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    This story has a very sad message to it. Try and figure it out by reading the story:

    How Could You?

    I remember when I was a puppy, you would romp about with me on the floor and pat my soft brown fur with your hand. Even though I murdered many pillows and chewed many of your tasty leather shoes, I became your best friend.

    When I was ‘bad’ you would shake your finger and say “how could you?”. I would whimper and put my tail between my legs you would always soften the look on your face and hug me so I would wag my long tail. I soon learned what not to do and what I should.

    My house breaking took longer then you thought but we worked at it and I learnt to go out side and not in side. I remember nuzzling you in bed and listening to your worries and secret dreams. That was when I thought life would always be perfect, but how wrong could I be?

    Soon you started going to work longer and I would have to stay home waiting for you. Every car that I heard I would rush to the window and hope to see your car pull up in the drive way. I would eventually fall asleep and you would walk by me, not trying to awake me. I wouldn’t see you until I would wake up early in the morning. Our time together shortened but sometimes you would come home early and you would tell me your heart breaks and when you fell in love.

    She, now your wife, wasn’t a ‘dog person’ but I obeyed her and welcomed her into our home. I tried to show her affection but I was still happy because you were happy.

    Then the human baby came along, I was facinated by how pink he was, how he smelled I wanted to mother him. But you and her worried that I would harm him so I was often banished to another room or to a doggy pen. I became a prisoner of love.

    As he grew older I became his friend. He clung to my fur and stood up on wobbly legs, poked his tiny fingers into my eyes, investigated my ears and even gave me kisses on my wet nose. I loved his touch because yours became so infrequent. I would defend him with my life, die for him I would do anything to help him. I would sneak into his bed and listen to his confessions, worries and secret dreams just like I used to do with you. Together we would wait for the sound of your car in the drive way.

    There was a time when others asked if you had a dog, you would say yes and produce a picture of me and tell stories about me but now you just say “yes” and change the subject. I was once ‘Your dog’ now I’m ‘Just a dog’ you resented every expenditure on my behalf.

    Now, you have a new career opportunity in another city. You will have to move to a apartment that doesn’t allow pets. You may have made the right decision for your ‘family’ but there was a time when I was your only family.

    At first I was excited about the car ride, until we arrived at the shelter. It smelt of dogs, cats, of fear and hopelessness. You filled out the paper work and said “I know you will find a good home for her.” They shrugged and gave you a pained look. They understand the realities of facing a middle aged dog, even one with ‘papers’.

    You had to pry your son’s hands loose from my collar as he screamed “Please daddy! Don’t let them take away my dog!” And I worried for him, and what lessons you had taught him about loyalty and love and respect and of course respect for All life.

    You gave me a short good bye pat on the head, avoided my eyes and politely refused to take my collar and leash with you, despite you kids begging to take them with you. You had a dead line to meet and now I have one, too. After you left two ladies dressed in white said you probably knew about the upcoming move months ago and made no attempted to find me another good home. They shook their heads briefly and asked “How could you?”

    They are attentive to us at the shelter, even with their busy schedules. Sometimes one of them take me out for a brief walk but return me to my prison just as you did. You are the reason I am here. They feed us, of course, but I lost my appetite days ago. As the days pass I grow slimmer and slimmer, yarning for the taste of the food you once fed me, sometimes you would feed me table scraps but not anymore because by now you are happily forgetting all the good times we once had, every little scrap of it.

    At first when someone passed by my pen, I would run to the front and hope it was you, that you had changed your mind, that you had come back for me. Or that someone would adopt me… that someone cared, that someone would save me. I just wish that it was all a bad dream! But its not and you will never come back for me.

    When I realized I couldn’t compete with the frolicking, jumping, hyper, hand licking, oblivious to their own fate puppies, I retreated to the back of this prison. I only look sadly at the faces that walk by. Some looked sad for me, some just walked away. A few put their hand through the bars and motioned for me to come closer, I did and licked their hands. They would smile and then say “I wish I could adopt you, but your just to old and I need a dog who can run around and play with my kids. I’m sorry.” Then they would walk away tears flowing down their checks. Soon I would see them with a squirming puppy in their arms, they would look in my pen and walk away.

    One day I heard the foot steps of one of the two ladies that took me here she put on my leash, I could still smell your smell of when you took me for walks. She took me to a blissfully quiet room. I couldn’t hear the barks of other dogs or the quiet meows of kittens, the quiet disturbed me for I was not used to it.

    She placed me on a white table and rubbed my eyes. She told me not to worry, but my heart pounded with anticipation about what was about to come, but there was also a sense of relief. The prisoner of love had run out of days.

    As is my nature, I was more concerned about her. The burden she bore weighed heavily on her, and I know that, the same way I used to be able to tell your every mood. When you were sad I would sit beside you and wag my tail, when you were happy we would play fetch, you would pat my head and rub my belly I long for those days.

    She gently place a tourniquet on my foreleg as a tear ran down her cheek. I licked her hand just as I had comforted you those many years ago.

    She expertly slid the hypodermic needle into my vein. As I felt the sting of the cool liquid run through my blood, I lay down sleepily, looked into her kind eyes and murmured “How could you?”

    Perhaps because she could understand my dogspeak, she said “I’m so sorry.” She then hugged me and hurriedly explained to me it was her job and that I was going to a place where I wouldn’t be ignored, or abused, or abandoned or have to fend for myself – a place of love and light so very different then this earthly place.

    With my last bit of energy, I tried to convey to her with one last loud thump from my tail that my “How could you?” was not directed at her. It was directed at you my Beloved Master, the person who betrayed me, the person that I still love. Soon I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off me. Now I sit here and wait for you, I’ll wait until the end of time just to see your face once more.
    Well if any of you wonder what breed this dog was she was a Chocolate Lab.
    On a side note:
    This fic is some what linked to my other fic All I Need is a Home because it shows the same picture being abandoned. Please don't leave your old dog or cat in a shelter, we all know what happens to them after a couple weeks.

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    That is some seriously depressing stuff. I knew it was coming at the end, but.... It was more detailed than I expected it to be. I have two dogs at home, and this just makes me realize how much I've taken things for granted.
    Pretty good writing, far better than I could ever do at my level right now. This deserves 3:*** outta 5:***** stars from me.
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    Thank you for the review. I have a dog as well and seeing him die would break my heart. Again thank you for the review.

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