's been a while since I last posted here...not since last year I don't think. Well, I'm back...whether or not to stay is another matter, but here we go. Here are a few poems of mine - I hope you like them, and I hope they mean something.

Excuse Me While I Bleed

Our world ain’t a fantasy land
No-one will bend to lend a hand
You can lie there for an hour
And you won’t even get a flower
They’ll all find interest in their feet
They’ll leave you lying in the heat

Please, go and continue to read
And excuse me while I bleed
What, you think I like being in pain
I’ll just sit here in the rain
You, always ignore that I’m here
Allow me to drown in my fear

There is no help on standby
No-one to help you when you cry
A hundred or more will pass you
They say there’s nothing they can do
You hang onto your existence
Showing your supreme resistance

So, I’m starting to fade away
I won’t see another day
I, laugh at what you’d say to me
If only you’d been here to see
How, these people just ignored it
They turned away as I was hit

Please, go and continue to read
And excuse me while I bleed
Bleed, right in front of everyone
While nothing is being done
To, stop the pounding of my head
And the flooding plains of red

Too Late To Hate (constructed more as a song than a poem)

You dunno what’s in store
You dunno until your head hits the floor
You dunno how to cope
You dunno what happens when you take the dope
You dunno what’s your name
You dunno how to fight ‘til you feel the shame
You dunno how to hate
You dunno what to do – it’s too late

That’s damn right
You got to have some sight
You got to see the past
You never got to come in last
You got to have some face
You got to keep up with the pace
You got to know what to hate
You got to do what you do – it’s too late

You dunno how to live your life
You got to learn to work without strife
You dunno how to be all nice
You got to learn not to gamble on dice
You dunno how to be a normal guy
You got to know how to live and not lie
You dunno how to hate
You got to do what you do – it’s too late

This Is The Way The World Ends

The end has already begun
There’s not much more for me to do
The fat lady has already sung
Now I just have to find you

The great battle has only just ended
Every soldier is now dead
My life has been upended
And my heart is a mountain of lead

This world is a natural disaster
Everything I once knew I now gone
It seems war in the end was the master
And my wonderful life was a con

Our lives have already finished
Are we the only ones of our kind?
Our race is completely diminished
Earth really wasn’t much of a find

It was once a land of peace
Then we came and made it our home
Now it’s filled up with grease
And it’s too late for us to moan

It seems it’s just you and me now
We are the only ones left alive
It’s time for us to take a bow
And take the final dive

But now it’s seems we’re lost
And there’s no time for me to search
I’ve now paid the final cost
And I’ve fallen from my perch

Before the world is over
This message for you I will rend
It’s sure to reach you in Dover
Because this is the way the world ends.

No Sympathy

I can’t feel you there
I can’t see you there
I can’t hear you there
Are you there?

I don’t know why people cry
No tear rolls down my cheeks
When loved ones die there is no pain
Just one more hole that’s left behind

I feel no joy, I feel no sadness
I feel no hatred, no sympathy

When people jump up for joy
I’m the only one who’s down
They scream and cheer with happiness
There’s just one giant void

I feel no joy, I feel no sadness
I feel no hatred, no sympathy

Those I know are full of thoughts
I don’t own even one
There can be nought when I don’t feel
The lovely warmth of you