Well here's my first serious fic! Now, so I wouldn't confuse people, this will include a legend (more likely a prologue to most of you). I was going to include a diary entry, but I'll leave it out. Well hope you enjoy it!

Rated PG for violence. Of course it may turn out to be PG-13 later on due to a bloody battle.



Thousands of years ago, humans and Pokemon alike were friends, neighbors, helpers, et cetra. Everyone was happy. The Pokemon came to play with the children and visited the human adults, man doing the same. Each one had a human/Pokemon companion. For this to happen, a special, hidden bond must form between them: friendship.

However, this all started to end when a human harmed a fellow Pokemon. He was executed, but the creature he harmed died the very next day. The Pokemon were angry at the humans and separated from their human friends. Man tried to explain to them it was all an accident, but they wouldn't listen.

For months, they tried everything to bring them back together again, but they would fail. Then one day, at the crack of dawn, the humans were ambushed. The Pokemon attacked several villages, destroying everything in their reach. The humans declared war and they banned every human from having a Pokemon pal. Half of the Pokemon that forgave the humans were exiled by their friends, and the humans refused to take them in. They became known as the Outsiders.

Many years later, Pokemon Trainers came to be from children who had missed having the Pokemon around or heard about them from stories. So they captured them single-handedly and taught them many good manners. It spread through-out the land, thus forming the evil organizations. The Pokemon had lightened up, but they still did not forgive them as they still remember the evil man through the stories.

Then hundreds of years went by and the war restarted itself again after years of hibernation. It became more active after the humans started setting traps for the Pokemon, killing off a few species. The creatures became angrier and again declared for the war to reset itself. To this very day, the war still rages. The only way for it to end rests with the only group who had become neutral and tried to teach the Pokemon and humans about love. It has been unsuccessful, but the Outsiders still have hope it will some day cease. However, it would eventually end in tragedy.

Chapter One: The Message

Mia sighed as she got out of bed. She went over to her window and perched outside. In case you're wondering, Mia isn't a human. No, humans have been banished away from the forest for many millennium due to a certain accident that was considered a crime. Mia was a Pokemon, a Mew. Her kind and several others have been cast away as Outsiders after the ambush. They lived in only one spot, away from human civilization and the other Pokemon.

Mia's long, skinny tail swayed in the breeze and she shivered under all of her microscopic hair. Her cerulean eyes shone like the morning sky, her cat-like ears twitched as the wind kissed them. Mia wrapped her stubby arms around her knees as she kept her rabbit-like feet close to her chest to keep warm and to fit on the sill.

Mia knew she would get in trouble from her mother, Bree, if she caught her sitting like that, but Mia didn't care. All she cared about was that she is a part of a huge war and she is an Outsider. Her only friends were Kitty and Tina along with Penny, a Pikachu, before she moved away.

Mia sighed again. Even though she's been in the world for twelve years, she knew she'd be long gone before the war would end. She wished she could just help change the way the world was, but only the humans did. Every day, she'd hear their leader, a Hariyama named Tristan, tell the small military about the reports of the war. This upset her so much, she has been known to cry herself to sleep.

Mia got off the windowsill and drifted to her desk. She pulled out her diary from a drawer and gazed sadly at it before throwing it against the wall where it crumpled into a heap. She had gotten it a few years ago from her mother to see if writing down her feelings would help, but it made it worse. Mia zipped out of her room, slamming the door.

"Mia!" she heard her mother say. "Can you please stop doing that in the mornings?"

Mia didn't answer. Pouting, she went into the kitchen and sat at the table and waited for her mother. Bree at once came in and sat next to her daughter. "Honey, what's wrong?" she asked softly.

Mia ignored her and gazed at a picture of another Mew that hung on the doorway. Bree followed her stare and sighed. "Does it have anything to do with your father?"

Mia sighed. "No, it's not." Her father had gone over to both the humans and Pokemon to try and teach them about compassion, for several years. One day, though, he didn't return. She remembered Tristan telling her mother he was shot in the head and was killed instantly. Mia hadn't gotten over it since then.

"It has something to do with the war, right?" Bree then said.

"Mom, when will it end?" Mia asked. "When will peace be brought onto the world again?"

"Oh Mia," her mother sighed, "you ask this every week and I keep saying that I don't know. Wars may last for many years, and this happens to be in that category."

"May I be excused to go outside?"

Bree gazed sadly at Mia and slowly nodded. Mia left through the open window and disappeared around the corner. She looked everywhere for any signs of someone coming, holding hopefully good news. In the past, Mia had no luck. But today she saw one of the fire-dogs rushing towards the building where Tristan dwelled. It was one of the Arcanine messangers. Excited and filled to the brim with hope, Mia flew toward's the leader's house.

Shortly upon arrival, the fire-dog approached a sumo-wrestler-like creature. Mia silently darted into the Hariyama's bushes to eavesdrop. "What news have you brought?" Tristan asked the Arcanine.

"It's actually a notice," he said. "It's from the humans. They want us to spy on..."

"We won't accept it," Tristan interrupted.

"There's more," the Arcanine continued. "They want us to keep an eye out for a lost girl in the forest. She's run away from home and they're worried."

"Why'd she do that, the foolish girl?"

"It's unknown, but a note's been found mentioning something about no 'small companions' in the area."

"We'll keep an eye out," Tristan said, glancing around his surroundings, making Mia duck lower. "Is there a punishment?"

"They'll be doing that," the messanger said.

"What's she look like in case we mistaken the girl for a spy," Tristan inquired, hanging onto evey word.

"She's a twelve-year-old red-head girl with light violet eyes and was last seen wearing a blue shirt, earrings, a skirt with red shorts, a lilac fanny-pack and magenta sandals," the Arcanine described.

"As soon as we find her, we'll return the child," the Hariyma said.

"They want her back within two weeks," the messanger resumed. "If not, then... they'll come in mobs and destroy everything until she's back home."

"What's her name?"

"They wouldn't tell me."

Tristan scoffed. "Figures."

"And she must be alive and unharmed. If she's been harmed or eaten in any way, then they'll attack."

"Eat her? What do they think we are, man-eating machines?" Tristan exclaimed. Mia made a face.

"Well, anyway, they want her back before dawn the start of the third week," the Arcanine concluded. "I'll be back by then for the girl." He then turned around and sped off. Tristan trudged back inside to spread the notice.

Mia flew back home, disappointed and scared. They only have two weeks to find a young girl, or they're done for. She darted back into her window and picked up her diary. Opening to the previous entry, she produced a pen in thin air and wrote briefly:

Sunday, August seventeenth

Found out from an Arcanine messanger about a young girl missing. Will write more after I uncover more details.

Mia closed it and sighed. "I hope that girl is found soon," she whispered to herself. She put away her diary and went downstairs for the day.

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