butt," Sieg tucked his wings behind him, as he waited for their replies. If he knew Quetzal, the news that Ragnarok would pick them off one by one would undoubtedly make him worse, but if Sieg let him get it out out of his system, he could then explain that the Titans are probably holding Ragnarok back.

    It was hard for him, knowing it was his responsibility to keep a creature like Ragnarok under control, then having it blast him so far from the people he was trying to protect from it. It made him worry he'd never get back. The only time he could cross dimensions willingly was if all the Elementans and Titans joined powers and opened a portal.

    The worst part was, for the first time ever, Sieg was truly alone in the world. In his home world, he was the last Aeran, but he wasn't the only Elementan. Tila, Cane, Derek, they quickly became the only real family he had, his new blood seperating him from humans. But here, there were no Aerans, the Elementans never existed. He was truly a one and only.

    He sighed. Well, for lack of a better phrase, this sucked.
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    OOC: Where's everyone else in this RPG? I don't want this to turn into just about us three people trapped in the Marvel Universe.


    I rubbed my forhead listening to what Sieg had to say and I thought about helping people until we find a way home. If Ragnarok showed his butt here, I wasn't sure if these so-called X-Men could handle it. I was sure they'd fight bravely. But, how would they fare on the cosmic scale? Sieg and his friends had cosmic level powers and they've done more reality fixing than the Starbolts ever did.

    I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that Aquita was home fighting for her life, our son's and wondering what happened to me. I was silent because I kept thinking about the others fighting in other realities but mostly my wife. This reality seemed so twisted. If we were to help out, I'd have to look into things.

    "Before you say anything, Sieg." I sighed, looking at the sky. "I don't blame you for this. You and the Elementans have saved the multiverse from Ragnarok and others before. I don't know if this reality can face it. And I don't like staying put."

    "They'll have our help and Ragnarok is our only way home." Sieg explained.

    "So, you really expect us to help that sawed off runt with the claws and his friends?" Chronos snapped. "Excuse me if I say that's the stupidest idea ever!"

    "Chronos, I see no alternative." I responded coldly. "We have no choice but to help these people until Ragnarok appears and pray we still have a home left to go to. He's our only way home."

    "But, what about-" Chronos started.

    "Mi familia?" I asked. "Oh, I'm thinking about them constantly. I don't like this idea either and we don't have a choice. I'm sure the others'll do the same thing. We can't do anything until he gets here and it kills me. I know you don't understand Chronos. Angela told me about your lack of emotions."

    I spreaded my wings out to their full fourteen foot wingspan and took off into the sky followed by Sieg and after a few minutes, Chronos followed us after no doubt wondering what was possessing him. Soon, I found Professor X talking to a blonde woman wearing a blue uniform with a '4' on her chest. I was flanked by Chronos to my left and Sieg to my tight.

    "I still say this is a bad idea, Starbolt." Chronos muttered.

    "We don't have a choice, Steel-Butt!" Sierg snapped.

    "Guys." I raised my hands to my friends. "Let me handle this."

    "Handle what, exactly?" the blonde asked.

    "Professor." I began. "Ms.."

    "Susan Richards." Susan smiled. She had a motherly glow about her that reminded me of Aquita and it was throwing me off. "Also known as the Invisible Woman."

    "I'm Mateo Arlandero." I explained. "I go by the name Quetzal and I'm a member of my reality's next generation of heroes-The Starbolts. We were a sub team of the Agents of S.T.A.R. But, our mentor made us full agents."

    "So, you're one of the good guys?" Susan asked.

    "Yes." I nodded. "We want nothing more than to go home to our reality. We were accidentially sent here by a being known as Ragnarok and we think he might be coming here looking for us."

    "Are you certain?" Xaiver responded.

    Xaiver seemed like the type of man who wasn't easily convinced. But, there wasn't much I could say.

    "Our existance here is proof enough." I muttered, ignoring my headache. "if you don't mind, I'd like to look at your computers to find out all I can about this world. We'll help for now but be on the lookout for any gigantic purple and black demons."

    "Ragnarok?" Xaiver asked. "If you want access to our files, you must look in the computer room of the sub-basement."

    The three of us nodded and we went in search of the computer room. I wasn't sure what we'd find inside but I needed somethint to take my mind off of missing Aquita. Why was my head hurting like this? I hope we find another way home instead of relying on a big giant.
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    "Y'know I can't take much credit. Ragnarok get's stronger every time he breaks his seal, and all the real muscle is the Titans. I'm just really a key to call on the Titans, and to help unlock Galus's power. All my power lies in 'The One Element', and without Tila, Cane and Derek, 'The One Element' isn't possible. Though I hate to admit it, steel butt had a point, without my team I'm just another guy with a sword, wings and power over wind. And seriously, the multiverse? This is only the second time it's gone truly pandimensional. And anyway, I've only been a hero for three years now. " Sieg said. He hated being considered a better hero than he was. He'd only been saving the world three years, and the whole time it had been him, Inferna, Tsunami, Boulderbeast, Galus, Pyrus, Hydran and Terran. A sharp pain shot through his head as Galus's name rang deep within it.

    "Yoh, bird boy, you coming in?" it was the dragon. While Quetzal's telepathy had been cut, his hadn't apparantly. But maybe it was just a matter of time.

    "Yeah, I'm coming in fine Galus, good to hear from you,"

    "WHERE THE SEAL ARE YOU!? Raganrok's desperately tryng to warp away, and our version of 'The One Element' is the only thing stopping him, and you know our 'One Element' is way weaker than you fours. So I repeat, WHERE THE SEAL ARE YOU!?"

    "Ragnarok's blew me and the other's to differant dimensions. I'm with Quetzal and steel butt, and I think Tila and the others have been blown somewhere else,"

    "OH GREAT!! Don't tell me you're stuck?!"

    "Fine, I won't tell you,"

    "This is just brilliant. Why couldn't demon butt stay sealed for another five thousand years? Or even better, why couldn't he just stay sealed? Right, that leaves only one option. We'll break 'The One Element', and then it's last year all over again, admittedly without you and the others. If he goes after the others, hopefully we'll be able to put him off the idea, and if all goes well we should be back to our world in time for pancakes. That good? I need to make this quick, he's using anti matter now, and our links breaking, I can feel it,"

    "That's fine Galus, now, good luck,"

    "You too, and Sieg,"


    "If you die I will kill you, and don't worry about Tila, she'll be fine,"

    "Right, later,"

    The link broke. Sieg prayed Galus was okay, as he tapped Mateo on the shoulder, before filling him and Chronos in on his and Galus's plan.
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    Chronos tapped a finger to the wall he was leaning on, while Mateo and Sieg talked. He really didn't pay attention, getting along with other people wasn't his strongest suit. Better I was left alone, he thought, as the MetaSkin went to work, folding out from his skin to touch the surface of the metal wall. What he had lost in his sense of touch he had gained in his sight.

    Instantly, the Acadamy became an open book to his sight, his vision flowing through the walls to see everything. He saw an atrium full of youth, the old man that controlled the wimp with the claws, everything.

    And that was why he found it surprising to see that someone was walking down the hallway towards where the three heroes were located. "We have company," he announced, as the doors opened to reveal a woman.

    Mateo and Sieg stopped talking as she approached them. "Jean Gray," she said simply, introducing herself. Both winged heroes returned the gesture, and waited for her to continue. "I understand that there is a member here that is somehow like Logan."

    "You mean that wimp with the claws?" Chronos asked, breaking the silence he had been maintaining since she had entered. "I pounded him good, but you guys had to bust in and ruin it."

    "I assure you he is not a wimp, but we would like to run some tests on you," she said carefully. "You seem to have a mental defense that prevents the Professor from seeing your mind. We would like to see what it is."

    "You mean you want to cut me up?" Chronos laughed, shaking his head. "Lady, there's not a blade on this or any earth that's going to get through me."

    "No, an X-ray," Dr. Gray answered, wondering what the dark man meant by the statement. "In fact, he wants scans of all three of you, to make sure there isn't anything wrong from the reality jumping. Would this be okay with you?"

    "It is fine by me," Mateo answered, nodding his approval. Sieg did the same, but Chronos remained directly where he was leaning. "Chronos, could you at least try and cooperate with everyone? They are trying to help us you know."

    The giant was immoble, looking down on the doctor's face. "When you do this X-ray, it will tell you what I'm made of, right?" She nodded, and he stood up. "Fine, let's get it over with."


    "Remove your shirt Chronos, you're going first."

    Gray's order prompted the giant to step forward towards a massive examination room. "Fine," he grunted, taking off his trench coat and discarding it to the ground. His shirt came next, followed by his gloves. "The mask stays on," he said simply. "I'd rather not take it off."

    Gray agreed, and turned to the two other heroes. "You two can wait outside, or watch his results."

    Both looked at the other. "We'd rather watch," the both said at once, the obvious choice. No one knew anything about Chronos other then his powers, so a chance like this would probably not come up again.

    "Suit yourself," the doctor said, shrugging, before turning to the table that Chronos was lying on, arms and legs dangling off the surface from his sheer height. "Ready Chronos?"

    "Do it," he commanded, his voice expressionless. Gray shut the protective barrier that would protect everyone else from the harmful rays that Chronos was being exposed to.

    As the beams hit him, the giant's skin turned gray, as his defense system started to activate. The beams were unable to pass through his body thanks to the MetaSkin. "What is he made of?" she asked in surprise. Despite the fact that a crude image was beginning to form, not much was being let through.

    "He refuses to tell anyone," Mateo answered simply. "I really don't think anyone knows, even him."

    As the procedure ended, Gray gasped in surprise as she stared at the image of Chronos' inner body. "It''s- I've really seen nothing like this before."

    Both heroes walked over to peer at what Chronos was made of. Mateo wasn't surprised from what his sister had told them about the metalhead. Sieg on the other hand was taken aback by what was shown.

    Chronos' body, right down to his bones, was made entirely of metal. The inner muscles, the veins of his body, even the blood, was gray metal. They looked up towards the man's brain, seeing that it too was made of pure metal. "This is more extensive then what was done to Logan, everything is metal, not just the bones."

    Mateo's eyes glanced at something, and understood why Chronos didn't want to remove his mask. "Well, at least we know why the mask stays on," he muttered, pointing to Chronos' face. "He doesn't want to show anyone his disformed self."

    Chronos' eye sockets were missing, as were his eyes. Instead there was nothing but a fold of metal skin.
    Zepther is not a perfect city, filled with crime and evil. Through its dark alleys and narrows streets, a silent watcher protects the people, calling forth the darkness of metal to defend them. Cloaked in black, shrouded in the mysteries of his past, his cold heart is true as steel. His name is Chronos. He is the Dark Eye.
    The legacy begins...

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