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Thread: Strange Pokemon cries...

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    Default Strange Pokemon cries...

    Every once in a while I'll be walking/surfing around on some route when I'll hear a Pokemon cry. If I'm somewhere where I can find that Pokemon, it'll attack me after I hear the cry. Other times I'll just be walking around and then hear some random cry and move on. This has happened a few times to me. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, what does this mean?

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    It's just one of those added effects put into RSE to make the game seem more realistic. When you hear the sounds, it's supposed to make you feel as if you're walking around and hearing random Pokemon in the wild.

    Just one of those tiny things that they put into the games to make it seem more life-like.
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    In emerald,if you have a pokemon with Swarm,you will hear pokemon cries more often.I don't care about it anyway.Hearing a sound doesn't mean you will run into that pokemon immediately.
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    I know what your talking about. I think the only thing it means is what pokemon is there (unless there is another meaning for it?)

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    Hearing Pokemon's cries is also useful for new trainers who do not know where certain wild Pokemon are found. If they hear a strange cry, they know something they have not seen is on the route.

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    They can check the area on the dex.And its just added to make the game look like its real.
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