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Thread: Forget me not~♥ (A Contestshipping fic) P.G. 13

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    Default Forget me not~♥ (A Contestshipping fic) P.G. 13

    Ok, this is my first try in generating a Shipping please bear with me. ;__;

    Comments, good or bad are greatly appreciated. ^^

    Thank you so much! Enjoy reading!

    Table of contents:

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

    __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    “Love untold weighs heavy in the heart.”

    A cold breeze swept past her. The chilling touch of the wind forced the young girl to sit down in exhaustion, tired from walking for days. She was alone. Feeling hunger, May grunted in pain. She has not eaten for days. Knowing that her hunger can’t be salved, she simply tried to satisfy her other problem. She was freezing. Seeking warmth, May curled up into a tiny ball, using her own body heat to warm herself. Yet, soon enough, she discovered that her efforts were futile.

    She decided to walk some more. She must find a town nearby or she’ll surely freeze to death. With bated breath, May stood up, sighed, and continued walking.

    The sun was setting, yet the young girl was lost. She was frightened; the whole world is now being engulfed by a thick blanket of darkness. By this time, hunger, fatigue, and pain simply caught up with the young lass. Suddenly May collapsed, crying and wishing for warmth. She was simply too cold and too hungry to continue. What she wouldn’t do for a nice warm blanket now, what she wouldn’t do for a large piece of steak now. May knew that she was going to die. She knew deep down that this was a humiliating way to perish. Death because she got lost in the middle of nowhere, hungry, tired, crying and cold. She knew it was inevitable. Everyone dies someday. Everyone fades away into dust. Everyone forgets about you, you become insignificant after death. You stoop down to lower levels, you become the prey. Worms shall devour your flesh; plants will feed on your nutrients. Quite simply, you disappear from this world forever.

    The thought of impending death frightened May. She knew she was going to die someday, but she refused to die now. She grabbed a branch, eager to stand right back up, and continue walking. Perhaps, walking would warm her up.

    It was no use. Her hands were numb. As she grabbed the branch, a powerful stinging feeling swept through her whole arm. A spurt of blood gashed through her hand. This was it, she has given up.

    “Please…please…let me see him again…just one more time…please…”

    The tears wouldn’t stop falling, her heart was heavy. All those wasted opportunities, all those shattered moments. She had all those time…to tell him that she loved him above anything else. She had those opportunities in the past, yet she was frightened. She was terrified about the fact that he might distance himself from her, once he finds out the truth. She was frightened that he would simply laugh at her emotions; after all, he never showed any affection for her in the past. Quiet the contrary, he has shown the opposite to her. But even after all those things he could she explain the emotion she feels whenever they speak to one another? His voice is like a switch for her heart. Whenever he speaks, her heart listens. Whenever he walks, her heart follows.

    She was in love.

    The blood is now like a river. She was fading, she was cold. Her life was nothing but a blurry glimmer of light.

    It started snowing. It was cold white snow, pure and innocent. Just like her love.

    As she faded into the light, a hand reached out and hugged her tight. She felt tears drop into her cheeks. She heard whimpering and sobs; she heard a very familiar voice.

    The switch for her heart has been pulled. The last thing she remembered was seeing green hair…a blurry face…

    Yet, as she closed her eyes…she was smiling. Tears fell into her face; tears came out of her eyes. She opened her lips, eager to say one final message to her love:

    “Drew…I…Love you.”

    The sun rose up, she smelled soup. She arose from her tent, only to find Ash and Max in peaceful slumber, whilst Brock is cooking their breakfast on open fire.

    “Good morning! Gee…you woke up early today huh? Is something the matter?”

    Brock’s question made May think. Smiling she told him:

    “No…but make sure the soup’s nice and tasty! I sure am hungry today!”

    May looked up into the sky, reminiscing, remembering the dream she had last night.

    She was frightened, she was scared. What if she can’t control this feeling? What if she started screaming her emotions out? What would she do?

    With a long sigh, May entered her tent, she grew drowsy. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

    It started to snow.
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